The Lion King Passes The $1 Billion Mark

The Lion King has, as expected, earned more than $1 billion following its release earlier this month.

Disney's live-action remake got off to a huge start, hauling $191.7 million in its opening weekend and has now passed the $1 billion mark on a worldwide scale.

According to THR, the CGI reboot of the 1994 classic ended Monday at $999.4 million, a figure split at $360.9 million in the US and $638 million overseas. It got past the $1 billion milestone the following day in quite the Hakuna Matata moment, something which comes as little surprise.

The new movie took very little time to get to the mark, especially when compared to Disney's other remake, Aladdin, which took two months.

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The Lion King has been out for just over two weeks, worldwide viewing considered, launching on July 19 in the US and a bit earlier in China, Norway, and other markets. It's only taken 19 days to hit $1 billion.

This feat puts Disney in exclusive company as it relates to studios which have had movies attract $1 billion and up in the space of 19 days. Other films which took the same number of days include The Avengers, Avatar, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Disney has several other films in the One Billion club, with The Lion King joining the likes of Aladdin, Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home as movies which have passed the aforementioned threshold.

The company has actually made over $7 million from live-action remakes since 2010, despite the complaints of purists who claim that such movies have ruined their childhoods.

The Lion King is certainly a subject of controversy in that regard, yet it has managed to make such an amount in just 19 days. It will be interesting to see just how good it does as it's still relatively fresh and, who knows? It could go on to become Disney's top-grossing film by the time it stops garnering attention.

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