10 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Robert Downey Jr. Bought

There is a reason why many people think that Robert Downey Jr. has begun to channel Tony Stark in his real life, with the actor and his career-defining Marvel character not being too dissimilar to each other.

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In the Iron Man and Avengers movies, Tony Stark is quite happy to splash the cash on incredible mansions, fast cars, and designer clothes, and the popular actor is similar in that respect, happily spending the millions he was paid to play the character. With Downey Jr. having an incredible net worth of $300 million, he certainly has money to spend, and within this article, we will take a look at how he does that, ranking the 10 most expensive purchases he has made.

10 Watch Collection

Robert Downey Jr. once told GQ, "You can learn a lot about a man if you open up his jewellery box," and therefore jewellery is something that the actor takes very seriously, as it holds an important place in his heart.

Always wanting to look at his absolute best, Downey Jr. has an incredible collection of watches, of which he spares no expense for in order to make sure he looks as stylish as possible. One of his watches, the Jaeger-LeCoultre could be seen in the movie Iron Man 2, and that set him back $92,000, proving just how much he is willing to pay for a good timepiece.

9 Stark Tower Logo

Everyone knows the iconic 'A' from the Avengers logo that was actually lifted from the name of the Stark Tower, with that being the letter that was lifted when it was destroyed during the Batlle of New York. Well, apparently it isn't just Marvel fans who love it, as Robert Downey Jr. himself is a massive fan of the prop, so much so that when filming was wrapped and it was no longer needed, he bought it.

The huge 'A' was dropped off at his Team Downey production offices in Venice Beach and he stated that it would be "prominently placed," ensuring that it is always on display and not just in some dark warehouse.

8 His Own Furniture

Dwayne Johnson may travel around the world with his own gym, but Robert Downey Jr. takes it to another level as he actually travels around with his own furniture when he is set to be in one location for a lengthy period of time.

Downey Jr. fits his own furniture into the rental locations that he stays which no doubt doesn't come cheap, from flying out his furniture to paying someone to set it all up for him each time. Obviously, the main benefit of doing this is to make sure that he always has home comforts and feels as comfortable as possible after he has finished filming.

7 Lavish Birthday Party

The 50th birthday might be something that a lot of people dread, but it is also something that Robert Downey Jr. embraced, putting on an unbelievable party that certainly cost him a fair amount.

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The party actually took place in an airport hangar, which isn't exactly cheap to just hire and decorate out of the blue, and of course, he then paid to have Duran Duran open for Steely Dan. The party was loaded with incredibly celebrity friends from his Marvel buddies to Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston, making this an incredible evening he likely won't forget.

6 His Own Iron Man Suit

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron-Man and at this point, it feels like it would be impossible for anybody else to ever step into that suit, but even if another actor does, Downey Jr. will always have his own.

He purchased a 6ft Iron-Man costume of his own and even though it can't carry a human or shoot out lasers, it can light up and fly which is very impressive, although he likely got it just as a reminder of his time as the character. The suit was actually built by the master model maker, Greg Tanous, who did so to mark the end of filming on The Avengers, so that is why the suit is of such high quality.

5 Car Collection

Robert Downey Jr. much like many celebrities is a car enthusiast and the actor happens to have an incredible collection to boast about which features a wide variety of different cars to choose from. It isn't just Tony Stark who has a love for Audi's, with Robert Downey Jr owning a wide variety of them, but it isn't just slick Audi's that he owns, with the Marvel star also having older cars as well, such as the 1965 Chevrolet Corvette.

He doesn't just buy cars for himself either, as he actually got a custom Camaro as a gift for his Marvel co-star, Chris Evans, showing his knowledge for cars isn't just saved for himself.

4 Windmill Home

Robert Downey Jr. is known for being fairly extravagant, and you can tell that from the home that he owns in the Hamptons, which is an actual windmill, which is one of the most fun celebrity homes you're ever going to see. The home is visually stunning on both the outside and the inside and is something that certainly suits his personality, although it also wasn't the cheapest location to buy either, as you can imagine by looking at the sheer size of the property.

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The location was actually used in the 1982 movie, Deathtrap, and when Downey Jr. bought it, he gave his designer six weeks to turn around the entire property, which is something they managed to do.

3 Disguises

One issue that a lot of celebrities have is that they don't have any privacy. Once they become famous the world wants to know their every move, from paparazzi to fans, there is simply no escape. While the benefits of fame and fortune likely outweigh that, the fact is that it can become frustrating and Robert Downey Jr. has gone to extreme measures in order to try and counteract that problem.

Downey Jr. actually pays someone who makes prosthetics for a living in order to create legitimate masks for him to go out in public without being noticed. So who knows, you could have stood right behind him and never known the difference.

2 Nanotechnology

There is a reason why people think that Robert Downey Jr. is essentially becoming Tony Stark, and this is a perfect example of that as he has recently launched a new foundation called Footprint Coalition.

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The purpose of this company is to use robotics and nanotechnology to clean up the planet, having them work together through science to create fully planned ideas that will clean the planet. Creating a company of this size and continuing to fund it is obviously something that costs an incredible amount of money, but there are certainly worse things he could waste his cash on, as he is at least trying to help the planet here.

1 Malibu Home

When you are as rich as Robert Downey Jr. it is almost expected that you will own an incredibly lavish home, and the actor certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard as he boasts an amazing $3.7 million Malibu mansion.

With a view of the Malibu lagoon, and a backyard fit with a stunning pool, hot tub, fire pit, and even a putting green, the home is simply breathtaking and was money well spent as far as he is concerned. Boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the home, which is 3,384-square-foot is incredibly impressive, with its glass walls allowing plenty of light inside making for some stunning visuals.

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