5 Highest Grossing Movies Starring Keanu Reeves (And The 5 Lowest)

Keanu Reeves has remained one of the most beloved actors over the past few decades, and he's a track record of amazing films. Incredible franchises like The Matrix, John Wick and Bill & Ted each helped Reeves continue to move forward in his career and achieved great results. The average fan will give a movie starring Reeves a chance based on the popularity he’s reached. Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe received a lot of extra attention when it was revealed that Keanu was playing himself in the film.

While his name carries a ton of weight in Hollywood these days, that doesn't mean he's immune to failure, and his name has been attached to some all-time stinkers. Though we'd love to celebrate his career highs, we also need to acknowledge some of his lower points.

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10 Highest-grossing: John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ($310 Million (And Counting))

The 2019 hit film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is still in theaters as of this writing, and it has already cracked the top five of Keanu Reeves’ most successful films. Reeves has seen the John Wick franchise perhaps eclipse The Matrix as the series most fans will know him for.

The third installment of John Wick is the most successful yet, already raking in over $310 million at the box office. That number will likely rise yet, as the movie isn't quite finished with its debut theater run.

9 Lowest-grossing: Man of Tai Chi ($5.5 Million)

Man of Tai Chi was the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves, and he was trying to showcase multiple sides of his skill set. Reeves both directed and starred in the film that was released in movies theaters in China and the United States as the main markets.

This film clearly did not win over the Reeves’ fan base, as it made just $5.5 million in the box office. Man of Tai Chi received mixed reviews as many viewed it as just another martial arts films. Reeves did not find the success he hoped for when trying this new project.

8 Highest-grossing: The Matrix Revolutions ($427 Million)

Keanu Reeves would start the new millennium as one of the top actors in the world thanks to The Matrix franchise. This third and final movie in the blockbusting trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions, would make $427 million when it released in 2002.

The reaction to the film was mixed, and it showed the in results as it finished behind the other two Matrix films. Reeves has found new roles in recent years, and it was a tremendous step in the right connection if the alternative had been starring in a bunch of derivative Matrix reboots.

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7 Lowest-grossing: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee ($2.8 Million)

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee had a great cast of Julianne Moore, Blake Lively, and Winona Ryder all starring aside Keanu Reeves. Despite the big names involved in the project, this movie did receive much mainstream attention and only received a limited release in the United States.

An overall gross of $2.8 million would see The Private Lives of Pippa Lee barely break even. When going over Keanu Reeves filmography, lots of fans are surprised to see that this film even exists at all, such was its incredible lack of box office presence.

6 Highest-grossing: The Matrix ($463 Million)

The original Matrix movie created a new era in the box office as fans fell in love with the sci-fi thriller. Keanu Reeves’ superb job as Neo helped make the movie an instant success, with demographics of all ages falling in love with it.

Every teenager in school was replicating some of Reeves’ stunts and quoting popular lines from The Matrix to make it a cultural phenomenon. The incredible box office success of $463 million also proved that people were willing to pay to see it, as it delivered high numbers across the board.

5 Lowest-grossing: Henry's Crime ($2.2 Million)

Henry's Crime featured the strong cast of Keanu Reeves with James Caan, Vera Farminga, and Judy Greer leading the way. Reeves plays a character in jail for a robbery he did not commit, though he plans to actually go through with a similar crime once he is released.

The plot was an interesting enough idea, but there was little to no fanfare for the movie when it was released in 2010. Henry's Crime was viewed as a huge failure since it only made $2.2 million at the box office after a $12 million budget.

4 Highest-grossing: Toy Story 4: ($650 Million (And Counting)

The recent Toy Story 4 movie release is already one of the two most successful movies featuring Keanu Reeves, and it has a chance to become the top film. Toy Story 4 brought the beloved characters from the original three movies produced from the Pixar Disney studio.

Reeves would be the biggest new addition to the voice cast with the character of Duke Caboom. The daredevil toy character has a lot more range than expected, with Reeves certainly seeing something special enough to take the project. It worked out perfectly, as the movie is setting the box office ablaze.

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3 Lowest-grossing: The Bad Batch ($250,000)

Other major names like Jim Carrey, Jason Mamoa, and Giovanni Ribisi joined Keanu Reeves in hopes of making The Bad Batch a box office success. The dark comedy did not get the hype it hoped for when showing trailers to try to win over an audience.

Despite top names like Carrey and Reeves in one movie, The Bad Batch was a box office disaster in the limited release. It only made $250,000 after putting in a budget of $6 million. The relevant actors believed in the project, but it did not connect as such with the viewer.

2 Highest-grossing: The Matrix Reloaded ($742 Million)

The Matrix Reloaded remains the most successful box office movie starring Keanu Reeves as of early July 2019. Reeves reprised the role of Neo in the highly-anticipated movie that found success all over the world.

An incredible $742 million was made at the box office for The Matrix Reloaded as viewers badly wanted to see what was next in the franchise. It made more money than the third Matrix Revolutions film, which indicates the franchise peaked here for many fans of Reeves’ iconic role.

1 Lowest-grossing: The Last Time I Committed Suicide ($46,000)

One of the biggest disappointments of Keanu Reeves’ career came in 1997 when he took part in a lead role for the film The Last Time I Committed Suicide. It featured Reeves playing one of the five relevant characters in the film.

A disappointing $46,000 was made at the box office for the limited release of The Last Time I Committed Suicide after a $4 million budget. It didn't come anywhere close to breaking even, which is usually terribly detrimental to the careers of everyone involved. Reeves luckily starred in The Matrix shortly after to bring positive attention to his name again.

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