The 10 Highest-Grossing Jennifer Lopez Movies Of All Time

Jennifer Lopez has been stealing our hearts in the music world, the television scene, and Hollywood. This bombshell never lets us down, and honestly, she's pretty timeless. While J.Lo is most famous for being a total beast in the music scene, she's also had some pretty popular movie releases. In case you're wondering where you can see this brilliant and beautiful woman, we made a list of her 10 most popular movies. Here are her 10 highest-grossing films of all time.

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10 Hustlers (2019) - $87 million

Hustlers is Jennifer Lopez's newest Hollywood hit, and it's actually still playing in theaters as of now. This hit movie includes Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, and many, many more celebs. These women are hustlers — strip club employees who join forces to rip off their rich Wall Street clients. This is some women-power goodness, and J.Lo is absolutely slaying. It's no surprise this movie is doing as well as it is, and we expect it'll be bringing in much more by the time it heads out of theaters.

9 The Wedding Planner (2001) - $95 million

J.Lo takes Hollywood by storm in another romantic comedy, this time alongside heartthrob Matthew McConaughey. This movie follows Mary (Lopez), a wedding planner, as she dangerously begins to fall in love with the groom (McConaughey) of a wedding she's planning. This is probably frowned upon, and you can expect some outrageous, hilarious, and cringey drama to go down in this one. We also know you can't pass up J.Lo and McConaughey. This movie did pretty well at the box office too, bringing in an impressive $95 million.

8 The Cell (2000) - $104 million

This horror sci-fi thriller follows an FBI agent (Colton James) who convinces a psychotherapist (Jennifer Lopez) to use her new, revolutionary technology (that allows her to enter the mind of her patients) on a serial killer that he has arrested. This film is definitely futuristic, intense, and pretty horrifying. However, The Cell grossed a pretty impressive amount, and it's definitely an interesting thriller with our favorite gal. Serial killers, inventive brain technology, and J.Lo...what more could you possibly need?

7 Anaconda (1997) - $136 million

We've all seen this terrifying film, haven't we? In fact, you might have even forgotten that this nightmare-inducing snake movie has our main gal J.Lo as its leading lady. This movie follows a film crew that goes on a quest to find the world's largest (and deadliest, we might add) snake, and things get pretty intense and horrifying. Jennifer Lopez stars alongside Ice Cube and Jon Voight in this adventure thriller, and of course this spooky film drew in a pretty impressive sum of money. Who doesn't want to see a movie about a giant, deadly snake, right?

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6 Monster-in-Law (2005) - $154.7 million

This movie did impressively well for a cringey romantic comedy, and it still made an insane amount of money at the box office despite its lackluster critical reviews. Of course, though, who doesn't want to see J.Lo? Jennifer Lopez plays a dog walker who falls in love with an attractive man (Michael Vartan) . However, his mother (Jane Fonda), proves to be quite the difficult person to get along with. So it's totally by-the-numbers and the jokes are beyond dated, but we have this romcom to thank for Jane Fonda's comeback. Between her and J.Lo, Monster-in-Law drove a lot of people to the cinema.

5 Maid in Manhattan (2002) - $154.9 million

This romantic comedy follows Jennifer Lopez as a hotel maid who has a handsome senatorial candidate (Ralph Fiennes) fall in love with her after mistaking her for a rich woman when he sees her in a designer outfit. Of course, everyone is falling in love with J.Lo in these films, and how could they not? This movie is funny and cute, and clearly broke the bank at the box office. You'll have to give this old movie a watch, too, because it's one of Lopez's best.

4 Shall We Dance? (2004) - $170.1 million

The wonderful J.Lo stars alongside Richard Gere in this film, and we all adore this romantic comedy. Richard Gere plays a real estate lawyer who falls in love with a ballroom instructor (Jennifer Lopez), and decides to take some lessons to get to know her better. This is also a classic romantic film with two of our favorite actors, so of course this movie grossed as much as it did. We know you're going to go and give this quirky and sweet movie a rewatch right now.

3 Antz (1998) - $171.8 million

You'll be seeing a few animated films on this list, but it's not our fault that J.Lo is just a terrific voice actress for popular movies. Antz is a classic film that all of us grew up with, and you might not even have known that Jennifer Lopez is the voice of Azteca. Other famous voices in the film include Woody Allen, Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, and Christopher Walken. We all love this movie, and that's pretty clear, because it grossed a whopping $171.8 million.

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2 Home (2015) - $386 million

It's not really surprising that animated movies (especially ones with famous voices), do super well at the box office. What parent doesn't take their screaming child to a kid's movie, right? You can be sure that kid is begging to go. Well, this movie also did pretty well. Jennifer Lopez played the voice of Lucy Tucci, and her co-stars included Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, and many more. Home is a heartfelt tale of friendship and adventure, and we definitely suggest you give this adorable movie a watch.

1 Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) - $877.2 million

Ice Age: Continental Drift came out in 2012, and J.Lo voiced Shira, the female saber-toothed tiger. This animated flick honestly blew every other movie of this talented actress's out of the water with a whopping $877.2 million. When Ice Age: Collision Course came out in 2016, this movie also actually grossed $408.6 million. However, we thought including these as one item would suffice, so we could discuss other J.Lo hits too.

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