10 Highest-Grossing Julia Roberts Movies Of All Time

Julia Roberts is one of the most beloved actresses in the history of the movie industry who is not only incredibly popular amongst the filmgoers but also has critically had a fantastic career, with her movies often being well received.

Throughout her career, Roberts has appeared in countless movies and television projects and while there has been varying success, plenty of her movies have become huge hits commercially, earning huge sums of money.

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With that in mind, within this article we will take a deep dive into the career of Julia Roberts, ranking her 10 highest-grossing movies at this point of her career.

10 Valentine's Day (Lifetime Gross: $110,485,465)

A romantic comedy that is titled Valentine's Day, being released during the festive period, was always going to do incredibly well at the box office, and the film certainly did, with a lifetime gross of $110,485,465.

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While the premise of several different love stories taking place at once could have been messy, the movie did a great job of patching everything together and keeping the insanely talented ensemble cast working at their very best.

In Roberts' section of the film, she works alongside Bradley Cooper who are both traveling incredibly long-distances for a very short period of time, providing one of the more heartfelt stories in the film.

9 Notting Hill (Lifetime Gross: $116,089,678)

In Notting Hill, Julia Roberts starred alongside the king of the romantic comedy genre, Hugh Grant, whose rom-coms always tend to do incredibly well, both commercially and critically.

This movie was no exception as Notting Hill made a lifetime gross of $116,089,678 and has become one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time, with many people associating Roberts with this performance.

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Based upon true events, the movie has Roberts' character, Anna Scott, who is a famous actress, fall in love with Grant's book shop owner, providing an unlikely source of romance for the celebrity, which leads to comedy arising.

8 Hook (Lifetime Gross: $119,654,823)

There have been many movie versions of the Peter Pan story, and while most people would instantly go to the Disney animated classic when it comes to live-action, there is no better version of the tale than Hook.

The fact that the film was able to gross $119,654,823, is a clear sign of how popular the movie was, which told the classic tale of Peter Pan, with Julia Roberts stepping into the wings of the popular character, Tinkerbell.

Within the talented Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman in the movie, there is no surprise that Hook went on to become a great success, with this movie still being a firm favorite amongst the general population to this day.

7 Ocean's Twelve (Lifetime Gross: $125,544,280)

Julia Roberts reprised her role as Tess Ocean for Ocean's Twelve, which made an incredible $125,544,280 at the box office, and even though it was unable to beat the original, the movie still did very well.

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Once again, Roberts wasn't one of the main characters in this film, but was rather part of the supporting cast, although the second heist plan did heavily involve Roberts' character, pretending she was pregnant in order to get close to the egg.

Roberts is fantastic within this movie, mixing excellent humor with a serious tone when needed, playing her role to perfection in this incredibly talented ensemble cast.

6 Erin Brockovich (Lifetime Gross $125,595,205)

Only just beating out Ocean's Twelve in terms of how much the movie grossed, Erin Brockovich, which was released in 2000, remains one of Julia Roberts' most successful roles to date, with a lifetime gross of $125,595,205.

This movie saw Roberts take on the huge task of playing a real-life character as she portrayed Erin herself, with the movie being a dramatization of her life, with Erin being an unemployed single mother of three children who got injured in a traffic accident with a doctor and decided to sue him.

This is a very different type of role for Roberts, who has typically enjoyed success in the romantic comedy genre, but her incredible performance here proved she is more than capable of tackling serious drama as well, to great success.

5 My Best Friend's Wedding (Lifetime Gross: $127,120,029)

This romantic comedy is an absolute classic in the genre, with Julia Roberts starring in the lead role of the 1997 hit film, which had a lifetime gross of $127,120,029, making it one of the most successful films commercially of her career.

My Best Friend's Wedding's plot sees Roberts' character, Julianne Potter, be brought back with her lifelong friend, Michael O'Neal, who had made a pact that if they weren't married by the age of 28, then they would marry each other.

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Michael ends up being engaged and Julianne attempts to stop the marriage from happening through jealousy, which leads to a serious of comedic events taking place on the route to the wedding.

4 Wonder (Lifetime Gross: $132,422,809)

Being releases in 2017, Wonder is actually one of Julia Roberts' most recent credits and the fact that it was able to bring in $132,422,809, cracking the top five highest-grossing films of her career shows she is still as relevant now as she ever has been.

Starring alongside Owen Wilson, the plot of the film follows a boy (Roberts' son in the movie) who suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome, struggling to fit in and adapt with the illness, as it shows the emotional highs and lows it has on the entire family.

The fact that the film was then placed on the streaming service, Netflix, ensured that Wonder would remain incredibly popular, with the movie reaching even more people this way.

3 Runaway Bride (Lifetime Gross: $152,257,509 )

The next movie on the list is Runaway Bride, which was released in 1999 and once again saw Julia Roberts hook up with Richard Gere, with whom she has enjoyed tremendous success working alongside during her career.

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Within the film, Roberts plays Maggie Carpenter who, as the title may suggest, struggles when it comes to commitment, having run away from men at the altar, leading to the nickname of the Runaway Bride. 

Eventually, she does tie the knot, with the plot of the film all being about whether or not she would eventually marry. Having a lifetime gross of $152,257,509, the movie proved to be a tremendous success.

2 Pretty Woman (Lifetime Gross: $178,406,268)

It might surprise people that Pretty Woman doesn't take the top spot on this list, as it is certainly the movie role that Julia Roberts is most famous for and is one of the most popular movies of all time.

In terms of romantic comedies, they don't get much more iconic than this movie, which is why it did so well at the box office, having a lifetime gross of $178,406,268, which the movie more than deserved.

Roberts' chemistry with Richard Gere was incredible in this film as she portrayed Vivian Ward, a sex worker who ends up developing quite the relationship with a wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis.

1 Ocean's Eleven (Lifetime Gross: $183,417,150)

The movie that is actually the highest-grossing of Julia Roberts' career is Ocean's Eleven, which is another classic film, although Roberts has a much smaller part in this film than the majority of this list.

The film mainly follows the story of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon's characters, but Roberts does feature in the movie, breaking up the very male-heavy cast with her performance, which helps her stand out.

Ocean's Eleven might not be the number one movie you think of when it comes to Julia Roberts, but it is the one that grossed the highest amount of money throughout her career, and therefore it will no doubt have a significant place for her.

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