"The Batman" Could Be Followed By Villain Spinoff Films [Rumor]

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson replaced Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck in the Batman film franchise, with the next film set to be released in 2021.

Reeves is putting together the remainder of his cast, while Pattinson prepares to become the sixth person to portray the Caped Crusader in a live theatrical film. With a star-studded cast, the hype for The Batman is through the roof.

Zoe Kravitz has been confirmed for Catwoman, while Paul Dano is set to portray Riddler. Jeffrey Wright will be portraying commissioner Gordon, and The Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis was recently announced as the choice for Alfred Pennyworth.

It's obviously too early to predict how many potential sequels will take place for The Batman. As always, it depends on how well the film does from financial and critical standpoints. But if the movie winds up being successful, then it could lead to some films that center around the Rogues Gallery.

According to a report from Brent Lang and Justin Kroll of Variety, both DC and Warner Bros. think "that any of these villains could headline their own spinoff movies," should The Batman film do well.

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Aside from Joker, Catwoman is the only other main Batman villain to receive a standalone film. Released in 2004, Catwoman starred Halle Berry, but it received largely negative reviews.

But again, it's too soon to think about spinoff and standalone films for Batman movies. Even if they do happen, we're still talking a few years down the road. It's going to come down to how The Batman does, but given how strong the cast is, there's plenty of reason to be optimistic.

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