10 Highest-Grossing Movies In The MCU Phase 3

The final Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga was huge and hugely successful too. Beginning with Civil War and ending with Far From Home, no (Infinity) stone was left unturned to deliver all kinds of big moments for fans to salivate over. At a whopping eleven films, it was also Marvel’s lost ambitious undertaking to date. New characters were introduced, while sequels were being made.

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Fans flocked to the theaters in droves to see the events unfold. Some of those events more than others. All eleven movies made over 600 million, but there’s only room for ten films on this list. So, besides Ant-Man And The Wasp, here are the top 10 Highest-Grossing Movies In The MCU Phase 3.

10 Doctor Strange - 677.7 Million

The mind-bending Doctor Strange set up so much of the current MCU landscape on its way to grossing over 675 million dollars, we just didn’t realize it yet. The events of the film helped to not only set up Thor: Ragnarok, but the Doctor himself was a huge factor in stopping Thanos. Not to mention the film itself was one of the most inventive MCU movies to date, something that will hopefully only continue in The Multiverse Of Madness.

9 Thor: Ragnarok - 854 Million

The decision to turn Thor into more of a comedic character than he ever was not only paid off in reinvigorating the character, but Thor: Ragnarok made 854 million at the box office as well.

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Some fans were a little divided at first seeing the Mighty Thor in a big scale comedy more so than anything else, but that didn’t matter to most of the fans. In fact it only helped to rejuvenate the character by essentially making Big Trouble In Little China in space.

8 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - 868.3 Million

The first Guardians Of The Galaxy was the exact breath of fresh air that the MCU needed. Besides being the best Star Wars film of the new millennium, it showed fans that the MCU was willing to go anywhere it wanted. The second film came close grossing nearly over 100 million more than its predecessor. The second movie furthered the MCU Cosmos by introduced Ego, The Living Planet; and albeit comically, the Watchers.

7 Spider-Man: Homecoming - 880.2 Million

It took a long time to get ol’ Webhead to the MCU, but it finally happened when Tom Holland was cast to take part in Civil War. The deal between Marvel and Sony has paid off big time, no matter what the current shared state of Spidey is. In his first solo MCU adventure, Spidey does battle with his girlfriend’s dad, who is not so secretly the Vulture. The movie further cemented Tom Holland as the best overall Spider-Man and set the stage for all kinds of sequels and side-stories, no matter who is producing the movies. The first one made about 880 million dollars, currently the third highest grossing Spider-Man adventure to date.

6 Captain Marvel - 1.128 Billion

As one of the only two non-sequel Marvel movies to crack the one billion dollar mark, Captain Marvel was a big milestone. Serving to explain the backstory behind Nick Fury’s beeper at the end of Infinity War, we’re introduced to Carol Danvers, the most powerful character that the MCU has seen so far.

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She was able to keep Thanos to a standstill until the Mad Titan cheated. It might have felt like a Phase One film, but we were also introduced to the Skrulls, instantly laying the foundation for many MCU movies to come.

5 Spider-Man: Far From Home - 1.131 Billion

After returning from The Blip, all Peter wants to do is enjoy Europe with his class and do whatever he can to tell MJ how he feels. But instead, Nick Fury needs his help dealing with an elemental force from another universe, or is it? Spidey has to contend with one of his oldest foes and we learn some secrets about Fury and the future of the entire MCU, Sony Pictures permitting.

4 Captain America: Civil War - 1.153 Billion

One of the reasons that Thanos was able to succeed was due to the massive schism in the MCU that happened during the events of the first chapter of Phase Three - Captain America: Civil War. The movie didn’t only introduce Black Panther and Spider-Man to the MCU, it featured an adaptation of one of Marvel Comics’ most popular storylines. The events of the film left half of the Avengers as fugitives, and Ant-Man and Hawkeye on house arrest. Fans didn’t stay home though for the movie - it was the first Marvel movie to cross the billion dollar threshold.

3 Black Panther - 1.347 Billion

After being introduced to the MCU during events of Civil War, King T’Challa got his own solo adventure when Black Panther hit theaters in 2018. The movie touched a nerve in a major way.

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It seemed that a lot more than just comic book fans were chanting “Wakanda Forever,” and the film was recognized by The Academy and was the first Marvel movie to be nominated for a best picture award, and the first non-sequel MCU movie to gross over a billion dollars.

2 Avengers: Infinity War - 2.048 Billion

Thanos finally made his move to get all of the Infinity Stones in Infinity War. The movie might’ve been called Avengers: Infinity War, but the centerpiece and central character of the whole movie was the Mad Titan himself. Considering it was beginning of the end of a ten year long story, it’s not surprising that Infinity War crossed over the not one, but two billion dollar mark.

1 Avengers: Endgame - 2.796 Billion

To undo the damage done by The Snap and bring everyone back, the remaining Avengers concoct a harebrained scheme to go back in time to various points, bring back the Infinity Stones and snap their own fingers. Avengers: Endgame not only served as an amazing conclusion to Infinity War, but also a fitting sendoff to several key characters, and new beginnings for others. The moment Cap yells out “Avengers! Assemble will give fans goosebumps for years to come. The movie itself didn’t just cross the two billion mark, Avengers: Endgame became the highest grossing film of all time.

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