Todd Phillips Won't Reveal Potential Batman Twist In "Joker"

Joker has been well-received by critics thus far, and fans of the DC Universe are already wondering about if it'll tie in to Matt Reeves' upcoming film, The Batman.

There was a major plot in Joker, where the character was informed that Thomas Wayne is his father. Bruce and Martha Wayne, along with butler Alfred Pennyworth, also appeared in the movie. The notion of Thomas being his father wound up being false, as Joker learned that his mother, Penny, actually adopted him.

However, Thomas left a note for Penny that suggested he was indeed the father of Arthur Fleck (Joker's real name). So fans are wondering if Joker and Bruce really could be related, which would make for quite the twist.

In an interview with Empire Magazine (h/t NME.com) director Todd Phillips decided not to offer many hints in regards to the potential twist.

"I liked leaving the idea of Arthur being Thomas Wayne’s son ambiguous. Part of the fun is that question being out there. What would that change if Joker is somehow a blood relation to Bruce Wayne? Part of the movie is a search for identity.

Arthur’s idea is to fit in and belong somewhere. So this idea of Arthur not knowing who his father is, where he came from, if he was adopted, what the story was, was another element in his search for identity"

Near the end of the film, Thomas and Martha were murdered in an alleyway right in front of Bruce Wayne while Joker's supporters wreaked havoc across the city.

Could this mean that we're about to see Batman and Joker clash in an upcoming film? After all, there was a storyline in the film where it was implied that they were half-brothers, and that could work tremendously as part of a movie.

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So whether or not we'll actually get to see Joaquin Phoenix's character clash with the Caped Crusader in a Batman film remains to be seen. For what it's worth, Phillips did say that he and Phoenix discussed the possibility of a sequel.

But only time will tell if Batman's No. 1 foe hits the big screens again soon, though it seems extremely unlikely that he'll be joining Catwoman and Riddler in an effort to stop the World's Greatest Detective.

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