Netflix Users Leave In Mass Exodus Over Cancelled Show

Netflix didn't need to give users a reason to cancel their accounts considering the competition entering the streaming market. They did anyway.

Many Netflix subscribers are cancelling their accounts this week thanks to a decision by the streaming service to remove an extremely popular show.  Netflix unexpectedly announced the cancellation of The OA. Back in August, news dropped the show wasn't returning and users decided to try and do something about it. Fans of the show began organizing themselves in an effort to save the show that only got two out of five schedules seasons and as a result, Netflix watchers started to bail on the service in boatloads.

There was speculation that the cancellation wasn't real but users decided to organize anyway. When the news turned out to be true, and when plans for a Netflix film based on the show got shut down, that was pretty much the final straw.

Fans Are Hoping Leaving Will Change Netflix's Mind

OA fans are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions in protest using the hashtag #CancelNetflix and another called #SavetheOA. The hashtags started gaining steam on social media in the hopes that enough attention drawn to the issue might save the show.

Those that aren't cancelling are calling. One fan wrote,

"I'm sure everyone knows this by now but I just got off a phone call w Netflix and they said they don't get many calls when other shows are cancelled but have been receiving a lot about The OA and she says higher up knows about it. So we are making a change!! #SaveTheOA"

It's happened before, so perhaps it's not too big a long shot to happen again. The comedy One Day at a Time got cancelled by Netflix but disgruntled fans found the show a new home.

For Netflix, it will be interesting to see if it takes less noise to save a show considering Apple TV, Disney +  and other services are trying to take a piece of Netflix's very big pie. Any reason to send subscribers to another service is not a good idea.

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