Toy Story 4's Alternate Ending That Could Have Changed Entire Franchise

It's been revealed Toy Story 4 had an alternate ending, that if the director had gone with, could have entirely changed the way the franchise ended.

** Spoilers: If you haven't seen the film and don't want to know the ending, maybe come back to this article after you've watched the movie. 

Toy Story fans probably realized as they watched the final scenes of Toy Story 4, this franchise was coming to an end. At the very least, if more movies get made, they will be spinoff films that feature characters such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear no longer together but going on different adventures.

The ending was sad, yet also uplifting as each character got to move on in a way that individually worked and brought closure to their personal struggles. The film almost didn't play out that way.

Entertainment Weekly (via Screen Rant) has an early look at one of the bonus features of the digital release and home release for the movie that drops in October. Included in that is an alternate ending that was not nearly as happy an ending for Woody as it was in theatrical release.

In the released version of the film, Woody makes the difficult decision to leave his friends behind and join his one true love on a new series of adventures, helping kids unite with toys that want kids and have never had them. In the alternate ending, Woody leaves his long-time toy family for his Bo Peep, only for Peep to realize she too wants a kid. She finds one and goes to them.

The Most Heartbreaking Toy Story Ending Ever

Can you imagine if the director had gone with this ending over the one they chose? Woody would have been crushed!

Bo Peep would have been given a great ending but Woody would have been abandoned, right after making the life-changing decision to leave Buzz and the rest of his friends. The audience might have revolted considering Bo Peep was a new character, introduced in the fourth film and fans had no real emotional connection to her.

All we can say is, wise choice not to go there. What a terrible ending to the Toy Story franchise that might have been.

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