10 Highest Grossing Pixar Films of All Time

The success of Pixar at the box office has made it one of the most powerful entities in the movie industry. Despite being part of the Disney world, Pixar has its own identity with some of the most beloved animated films in recent memory. The cutting-edge ideas would see Pixar create both more imaginative yet smarter stories than fans were used to in the animated family film genre. They knew how to take the audience on a roller coaster ride, and it paid off in great success.

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We are essentially guaranteed a hit every time Pixar has a movie released in theaters. Some certainly have hit the mark more than others when it comes to making money. The most successful films from the studio will be examined here as we look at the box office results. Find out if your favorite was the world’s favorite with the ten highest grossing Pixar films of all time.

10 Ratatouille: $628 million

The success of Ratatouille proved that Pixar could get as imaginative as they desire, and fans will give it a chance if the execution is good. This unique story features a rat with a passion for cooking. A clueless chef works with the talented rat to create some of the most delicious dishes at the respected restaurant.

Things spiral out of control as one would expect with a rat cooking five-star meals. Ratatouille raked in an impressive $628 million to help the Pixar momentum grow as a thriving brand on its own under the Disney umbrella.

9 Up: $731 million

Up featured an emotional tale about an elderly man trying to make a dream of him and his late wife come true after she passes away. His desire to fly his home into a beautiful paradise has some unexpected turns as a young boy scout, an intelligent dog and a colorful bird join the party.

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Pixar received rave reviews for getting so deep with the story of Up. There was not a dry eye in the theater in the early scenes depicting the death of Carl’s wife Ellie. Up was a huge hit with $731 million internationally at the box office.

8 Monsters University: $743 million

The sequel to Monsters Inc. would see the hit film have a new twist with the backstory of the main characters. Mike and Sully are the two best friend monsters in the original film, but this shows how they didn’t get along during their college days in Monsters University.

Both characters tried to become successful enough to scare humans as the goal of most monsters. Monsters University shows how they clashed and became friends along the way. Fans surely enjoyed the concept as it made an incredible $743 million all over the world.

7 Coco: $798 million

The beautiful story of Coco spotlights the story of a young boy trying to make his own mark with a passion for music. Unfortunately, his family bans music due to a relative leaving them due to his own musical talent. The journey sees the main character try to find his way back home without giving up his dream.

Coco provides a colorful world that won over fans of all ages. The box office success would see it rake in $798 million. It became one of the most beloved Pixar films and one of the most successful animated films of all time.

6 Inside Out: $854 million

Pixar started to get more intricate with the storytelling in their films with the release of Inside Out. The setting of the film mostly takes place inside of the mind of a teenage girl struggling to adapt to her family moving to a new place and losing her old life.

Most of the main characters are the different emotions she experiences like Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. The emotional story looks at how we all struggle to deal with our feelings during tough times in life. Inside Out certainly connected with audiences as it made $854 million at the box office internationally.

5 Finding Nemo: $936 million

Finding Nemo was one of the early massive hits for Pixar as they started to move forward with more frequent releases. Another emotional story was in play where with a father clownfish looking for its child after the young fish is captured by a diver.

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The long journey featured many touching moments one can relate to. Finding Nemo found success at the box office with a stupendous $936 million internationally. It set the stage for a highly anticipated sequel that would come years later to the fan base’s delight.

4 Toy Story 4: $962 million (and counting)

Toy Story 4 is the most recent release from Pixar to thrive in the box office. The news of another Toy Story fan delighted the Pixar fanatics to see the studio’s most beloved franchise return. New toy characters are introduced under the ownership of the new human owner from Toy Story 3.

The movie certainly had enough interest for such a sequel given it has already made $962 million internationally. Toy Story 4 is likely going to reach the billion-dollar status and rise a few spots in the list by the time it leaves theaters.

3 Finding Dory: $1.02 billion

Finding Dory was the sequel to Finding Nemo looking at the story of another beloved character. Dory was the royal blue tang fish that struggled with short-term memory loss in the first film. That story continued as she started to remember details about her long-lost parents.

Dory, Nemo and Martin embark on a journey to find her parents with Dory being the one that gets lost this time. Many new characters join the fun and the audience ate it up. Finding Dory made just over $1 billion to give Pixar one of its top hits.

2 Toy Story 3: $1.06 billion

Toy Story 3 was the culmination of many stories told in the first two film. The young boy character Andy had grown up through the years and was deciding what to do with his beloved toys before he went away to college.

This story would see the toys get misplaced and struggle to find their way back home to Andy before he leaves. Many twists and turns are had in the most emotional of the Toy Story films leaving many viewers with tears. Toy Story 4 made a whopping $1.06 billion at the box office as a beloved success story.

1 Incredibles 2: $1.2 billion

The most successful Pixar movie as early August 2019 is the recent hit film Incredibles 2. Pixar found success with the first Incredibles film as the one just missing the cut in the top ten. It looked at a former superhero couple trying to establish normal lives as their kids develop powers.

The sequel features the family using their powers to improve the world with a few obstacles in their way. Incredibles 2 dominated the box office with a tremendous $1.2 billion grossed internationally. Fans all over the world of all demographics wanted to see what was next for the superhero family. The idea of a third Incredibles film is still up in the air.

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