The 10 Highest-Grossing Morgan Freeman Movies Of All Time

When one thinks of Morgan Freeman, they think of his regal attitude, his commanding voice, and his career as one of Hollywood's most beloved stars. However, when looking at Freeman's movie career, there is a little bit of everything there. Freeman has played God, and he has played a convict. He has played a scientist, and he has played the President of the United States.

However, one interesting thing to note about Morgan Freeman is the fact that he rarely ever leads the way. He is the perfect supporting actor, someone who can come into a movie in a secondary role and then steal every scene that he appears. That is why, when looking at the highest-grossing Morgan Freeman movies of all-time, he is never the top star but is always one of the most memorable.

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10 WANTED ($341M)

Released in 2008, Wanted was a movie with James McAvoy in the lead role as a loser named Wesley. He learns that his father was part of a super-secret criminal organization that, at one time, killed every superhero in existence. They then caused the world to forget the heroes existed.

While McAvoy and Angelina Jolie are the main stars, Morgan Freeman stars as the head of the organization and the criminal mastermind who will do anything to protect their society. Based on the comics by Mark Millar, the film only made $134 million domestically but brought in a nice $341 million worldwide.


In 1998 two major disaster movies saw the world in danger of destruction. The first was Armageddon, which was a massive hit making $352 million worldwide with an epic Michael Bay production. However, a second movie with a similar plot hit called Deep Impact, and it was considered the better film.

Morgan Freeman starred in the movie as the President of the United States as he prepared his nation for the imminent impact of a comet headed toward Earth. The film brought in $140 million in the U.S. and $349 million worldwide.

8 NOW YOU SEE ME ($351M)

A surprising movie on the list of Morgan Freeman's highest-grossing films is Now You See Me. The movie hit in 2013 and was an ensemble film about a group of illusionists who pull off impressive bank heists during their magical stage acts. The film starred Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco as the illusionists.

However, Morgan Freeman also played a significant role in the movie. He starred as a famous magician turned video host who exposes the secrets of stage magicians for millions of dollars in ad revenue. The film made $351 million worldwide with $234 million coming internationally.


Morgan Freeman has been a few comic book movies, including Wanted and Red. However, the highest-grossing comic book movies he appeared in was in the Batman franchise as he portrayed Lucius Fox in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. Of the three films, the first has the lowest total box office.

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In Batman Begins, it is Fox that helps set up Bruce Wayne with the toys and gadgets he needs to fight crime in Gotham City -- including the Batmobile. The movie ended up making $372 million, with a more significant domestic take than international.


In 1991, Kevin Costner was one of Hollywood's top leading men. With movies like Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, it seemed he could do no wrong. He took on the Robin Hood mythos next and starred in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, a movie that was an instant success.

Morgan Freeman starred as a Moor named Azeem, a man who vows to stand by Robin of Locksley until he can repay his debt to the man who saved his life. Together, they help free Robin's homeland. The movie was a success domestically and internationally, making $390 million, the second highest-grossing movie of 1991, behind only Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

5 LUCY ($463M)

In 2014, Scarlet Johansson starred in the action movie Lucy. While the film is mostly forgotten, it was the highest-grossing movie starring Johansson in the primary lead role in her career. Luc Besson directed the movie where Johansson starred as a woman who develops almost superhuman strength and intelligence when synthetic drugs release into her body.

She sets out to battle the men who captured her and forced her to work for them as a drug mule. Morgan Freeman stars as a professor that might hold the key to saving her life as the drugs continue to course through her system. The movie made $463 million worldwide thanks to a $336 million international take.


In a movie success that no one saw coming, The LEGO Movie roared into theaters in 2014 and took the world by storm. While a promotional movie to sell more toys, the directing team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller took the film and created something smart and creative.

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Morgan Freeman voiced the critical role of Vitruvius. He was one part Dumbledore and one part Gandolf, a wise man who convinced everyone that a special person would arrive to save them one day. The film grossed $257 million domestically on the way to a $469 million worldwide box office.


In 2003, Jim Carrey was still one of Hollywood's top funnymen. He ruled the box office for many years before eventually reducing his output in his later years. In Bruce Almighty, Carrey starred as a TV reporter who is struggling in life and blames God.

Morgan Freeman stars as God, inspired casting, to say the least. He brings Bruce in and decides to give him his omnipotent powers for one week to see if he can do any better. The movie ended up making an impressive $242 million domestically and $484 million worldwide.


Easily the best Batman movie of all-time and arguably the best comic book movie in history, The Dark Knight was one of the first comic adaptations that broke the box office. The film continued the story from Batman Begins and put the Caped Crusader up against The Joker and eventually Two-Face.

Morgan Freeman was back as Lucius Fox, the brains behind the crime-fighting Batman, creating more toys and gadgets to allow Bruce to stop Joker once and for all. The movie was the best of the franchise but ranked second in box office for the Nolan movies with a $1 billion take.


The highest-grossing Morgan Freeman movie of all-time was the final film in The Dark Knight Trilogy. With The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan told his version of No Man's Land as Gotham City was cut off from the rest of the nation and the criminals took over.

Fox, by this movie, was the CEO and eventually the Executive Vice President of Wayne Enterprises and ran the company while continuing to armor Batman for his crime-fighting endeavors. While polarizing to critics, the movie was the highest-grossing, making $1.08 billion worldwide with $636 million coming overseas.

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