• The Lion King Live Action Cast's Net Worth

    When Disney started to produce a live-action version of their classic movies, fans were dreaming about seeing a remake of The Lion King. This dream came true and the studious involved with the project invested $250 million on this film — being one of the most expected titles of this year.

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    The movie features A-list Hollywood names and talented musicians. Beyoncé and Donald Glover are the main stars, but the public was also thrilled to see James Earl Jones repeating his role as Mustafa, Simba’s father. The cast net worth is worth more than $500 million and some of them might see their fortune increase after The Lion King.

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    Billy Eichner (Timon) - $5 million

    Timon and Pumba are two of the most beloved characters in The Lion King. The friends were responsible for raising and protecting Simba, but also to bring some comic moments to the movie.

    Billy Eichner was responsible for playing Timon in the 2019 version and he doesn't let the fans down. The actor is famous for his role in Parks and Recreation and small roles in movies. The actor revealed to Variety that the highest point of his career was when he starred in Difficult People and the public started to look at him differently.

    According to Celebrities Net Worth, he has a $5 million patrimony.

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    Bonisile John Kani (Rafiki) - $6 million

    Even if you haven't seen The Lion King for some reason, you probably have seen the iconic poster featuring Rafiki, a monkey who is also the jungle's guru, holding Simba as a baby and presenting him to the kingdom.

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    In 2019, the South African actor, Bonisile John Kani, is responsible for playing the role. He starred in many successful movies like The Ghost and the Darkness and Black Panther. In the blockbuster, he shared the screen with his son, Atandwa Kani.

    According to Who Times, he has a $6 million net worth.

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    Florence Kasumba (Shenzi) - $9 million

    Shenzi is part of a trio of hyenas (the other two are Ed and Banzai), who are minor villains in the movie. They are very loyal to Sacar, the greatest antagonist of Simba, and have a mean personality. Although they are bot among the main characters, they have a decisive role in Simba's fate.

    The German actress Florence Kasumba is the voice behind Shenzi, the only female on the trio. We have seen and loved her on Black Panther and The Avengers. She has been acting for 18 years and she has made a $9 million fortune.

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    John Oliver (Zazu) - $10 million

    Zazu is the king's majordomo and no one seems to take him seriously in the movie. Most of the characters make fun of him and the small bird is always upset because of it.

    John Oliver was chosen to play Zazu. The Lion King's fans approved him as the majordomo and he is indeed very well on the role.

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    The comedian hosted during many years The Daily Show, where he mostly made fun of politics. He became a household name and accumulated a $10 million fortune in his career, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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    Donald Glover (Simba) - $12 million

    Donald Glover has an impressive list of talents: actor, writer, director, rapper, comedian, and producer. And he is good in all of them. He took the world by surprise with the video of "This is America" and he received a few Grammys for Best Song, Best Rap, and Best Video.

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    There is no surprise he was chosen to play Simba in the live-action film and he was the first name announced in the production. The fans were very excited about the news.

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, Glover has $12 million and his salary might have an increase after The Lion King.

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    Chiwetel Umeadi Ejiofor (Scar) - $12 million

    Chiwetel Umeadi Ejiofor was chosen to play Scar, the greatest villain in the movie. The antagonist is responsible for the big plot twist on the film and was one of the scariest characters on Disney.

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    Ejiofor is an actor able to handle this responsibility. The British actor has received a Bafta for his role on 12 Years A Slave and received an Oscar nomination. He can also be seen on the boy who harnessed the wind and doctor strange.

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, his fortune is evaluated on $12 million.

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    Alfre Woodard (Sarabi) - $13 million

    Sarabi is Simba's mother and the queen. In the same day she becomes a widow, the queen also loses her son who runs away believing he is guilty of his father's death. The queen remains years missing her son and unaware of the truth.

    Although it is a supporting role, she has an essential function in the movie. Alfre Woodard is responsible for playing Sarabi. She has starred in many popular films like Mandela, Star Trek, and The Forgotten.

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress has a $13 million net worth.

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    James Earl Jones (Mufasa) - $45 million

    James Earl Jones was the original voice of Mufasa in 1994 and he is playing the role again. Can you imagine anyone else doing it? Jon Favreau could not. "I see it as carrying the legacy across,” Favreau said to Empire “Just hearing him say the lines is really moving and surreal.”

    In case you don't remember, Mufasa is Simba's father who was killed by his own brother, Scar, in one of the saddest scenes of Disney history.

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, the legendary actor has a fortune estimated on $45 million

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    Seth Rogen (Pumba) - $55 million

    Seth Rogen started his career with stand up comedy and began to be a household name when he had a small role on Freaks and Geeks. It was enough for him to be noticed and he played several movie producers and directors.

    In 2017, he was announced as the Pumba for The Lion King remake. And he seems to be very proud of the final results as he often posts on social media.

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a fortune of $55 million.

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    Beyoncé (Nala) - $355 million

    It is hard to think about another name to play Nala. Beyonce is one of the most powerful names in show business and has a net worth of $355 million, according to Business Insider. The Lion King will undoubtedly add some millions on her account. Unsurprisingly, the singer and actress has the highest net worth on this list.

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    She is the biggest star in the movie and some people felt intimidated by her presence. Donald Glover, who plays Simba, revealed on Entertainment Tonight that it took a while until he felt comfortable with her in the studios.

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