• 10 Richest Bollywood Stars

    There is nothing humble when it comes to Bollywood. According to Business Today, every year, the Indian film industry releases approximately 1,800 movies and, thanks to the public demand, its presence overseas has increased 30 percent. This billion dollar industry has created a new type of royalty in India: Bollywood stars.

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    A very selective number of actors were able to accumulate hundreds of millions, thanks to acting. Some of them have a fortune higher than Hollywood stars. However, it is interesting to note that among the 10 highest-paid names in Bollywood, there are no female names, even if they are just as famous as male actors.

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    Irrfan Khan – US$50 million

    Irrfan Khan is known for many movies, including The Lunch Box and Piku. He started his career in India in 1988, but his talent brought him to play roles in other Asian countries, America, and the United Kingdom. He has appeared on movies like Jurrasic World, The Namesake, Life of Pi, I Love You, Inferno, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

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    In the last 30 years, Khan has received many awards and is considered one of the greatest actors in Bollywood. Most of his fortune comes from his acting career and he has a net worth evaluated on US$50 million, according to Money Inc.

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    Dharmendra - US$70 million

    Dharmendra became famous thanks to his actions movies and is also known as He-Man and Action King. Sholay, Chupke Chupke, and Anupama are considered some of his best films. Dharmendra is prised by the public, but also for the critics. In 1997 he was recognized by his work and received a Filmfare Lifetime Achievements. He is also a producer and politician.

    In 2012, he received a Padma Bhushan award, one of the most prestigious recognitions in India.

    Although he is very successful in his career, his personal life also made headlines in India due to his relationships.

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    Anupam Kher - US$70 million

    According to Celebrity Networth, Anupam Kher has a US$70 million fortune and he has worked a lot for his money. The actor has appeared in more than 450 movies and 100 plays. He also had roles in international movies like Bend It Like Beckham, Lust, and Caution. Being often on screen made Keer one of the most recognizable faces in India.

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    Keer is also a Chairman of Film and Television Institute of India. In 2016 he received the Padma Bhushan award, one of the most significant prizes an Indian citizen can receive. He is married to Kirron Kher, who is an actress and member of the parliament.

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    Kamal Haasan - US$100 million

    Kamal Haasan is an actor and film director, who is praised for his roles on Nayakan, Dasavathaaram, and Vishwarropam. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a fortune evaluated on US$100 million and this among makes him one of the richest actors in Bollywood.

    Haasan is known for his multiple talents and also works as a playback singer, lyricist, screenwriter, choreographer, songwriter, and dancer. He is also a philanthropist and has promoted some campaigns like school material donation or blood donation. His fans use to get very involved in it.

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    Saif Ali Khan - US$140 million

    Saif Ali Khan is a successful actor and movie producer. He is the son of Sharmila Tagore, one of the most important actresses in Bollywood, and Mansoor Ali Khan, a cricket player. He started his career on Parampara—which didn’t perform well in the cinemas—but his following films would make him very popular.

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    His career suffered a bump over the years and he had a lot of box-office failures, even when critics praised his work on socio-political drama Aarakshan. Last year, he starred the Netflix show Sacred Games, that was very popular among public and critics.

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    Aamir Khan - US$180 million

    Aamir Khan is one of the greatest stars in Asia and he is among the most profitable names in Bollywood of all-time. Besides China, he is especially famous in India. Some of his most popular films are Dangal (the greatest grossing Bollywood movies up to today), PK, and Dhoom 3.

    The actor has a net worth evaluated on US$180 million and he doesn’t hold back to use it. According to reports, he has 22 houses, most of them in Shahabad, his hometown. But he also invests his money on luxury cars.

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    Akshay Kumar - US$200 million

    Akshay Kumar has accumulated US$200 million dollars since he started his career in the '90s. According to Forbes, in 2018, he made US$40 million and he was ranked among the 100 highest-paid actors in the world. Besides movies, his fortune comes from advertising campaigns.

    He is a versatile actor and master in martial arts. In the last few years, he is intercalating action movies and endeavoring on socially-conscious roles. The movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, for example, is a comedy that talks about the importance of improving sanitation, and Padman has a similar plot but with focus on the rural area.

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    Salman Khan - US$210 million

    Salman Khan might be in third place now, but he might jump a few positions in the coming years. According to Forbes, he is the highest-paid actor in India for the past three years and has a fortune evaluated on $260 million. He certainly enjoys his wealth and is often seen driving around luxury cars and also has some properties in India.

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    Unsurprisingly, he is very popular not only in India but in other Asian countries where his movies perform extremely well. His father was also a talented screenwriter, proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The film Sultan and Wanted are among his greatest success.

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    Amitabh Bachchan - US$400 movies

    Amitabh Bachchan is another living legend in India. He has appeared in almost 200 movies since he started acting 50 years ago. One of his greatest successes is Bhoothnath Returns. He has also hosted most of the seasons of Kaun Banega Crorepati, India's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    He is one of the most respected actors in India and also known for being versatile and playing the most different type of roles. He is known in India as the star of the millennium of Bollywood.

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    Shah Rukh Khan - US$600 million

    According to Money Inc, Shah Rukh Khan has a US$600 million fortune. A number that overcomes some of the most import Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio (US$245 million). No wonder he is known as the King of Bollywood and has appeared in more than 80 movies and has 14 prizes for his acting!

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    King Khan has started his career with small roles on television. He is also a producer and television host and is extremely popular in India and is considered the best Indian actor of all time.

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