10 Hollywood Movies That Went Way Over-Budget

We all know that Hollywood movies are absolutely ridiculous expensive to make. However, we also know that many movies rake in even more ridiculous amounts of money at the box office that it's all fine and dandy. Have you ever wondered how many of your favorite movies actually went way over budget on the way to creating its final masterpiece? Well, we have, so we've made a list. Some films manage to make up (and then some) the money that they went over on their budgets, but other films aren't so lucky to do the same. Here are 10 popular films that went way over budget, ranked.

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10 Apocalypse Now (1979) - $2 Million Over

This classic war film ended in a plethora of problems for the actors, director, and crew. Director, Francis Coppola, discussed at length all of the many problems that resulted from making this lengthy film. In fact, this film ended up being six whole weeks behind schedule, AND a whopping $2 million over budget. Considering this movie only had a total budget of $31 million, they weren't too pleased with going over. However, this incredible film at least made it all back at the box office.

9 Jaws (1975) - $5.5 Million Over

This classic film's original budget was a mere $3.5 million. Steven Spielberg was the mastermind behind his film, and things didn't quite go as planned. Between screenplay problems, hiring actors, and a finicky shark prop, the production dragged on in both time and money. Instead of taking 55 days, the film took 159. What's even worse, though, is this movie nearly tripled its budget by the time everything was all said and done. The final tally was around $9 million. After an exhausting journey, the only one laughing now is Steven Spielberg, because this movie ended up grossing $430 million worldwide. So, we doubt anyone's missing that $5.5 million.

8 The Green Lantern (2011) - $9 million Over

This film ended up having a budget of about $200 million. However, there were many roadblocks along the way, mainly involving the special effects. Warner Brothers ended up throwing in an extra $9 million on effects alone. While this doesn't seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, it certainly matters when this movie also flopped at the box office. They barely broke even, to say the least. We don't recommend this film at all, actually, but we still love you, Ryan Reynolds.

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7 Evan Almighty (2007) - $35 Million Over

This film is pretty much known as the most expensive comedy to ever be made. When production started in 2006, the initial budget estimate was around $140 million. Yes, that should seem like a lot for a comedy. If that isn't wild enough, the final estimate ended up being around $175 million. So, why so expensive? Honestly, no one really knows, except that we at least know that there was a ton of money used for filming animals, visual effects, and set construction. This movie also only grossed about $173 million worldwide, so, they almost broke even, at least.

6 The Lone Ranger (2013) - $35 Million Over

There's a little discrepancy over how much this movie actually went over budget, since their budget was cut multiple times during production. However, there is definitely no discrepancy over the fact this movie lost about $200 million after its release. That's a lot of money to lose, and it's not just because this film went over budget. The budget ended up being an estimated $250 million, but it turns out this super expensive movie didn't really bring in as many movie-goers as they'd hope. Yikes.

5 Spectre (2015) - $40 Million Over

This film never had an incredibly fixed budget to begin with, which, seems outrageous but also seems fitting for a movie intended to do incredibly well. However, it was originally estimated to be somewhere around $210 million. At the end of the day, there is discrepancy on what the final cost was, but it landed somewhere between $250 and $275 million. That's quite a big range, and that definitely means they might've been a tad more over budget. This movie also made $200 million domestically at the box office, and about $880 million worldwide. So, James Bond for the win, we guess.

4 47 Ronin (2013) - $50 Million Over

This movie was essentially a total disaster. Universal even ended up pulling the director off the job during editing and handed over the position to another individual, after Rinsch went way over budget. At this point in time, the budget had climbed to about $225 million, which was $50 million over its anticipated figure. When you're working with this kind of money, that's a LOT to go over, don't you think? This movie also only grossed around $151 million worldwide, so, yikes.

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3 Titanic (1997) - $75 Million Over

James Cameron originally asked for $125 million to make this three-hour romantic, true-story inspired film. However, there were a LOT of variables to consider, and the budget quickly climbed to around $195 million. Again, though, no one is super mad about this inevitable budget spending, because this movie grossed about 2 BILLION dollars worldwide, and over $600 million domestically. So, who's really going to be upset, right?

2 World War Z (2013) - $65 Million Over

This popular Brad Pitt zombie flick began filming with an estimated budget of $125 million. Yeah, that's pretty standard for this kind of film. However, the end budget of this movie ballooned to about $190 million. However, this movie did gross about $540 million worldwide ($200 million domestically). So, in the grand scheme of things, this wasn't a total loss. Now they know that making a post-apocalyptic zombie film can get pretty expensive, apparently, who would have thought?

1 Tangled (2010) - unknown

Although there are no numbers on exactly how much this movie went over budget, it's safe to say it was a lot. This movie is one of the most expensive movies EVER made, with a final production budget of $260 MILLION. You might be asking, why in the world is an animated movie one of the most expensive movies ever? Well, this movie originally began in "production" in 1996. This film was written and started multiple times (and COMPLETELY scrapped), before the final version we have today was finally born. You can imagine that this probably cost a ton of money, you know, to redo the film a bunch of times. For reference, Frozen only cost about $150 million to make. At least they made it all back, though, so, yay?

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