Major MCU Star Responds To Star Wars Rumors With Perfect Photo

A star rumored to be a part of the new Star Wars movie and may have met with director Kevin Feige, responded to rumors with the perfect photo.

Yes, Marvel Studios CEO and architect of the MCU Kevin Feige is working on a new Star Wars project and rumors are running rampant that he has a particular actress in mind to play a huge role in the film. There's been no confirmation of who that actor might be but speculation is that Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, is up for the job.

As the whispers started to get louder, Larson must have caught wind and tweeted the perfect photo in response to those fans wondering if she is or isn't who everyone is talking about. You can see the photo below:

"Did someone say Star Wars?!" she asks?

Fans that know Larson well know that she's a huge Star Wars nerd. This photo shows that she's not beyond having a little fun with that reputation and teasing her involvement. For all we know, this might be a pitch on her part to get involved. She's standing with C-3PO, dressed in a Jedi robe and wielding a blue lightsaber. Frankly, it's awesome and it's clear now, should she not be involved, she'd like to be.

Larson Is Making Her Case To Be Included

Let's say she's not a part of the project yet. Being a Star Wars fan, her having an existing working relationship with Kevin Feige and Disney, and the fact that she's a huge star on the rise all bode well for her to get involved should she have a desire to. She's got the massive inside track.

We like to see her get the role. Or at least, get a role in the film. Anyone this big a Star Wars fan should be included.

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