Ranking The Net Worth Of The Hobbit Cast

The prequel book to the fantastic Lord of the Ring series was finally brought to the silver screen from 2012-2014, with Peter Jackson once again at the helm to take fans back to Middle Earth once again.

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The decision was made to make The Hobbit into a series as well, making three movies from just the one book in order to make the films as detailed as possible with every small moment being covered in the three films. Much like the Lord of the Rings, a fantastic cast of actors was brought together to tell this epic story, and within this article, we will rank that fantastic cast in terms of their net worths.

10 Graham McTavish (Net Worth: $4 Million)

Graham McTavish is an extremely experienced actor who has a massive body of work in both movies and television, so it is no surprise he has a steady net worth of $4 million to his name. McTavish has been involved in countless major movies from Rambo to Creed as well as his extensive work in television on shows such as Prison Break and 24, being one of the more experienced actors in the Middle Earth trilogy.

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Within The Hobbit, McTavish takes up the role as one of the Dwarves in the series, playing Dwalin, where he is almost unrecognisable due to the fantastic prosthetics work that he has on.

9 Sylvester McCoy (Net Worth: $4 Million)

Another member of The Hobbit cast with a net worth of $4 million is Sylvester McCoy, who portrays one of the movies wizards, Radagast the Brown, who is certainly an eccentric character to say the least. This character did cause some controversy due to the amount of screen time he got, mainly due to the fact that Radagast is only mentioned in the books, and isn't actually a featured character.

However, the decision was made by Peter Jackson to bring Radagast to life within these movies, allowing fans who had read mentions of him to understand the backstory of the wizard in more detail.

8 Aiden Turner (Net Worth: $4.5 Million)

Aiden Turner played the dwarf, Kili, in The Hobbit series and he quickly became a fan favorite from the start, not only for his good looks but also his incredible performances in all three films. Turner was one of the standout actors in the movies in what was essentially his breakout role as an actor, playing one of the most important parts in the entire trilogy of movies and showing no sign of nerves in doing so.

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Since that role, he has gone on to play the lead role in the television show, Poldark, which has helped him grow a net worth of $4.5 million as he continues to be one of the most exciting actors around right now.

7 James Nesbitt (Net Worth: $5 Million)

James Nesbitt traditionally works in the comedy field, which is why it was a surprise to many to see him enter such a blockbuster franchise, but he certainly did a fantastic job in The Hobbit movies.

Nesbitt brought a comedic charm to his character, Bofur, who also showed plenty of character within the movies, quickly becoming a fan favorite character throughout the trilogy. However, Nesbitt is also well known for being part of the popular television series, Cold Feet, as well as his role in Murphy's Law, with Nesbitt having a net worth of $5 million.

6 Luke Evans (Net Worth: $6 Million)

Even though Luke Evans wasn't part of The Hobbit franchise from the very beginning, his character, Bard, plays a hugely important role within the story, and Evans was perfect casting for the part.

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Men are not often as highly rated in Middle Earth, but Bard the Bowman certainly gets the Aragorn treatment in these movies, being one of the major heroes, he is able to slay Smaug in the end. Since being part of The Hobbit series, Luke Evans' career has only grown, being part of several major movies such as the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast and Fast & Furious 6, growing a net worth of $6 million.

5 Richard Armitage (Net Worth: $13 Million)

Richard Armitage plays one of the main characters in The Hobbit series, where he portrays Thorin Oakenshield, who is the leader of the Dwarves in this adventure and is the most skilled when it comes to combat. While the movie follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins primarily, it also spends a lot of time focusing on Thorin, showing the development that his character makes throughout the course of the trilogy.

While he plays one of the main characters in The Hobbit franchise, he is arguably best known for his work on North & South as John Thornton, as well as on Spooks where he played the role of Lucas North, growing his net worth to $13 million.

4 Martin Freeman (Net Worth: $15 Million)

The Hobbit was arguably the biggest opportunity of Martin Freeman's impressive career with the English actor being given the lead role as he portrayed Bibo Baggins, having the pressure of following the work that Elijah Wood had previously done as the lead Baggins character.

Thankfully, Freeman knocked the role out of the park, being more than confident to lead the franchise, being able to play the slightly scared and nervous character to perfection as he grew into the role. Away from Middle Earth, Freeman has been in tons of projects from television shows; The Office and Sherlock amongst many more, earning a net worth of $15 million in the process.

3 Benedict Cumberbatch (Net Worth: $30 Million)

You might not see Benedict Cumberbatch in The Hobbit movies, but you will certainly hear his iconic voice as he is the man behind the voice of Smaug, which is the dragon within this series. Smaug is the main villain within these films and Cumberbatch does a fantastic job in the role, adding a brilliant tone to his voice, with videos surfacing online about how much he got into the role physically, moving around like a dragon while he did the talking.

Already in his career, Cumberbatch has been Sherlock Holmes in the popular TV show, Sherlock, and Dr Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, amongst many other credits, so it is no surprise to see a net worth of $30 million for him.

2 Stephen Fry (Net Worth: $30 Million)

Stephen Fry is a national treasure in England and is one of the most respected celebrities in the country, so when he was cast to be part of The Hobbit, there was plenty of excitement about what he might be doing.

Within the movies, Fry portrays the Master of Laketown which is a character that is the total opposite to his real-life personality and is one of the movie's villains, working hard to turn people against the Dwarves. As one of the smartest celebrities in the world, Fry is often praised for his intelligence, which is likely why he picks such fantastic roles to help him earn his $30 million net worth.

1 Ian McKellen (Net Worth: $55 Million)

Sir Ian McKellen is an absolute legend in the acting world, and when it comes to Middle Earth, he is the undisputed king, having been part of the entire Lord of the Rings series as well as The Hobbit movies. McKellen reprised his role as Gandalf, returning to being Gandalf the Grey within these movies as he attempted to guide Bilbo Baggins and the rest of the Dwarves, hoping to keep them all safe.

McKellen is no stranger to a major franchise either, as he has also played a huge role in the X-Men movies, portraying the character of Magneto for many of the films, helping to build his net worth to $55 million.

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