Robert Pattinson Tells Jennifer Lopez She'd Be A Great Batman

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is set to become the sixth actor to portray Batman in a live theatrical film, replacing Ben Affleck after the latter stepped down from the role.

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is slated to hit the big screens in June 2021. Most recently, Reeves confirmed that Andy Serkis will be coming aboard the project, with the latter set to portray Alfred Pennyworth.

Of course, it remains to be seen how many Batman films Pattinson will do. If The Batman is a massive success, then Reeves and Warner Bros. will have every good reason to do more. If it doesn't go so well, they may have to look at recasting the role of the Caped Crusader.

But Pattinson already has a candidate in mind as to who could possibly take over the Batman role from him. Speaking to Jennifer Lopez as part of Variety's Actors on Actors series, Pattinson told the world-famous singer that he'd love to see her suit up as Batman.

"I think you’d be a great Batman. An awesome Batman," Lopez tells Pattinson, who responds by telling her "You would be as well."

"I could be Batman," Lopez says. "Why not? I think as an actor, it would be fun to explore."

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If recent history is an indicator, Pattinson will get at least two films as Batman. George Clooney is the lone Dark Knight actor that only got to portray the character in one movie, and that was because of the extremely poor reviews of Batman & Robin.

Aside from Pattinson and Serkis Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman), Paul Dano (Riddler) and Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon) have all been confirmed for The Batman. Could Reeves find a way to add Lopez to the cast? It's unlikely, but you never know.

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