The 10 Highest-Grossing Ryan Reynolds Movies Of All Time

The career of Ryan Reynolds has given us quite a few hits at the box office. Reynolds has been able to thrive in all different genres of film. The roles range from action to comedy to drama to even animation with his voice work. Reynolds worked for many years until he became an A-Lister in Hollywood landing leading roles in blockbuster films. Most of the highest-grossing movies from Reynolds have come in recent memory due to the bigger projects coming his way.

Reynolds has become powerful enough to influence some of the roles he creates and plays. The vision of Reynolds played a huge role in the dreams of playing Deadpool and Pikachu in movies. We will look at the films to rake in the most money internationally at the box office in his career. Find out which scored the most success with the top ten highest-grossing movies starring Ryan Reynolds.

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10 The Hitman’s Bodyguard: $172 million

The star duo of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson found success together in The Hitman’s Bodyguard film released back in 2017. Both A-List actors worked together in the movie combining comedy and action for laughs in between the deeper stories.

Their characters are forced to team together and get on the same page after years of working on opposite sides. The Hitman’s Bodyguard made $172 million internationally to make it the tenth highest grossing movie of Reynolds’ career as of 2019.

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9 Safe House: $208 million

Ryan Reynolds teamed with Denzel Washington to create a top-heavy cast for the 2012 film Safe House. The story featured Reynolds playing a CIA detective attempting to prove his worth by aligning with Washington’s character after someone tries to kill them.

Safe House made a tremendous $208 million at the box office with viewers all over the world giving the movie a chance. This was one of the first bigger projects of Reynolds in a lead role to prove he was ready for the A-List status after years of lackluster comedies.

8 Green Lantern: $219 million

The superhero fandom of Ryan Reynolds is well-documented with his desire to play a few different characters. Hollywood gave Reynolds his first chance playing the lead character of Hal Jordan in the DC Comics’ Green Lantern movie. The expectations for the highly anticipated movie started fading away as more information was made available.

Green Lantern was viewed as a flop despite making $219 million. It only profited about $20 million after the studio put $200 million into the budget of making the movie. Reynolds has poked fun at himself throughout the years for playing the lead role in such an embarrassing film.

7 Turbo: $286 million

Ryan Reynolds found success playing the voice role in quite a few movies in his career. One of the more financially successful ones came when he plays a snail hoping to become a racer in Turbo. The international success of Turbo saw it rake in an incredible $286 million.

It ended up becoming one of the bigger roles of Reynolds’ career as animated films often provide for top actors. The PG rating brings in families of multiple people looking to enjoy a movie together. Turbo did just that to become a highly successful film on Reynolds’ resume.

6 The Proposal: $315 million

The success of The Proposal made it a huge role in the career of Ryan Reynolds. This romantic-comedy film with the characters of Reynolds and Sandra Bullock playing enemies that are pretending to be an engaged couple would see a big audience come in to check it out.

The Proposal was among the most successful movies of 2019 making $315 million. Both Reynolds and Bullock proved their star power by making such a hit or miss film reach the best-case scenario. Reynolds had a few flops in the comedy genre before this one turned his career around for the better.

5 X-Men Origins: Wolverine: $375 million

Ryan Reynolds scored a dream role when playing Wade Wilson aka in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film. The X-Men franchise has endured many ups and downs throughout the years struggling to find the same success as the MCU or even the DC Comics Extended Universe.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was meant to help rebrand the franchise with the origin story of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman. Reynolds didn’t get to portray Deadpool in the way he wanted in the poorly received movie. It did make $375 million for financial success, but the studios hoped for a bigger impact.

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4 Detective Pikachu: $430 million

The 2019 release of Detective Pikachu gave Ryan Reynolds another hit role to his name. This movie was based on the popular video game looking at Pikachu playing a detective of sorts trying to discover a mystery about his Pokémon owner which happens to the main character’s dad.

Detective Pikachu was the first live action/CGI movie in the Pokémon universe with Reynolds having the voice role of Pikachu. The movie made $430 million to find box office success and plans are reportedly in place to continue the franchise with at least one more sequel coming.

3 The Croods: $573 million

Another voice role for Ryan Reynolds to find huge success at the box office came in The Croods. Reynolds, Nicolas Cage and Emma Stone are the three lead voice actors playing the main characters in this movie about a prehistoric group trying to adapt to the changes in life.

The Croods made a tremendous $573 million at the box office to make it an upper tier Reynolds success on his film resume. Netflix picked up a spin-off series without Reynolds, but the franchise will be back with a big screen sequel featuring Reynolds in 2020.

2 Deadpool 2: $786 million

Ryan Reynold scored his dream role when getting to play the comic book version of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the movie franchise. Deadpool 2 dominated in 2018 with an amazing $786 million at the box office to show there was strong interest in superhero films outside of the MCU.

The story featured Wilson putting together a team and trying to help some others with tormented souls. Aside from the deep story moments, the one-liners and wild humor continued. Reynolds showed just how much interest there is in more Deadpool films.

1 Deadpool: $800 million

The original Deadpool movie was the one that introduced the vision Ryan Reynolds always had for the character on the big screen. Despite the rated-R rating, viewers came into the box office to see just what the Deadpool franchise would bring to the superhero movie industry.

The film made an outstanding $800 million internationally as viewers all over the world wanted to watch it. Reynolds proved that his vision not only could succeed but it could dominate financially. The proof made Deadpool the highest-grossing movie of Reynolds’ career to this point.

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