Paul Dano Cast As The Riddler In "The Batman"

A day after it was revealed that Jonah Hill won't be coming aboard for The Batman, Matt Reeves and company have finally found their man.

According to multiple reports, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Paul Dano will be portraying Riddler in The Batman. Dano is known for his roles in L.I.E. and There Will Be Blood.

Dano will be the first person to portray Riddler in a live theatrical film since Jim Carrey in Batman Forever (1995), where Val Kilmer starred as the Dark Knight.

In that film, Riddler formed an alliance with Two-Face (portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones). Edward Nygma, who previously worked for Bruce Wayne, deduces his secret identity and plots to kill Batman with Two-Face, who holds a vendetta against Batman.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Zoe Kravitz will portray Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Batman. It'll be interesting to see how Riddler and Catwoman work together against the the World's Greatest Detective.

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Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992), and her character briefly worked alongside Danny DeVito's Penguin in the film. Anne Hathaway then performed the role in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), where she later helped Batman conquer Bane and his army despite betraying the Caped Crusader earlier in the film.

Robert Pattinson (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Kravitz and Dano are the only three confirmed cast members for The Batman thus far, though it's been widely reported that Jeffrey Wright will be assigned the role of Commissioner Gordon.

The Riddler is one of the most popular villains in the DC Universe, having played a prominent role in the Batman: Arkham video game series as well as the TV show Gotham. Once the film hits the big screens, it will have been 26 years since Carrey's version of Riddler appeared in a live theatrical film. The character's return under Dano can't some soon enough.

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