The 10 Highest-Grossing Tom Hanks Movies Of All Time

Tom Hanks is one of cinema's greatest actors. Through his incredible career, he went from a comic actor to one of Hollywood's best leading men. Hanks has won two Oscars for Best Actor with five total nominations. He has also won four Golden Globes Awards with nine nominations and eight Emmys in 12 nominations.

Thanks to his collaboration with directors such as Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, as well as his animated Toy Story movies, he is the fifth-highest-grossing actor in North America with over $4.9 billion domestically and $9.9 billion worldwide. Here is a look at the 10 highest-grossing Tom Hanks' movies of all-time based on the worldwide take.

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10 APOLLO 13 ($353M)

Tom Hanks won back-to-back Oscars for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump before he starred in Ron Howard's Apollo 13. The fact that he was setting the world on fire as an actor made it a no-brainer that this movie would be a monster success. The film ended up with nine Oscar nominations and remains a critically beloved classic to this day.

As for box office, it ranked third domestically and worldwide in 1995, making $173 million in the U.S. and a total of $353 million worldwide. It also hit 10th on both lists for Tom Hanks' movies at the box office.

9 TOY STORY ($373M)

The same year Tom Hanks set the box office on fire with Apollo 13, he voiced one of the lead characters in Pixar's first animated movie, Toy Story. Hanks took on the role of Woody alongside Tim Allen's Buzz Lightyear. Together, they helped launch Pixar into its spot as the premier animated movie studio in Hollywood.

It was the lowest-grossing box office film for the franchise. However, it was still enough to crack the Top 10 for Tom Hanks' highest-grossing movies worldwide over his illustrious career. The movie raked in $191 million in the U.S. and a total of $373 million.

8 CAST AWAY ($429M)

In 2000, Tom Hanks took on a risky role, and it paid off for the actor. Hanks teamed up with Robert Zemeckis in a movie that saw him star as a man stranded on a deserted island. Most of the film saw Hanks by himself with no one to talk to but a volleyball named Wilson. Thanks to his incredible acting skills and some great practical effects, Cast Away was a success.

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Hanks picked up an Oscar nomination for his role, and the movie was his fifth highest-grossing movie domestically with a $233 million box office take. However, it fell somewhat due to international totals, still finishing with an impressive $429 million worldwide.


Arguably, the greatest war movie ever made, Saving Private Ryan teamed up Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg for an all-star affair that proved Spielberg could get as deep and dark as any director as he showed the real horrors of war. The opening scene with the invasion of Normandy was awe-inspiring.

Tom Hanks was the lead actor in the movie. He portrayed an Army captain sent to bring home a soldier (Matt Damon) whose brothers all died in the war, ensuring that at least one member of the Ryan family lived. The film won five Oscars and brought in $481 million worldwide.


In 2009, Tom Hanks created the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, the film adaptation of the novel by Dan Brown. While the film did not reach the impressive box office level of its predecessor, it was still a solid box office success, thanks mostly to the international box office.

This sequel brought in $85 million less at the domestic box office than the first movie in the franchise. However, the $352 million international take saved it and pushed it to $485 million. The film sees Hanks star as Robert Langdon, who sets out to recover some antimatter from an Illuminati terrorist.

5 TOY STORY 2 ($497M)

While Toy Story was the movie that Pixar built its legacy on, the second movie was considered a superior sequel. This fact is impressive since the first movie is still a beloved classic. Toy Story 2 sees the toys from the first movie set out on a road trip to save Hanks' Woody from a greedy toy collector who steals him.

The movie was a slight success over the first film in the franchise. It ended up grossing $54 million more domestically and $70 million more internationally. By the time it bowed out at theaters, Toy Story 2 ended up just $3 million short of hitting the $500 million mark.


Out of the two movies that Tom Hanks won an Oscar for, the one that also was a massive success at the box office was Forrest Gump. Robert Zemeckis directed the film about a slow-witted but kind man from Alabama who witnessed and helped influence many historical events.

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The movie was a whimsical look at America, and the way Zemeckis took real-life historical footage and added Forrest Gump into the scenes was groundbreaking. Hanks won his Oscar and the movie finished with $677 million worldwide. Its $330 million domestically was the most of any Tom Hanks' live-action film.


Tom Hanks had what amounted to guaranteed success in 2006 when he starred in The Da Vinci Code. The film was an adaptation of the Dan Brown novel, which was a bestseller with over 80 million copies sold in 44 different languages. That made it almost guaranteed that it would see success all over the world.

Hanks stars in the movie as Robert Langdon investigating claims that the Holy Grail is encoded in Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper painting. The film ranked sixth all-time domestically for Tom Hanks at $217 million but was a monster success worldwide, the $758 million making it his largest-grossing live-action movie.

2 TOY STORY 4 ($1.061B)

It took fans by surprise when Pixar chose to make Toy Story 4. The third movie in the franchise seemed like a perfect ending to the story of the toys. However, there was another story that they wanted to tell, and this one was likely the swan song for the franchise, or at least for Tom Hanks' Woody.

There is a chance that this movie could move into first place in the box office career of Tom Hanks, as it is still in theaters. At the moment, it is just a spot behind the top movie on the list with a franchise-high $432 million domestically and $629 million internationally.

1 TOY STORY 3 ($1.067B)

For the moment, Toy Story 3 is the highest-grossing Tom Hanks movie of all time. Currently sitting at $1.067 billion worldwide, it is the second movie with Tom Hanks involved that passed the billion-dollar mark and is slightly holding off its sequel, which is still in theaters.

This movie saw Woody and the toys finally leaving Andy, who had grown from a child in the first movie to a college student in this one. It was the story of leaving home and moving on from childhood desires and was also a story of the toys finding a new home and a new child to touch the heart of. It is a perfect movie to top Tom Hanks' movie career.

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