Spider-Man New DVD Cover Has Marvel Fans Up In Arms

The new Spider-Man Far From Home DVD cover has Marvel fans a bit upset thanks to a quote that is more than a bit ironic.

The recent news that Sony and Disney couldn’t come to terms on a new agreement to keep Spider-Man a part of the MCU was bad enough news for Marvel fans who wanted to see Tom Holland and the web-slinger in future films. With that in mind, the quote at the bottom of the new DVD cover stings a bit.

A very cool design is overshadowed by a Rolling Stone quote that reads, “no endgame for spidey- he’s flying higher than ever.” The quote makes for an interesting choice of phrasing.

The outlook for Spider-Man as part of the many Marvel films set for future release is not good. Sony intends to keep the franchise going on their own but it’s hard to imagine the films being nearly as successful without the collaboration of Disney and with Peter Parker working in tandem with so many other Marvel characters. Instead, future Spider-Man films will take place exclusively in the Spider-Man universe.

Sony has said the door is closed to working with Disney again and that’s not exactly indicative of describing the Spider-Man character as one where he’ll fly high in future projects.

Why Spidey Fans Are Upset

Needless to say, this DVD cover is a painful reminder of the abrupt end that is the Sony and Disney relationship. It’s also a reminder that there’s no chance future Marvel films will include the friendly neighborhood hero.

It stands to reason fans will still buy the release even with the insensitive cover, especially when you consider the film brought in over $1 billion and was one of the most successful Spider-Man movies in history. It still hurts a little.

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