IT Chapter Two Projected To Post Huge Opening Weekend Numbers

The first movie was a huge hit and the second looks like it could be just as big, with an opening weekend that will make IT Chapter Two a blockbuster.

An adaptation from the Stephen King novel and film of the same name, Andy Muschietti’s IT is the biggest horror movie box office draw of all time, Early projections for the sequel have people suggesting Chapter Two could rake in close to the $700.3 million worldwide numbers the first film did, maybe more.

The film opens this weekend and according to Deadline, estimates will have the film see an opening weekend of around $200-plus million, breaking the record for a horror film. Part of the reasons projections are so high is because the film will open in more theaters considering the anticipation by fans.

Experts are also speculating the film will have a much broader appeal worldwide than the first film. The United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico were IT’s biggest overseas performers and the sequel will be playing in all three of those countries this weekend.

Can IT Chapter Two Really Outproduce The First Film?

Those who are arguing the second film won't make as much money as the first are doing so because of the long run time. At two hours 49-minutes, this film is a good thirty minutes longer than Chapter One. That said, films like Avengers: Endgame and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood have destroyed the myth long films don't make money.

IT Chapter Two has already broken records for advance ticket sales and this film actually has actors people know. That's only good news for a film that no one will be taken by surprise but still wants to shock a few people.

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