Ranking The Net Worth Of Marvel's Top Villains

When you think about Marvel you might be quick to think of Iron-Man or Captain America, but without a solid villain, those characters have nobody to challenge in epic battles.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite often criticized for not having the best villains, that is something that is often over-exaggerated, as there are some fantastic characters within those movies.

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Much like the heroes, Marvel didn't hold back in hiring some amazing actors and actresses to play the roles, with some huge names getting the opportunity to portray the biggest villains in comic book history, and within this article, we will rank those by their net worth.

10 Michael B. Jordan (Net Worth: $8 Million)

When it comes to ranking the best Marvel villains in the MCU, Michael B. Jordan's performance as Killmonger should make any good top five list, as his performance is one full of passion as he makes the role iconic.

All great villains have an element of truth about them, and that is exactly why Killmonger was so great, as there was an element of his argument that you could actually get behind and understand.

Despite his incredible performance in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan's most memorable role, and the one which has helped him develop his $8 million net worth is his performance in Creed.

9 Michael Keaton (Net Worth: $15 Million)

Michael Keaton is a terrific actor with a net worth of $15 million having been in films such as Beetlejuice and Birdman, and he even tried his hand at playing a superhero once, as Batman.

In the Marvel world, Keaton was part of Spiderman: Homecoming, which saw the popular web-slinger finally join the MCU, and despite the huge pressure that this movie had, it more than delivered.

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Keaton played the iconic, Vulture, with Marvel making the character fresh and modern, which is why he felt so realistic. His plot tied into the devastating damage caused by The Avengers, which made it even more exciting, and the big reveal within the film about how he knew Spiderman was one of Marvel's best ever surprises.

8 Mickey Rourke (Net Worth: $15 Million)

When it comes to memorable Marvel villains, Mickey Rourke's performance as Whiplash (Ivan Vanko) in Iron-Man 2 isn't up there, as this was actually one of the more forgettable roles in the MCU.

Rourke's character was a strange one that spoke incredibly quietly, which made him difficult to hear, with viewers struggling to make much connection with the character, which didn't help the movie in general.

While his role in Iron-Man 2 isn't the greatest, his performances in movies such as The Wrestler and 1941 are incredible, proving he is well worth his $15 million net worth.

7 Tom Hiddleston (Net Worth: $20 Million)

Tom Hiddleston is one of the most popular actors to ever appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portraying the character, Loki, who is the main villain for Thor, as well as the original Avengers movie.

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However, the character became so popular due to his wit and charm that he actually ended up being turned into a hero in the later movies, often teaming up with Thor until he met his end at the hands of Thanos.

Hiddleston did an amazing job within the role, which has been the biggest part of his life and a main contributor to his $20 million net worth, although he has also appeared in other films such as Kong: Skull Island. 

6 Hugo Weaving (Net Worth: $30 Million)

He might not have enjoyed his time in the role, but there is no denying that Hugo Weaving did a fantastic job as Red Skull in Captain America: First Avenger, playing one of the most iconic villains in the Marvel library.

Red Skull was the first character in the MCU to really start talking about the power stones, and he went up against Captain America in spectacular fashion, proving to be calm when needed for monologues, but also maniacal at the same time.

Weaving is a tremendous actor who was heavily involved in the Lord of the Rings series, but he is best known for his performance in The Matrix, which helped set him on the path to his net worth of $30 million.

5 Josh Brolin (Net Worth: $35 Million)

Josh Brolin portrays the baddest and most famous of all the villains, Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having made small cameo appearances in many of the films to tease his appearance.

However, it wasn't until he shocked the world in Avengers Infinity War and then again in Avengers End Game that he quickly became well known within the Marvel world, putting in some incredible performances to make people hate him, yet also feel sympathy at times.

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Thor isn't the only Marvel role that he has had though, as he actually appeared in Deadpool 2, as Cable, which may not be in the MCU, but is still a Marvel film, adding to his $35 million net worth.

4 Cate Blanchett (Net Worth: $45 Million)

Cate Blanchett did an incredible job in Thor Ragnorok, which saw Marvel make a major change to that world, switching up the series in what became a very fun and vibrant movie, with Blanchett as the main villain in this performance.

Blanchett portrayed the sister of Thor, Hela, who is actually one of the most powerful characters to have ever been used in a Marvel film, breaking things up from the normal pattern by having a woman as the villain.

Blanchett is a fantastic actress who is well known for her roles in the Lord of the Rings series, as well as The Aviator and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, which have all helped her develop a net worth of $45 million.

3 Jake Gyllenhaal (Net Worth: $65 Million)

Jake Gyllenhaal is an incredibly gifted actor and the world was very excited when Marvel announced he would be joining the franchise to play Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

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Even though the trailers tried to fool people into thinking he was going to be a hero, eventually he made his turn in the film and put in a brilliant performance in doing so, helping to continue the excellent work that has happened with Spider-Man.

Gyllenhaal has an incredible net worth of $65 million, which has come from a variety of roles in films such as Donnie Darko, Prisoners, Brokeback Mountain, and Everest, amongst many more.

2 Jeff Bridges (Net Worth: $70 Million)

As the villain of the very first Marvel movie in the MCU (Iron-Man), the company proved they weren't pulling any punches by hiring Jeff Bridges to play the role of Obadiah Stane, who is also known as Iron Monger.

Stane winds up being incredibly jealous of Tony Stark and turns against him, despite being friends at the start of the movie. Creating his own version of the Iron-Man suit to use as a weapon which forces Stark to fight him.

Bridges is superb in this role, nailing the change from businessman to mad man excellently, and without his performance being so good, who knows if the MCU would have even happened.

1 Kurt Russell (Net Worth: $70 Million)

Despite the fact his Marvel performance as Ego isn't the greatest within this list, Kurt Russell is the richest, with a net worth of $70 million from his incredible career in the acting world.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 was quite a divisive movie, with some people loving it and others feeling it wasn't as good as the original, and a main reason for that was the storyline between Ego and Star-Lord.

It is revealed in the film that Ego is his father, but he is ultimately revealed to be a villain that the group has to take down, even if it is difficult for Star-Lord to do.

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