Robert Pattinson Says Joker Won't Be In "The Batman"

The recently released Joker film that stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime has received strong reviews thus far, but that doesn't mean that we'll get to see him in the next Batman film.

Although the Joker is the most popular Batman villain of them all - as well as the Caped Crusader's archenemy - there aren't any plans to have the character appear in Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Robert Pattinson - who's set to portray the World's Greatest Detective in The Batman - said in an interview with Yahoo! that Phoenix's Joker will not be joining the upcoming project.

"It’s kind of a different world," Pattinson said. "I might watch it tonight! Joaquin is the best — he’s awesome in everything."

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. Earlier this week, Zoe Kravitz was confirmed for the role of Catwoman/Selina Kyle - while Paul Dano was cast as The Riddler/Edward Nygma.

It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to put three major villains all in one film here - especially since there's a good chance that Reeves and Pattinson will be doing more Batman movies together down the road. If Joker were to appear in one of those films, he'd likely be cast as the main (and maybe the only) villain.

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Jack Nicholson portrayed Joker in Batman (1989), the first live theatrical film for the iconic superhero. Heath Ledger's portrayal in The Dark Knight (2008) is widely regarded as the best ever for the Joker character.

Now, Phoenix and Todd Phillips hit a home run with their standalone film for Joker. As such, it's probably too soon to throw the villain back into the upcoming Batman movie. But we shouldn't be surprised if Pattinson's Batman has a showdown with Phoenix's Joker in a future film.

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