10 Highest-Grossing Martin Scorsese Movies Of All Time

Martin Scorsese is probably one of the best directors of all time. There's got to be at least one movie of his you can't help but love, but we're betting that you like pretty much all of them. This mastermind has directed 64 films, and has 9 Academy Award nominations for Best Director. He has managed to win one, for The Departed (2006). In case you've forgotten, or if you're looking for your next Scorsese binge, we thought we'd make a list of his most popular films. Here are his 10 highest-grossing movies, ranked.

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10 Casino (1995) - $42.5 million

We all know that Scorsese succeeds in crime films. This one is no exception. Starring Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone, this film follows two friends: a casino executive and a mafia enforcer. These two are competing to take over a gambling empire. This movie has greed, power, and murder, and we're not sure what else you could possibly want out of a crime drama. If you haven't seen this old classic, you should get on it.

9 Goodfellas (1990) - $46.8 million

We've definitely all seen this one, right? Well, if you haven't, this movie follows the story of Henry Hill and his life in the mob. Balancing a marriage and a crime syndicate can prove pretty tricky, especially when you have Italian mob members as your partners. Robert De Niro also stars in this one, as does Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci. This movie is as classic of a gangster mob movie as they come, and we'll never forget this one.

8 The Color of Money (1986) - $52.3 million

This Oscar winning movie is actually a drama about pool hustling. Starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, this film follows Fast Eddie Felson, a brilliant hustler as he tries to teach a young man the ropes. This movie has some good lessons about hustling, and also tells an incredible story of mentor-ship and arrogance. We definitely love every bit of drama and hustle in this film, and we know you would, too.

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7 Hugo (2011) - $73.8 million

This film was definitely a change for Scorsese. This family, fantasy drama takes place in 1931. It follows an orphan, Hugo (Asa Butterfield), who lives in the walls of a train station. This young boy gets caught up in the mystery of his late father, and his world of automation. This is a heartfelt, inventive tale of family, youth, and adventure. It also stars Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Chloe Grace Moretz. If you love Scorsese but want to avoid brutal murder, here you go.

6 Gangs of New York (2002) - $77.8 million

This classic crime drama has the brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Taking place in 1862 New York, this film follows a young man who returns to the city to seek revenge against his father's killer. This movie is a brilliant story of the American Civil War, and tells the tale of the theft, crime, and murder that takes place in New York City. This film focuses on retribution and an internal journey, and of course, DiCaprio is magnificent.

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5 Cape Fear (1991) - $79.1 million

Clearly, Scorsese loves Robert De Niro. Alongside this brilliant actor is Nick Nolte and Jessica Lange. This crime thriller is a classic, and we'd be surprised if you haven't seen it. This film follows a convicted rapist who was released after serving fourteen years in prison. This man, however, is seeking revenge, and he stalks the family of the lawyer who defended him. This movie is literally the definition of a crime drama, and it still holds up as one of the best there is.

4 The Aviator (2004) - $102.6 million

This biography drama tells the story of the famous director, Howard Hughes, and his career between the 1920s and 1940s. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Beckinsale, this film also deviates from a lot of Scorsese's work. This movie mainly focuses on Hughes's creation of a new aircraft, and the political consequences that result from it. This story also includes his romance with Katharine Hepburn, and the devastating tale of this man's journey with mental illness. It also won 5 Oscars, so, you might as well watch it.

3 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - $116.9 million

This is a perfect mix of everything Scorsese loves to make - biopics and crime dramas. This movie is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a wealthy stock-broker who gets mixed up in the underground crime world, corruption, and the government. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio (again), Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, and Margot Robbie, this crime biopic is still one of the best ones we've ever seen. The story, acting, and directing are absolutely astounding, and it wasn't nominated at the Oscars for nothing.

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2 Shutter Island (2010) - $128 million

This is truly another crime mystery thriller that will never not be a classic. This film takes place in 1954, and follows a U.S. Marshal as he travels to Shutter Island - a desolate island home to a hospital for the criminally insane. Leonardo DiCaprio is also the star of this one, and he plays the Marshal that is investigating the disappearance of a murderer who has escaped from the institution. This movie will probably hurt your brain, but we promise it's in the best possible way. If you want to feel absolutely bamboozled by a film, here you go.

1 The Departed (2006) - $132.4 million

Alright, we get it, Scorsese loves Leonardo DiCaprio, and these films do super well at the box office. This one is no different. Starring Leo, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, this crime drama thriller follows an undercover cop and a mole in the police force as they try and identify one another. The catch, though, is that they're trying to do so while infiltrating an Irish gang in Boston. This movie is a classic, and with 4 Oscars under its belt, we definitely think you should go watch (or hopefully just re-watch) this film right now.

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