The 10 Highest-Grossing Jennifer Aniston Movies Of All-Time

Jennifer Aniston is a national treasure and one of America's true sweethearts. She radiates joy and kindness, with her beauty and talent helping to make her a megastar all around the world. While Aniston will always be best known for her role as Rachel on the hit television show, Friends, she has had an incredibly impressive career since the show's end, bursting into the movie world.

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Aniston has mainly stayed in the comedy field, and she has been part of some incredibly successful projects, with several of her movies becoming massively popular, and within this article, we will rank her 10 highest-grossing films of all time.

10 Office Christmas Party (Box Office: $115 Million)

Office Christmas Party grossed $115 million at the box office, making it one of Jennifer Aniston's highest-grossing films to date, despite the fact it isn't the first thing people think of when it comes to her. Christmas movies always tend to do well at the box office, especially if they star major names such as Aniston, Jason Bateman and T.J. Miller, as this did.

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Here, Aniston attempts to shut down her brother's branch, while he and his technical officer attempt to host the greatest Christmas party ever in order to impress a client and lock in a sale to stop it from happening.

9 The Bounty Hunter (Box Office: $136 Million)

Here, Jennifer Aniston starred alongside Gerard Butler, and despite the film being critically panned (having just a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), The Bounty Hunter still managed to gross $136 million at the box office. 

Butler plays a bounty hunter who believes his fortune is about to change when gets asked to bring in his ex-wife (Aniston), which he believes will be an easy job. However, it turns out to be anything but that as the pair end up on the run for their lives, which forces them to team up.

8 Along Came Polly (Box Office: $172 Million)

A classic romantic comedy, it's no surprise that Along Came Polly made $172 million at the box office, with this being a fantastic movie that has remained popular to this day.

While the romance between Ben Stiller's Reuben Feffer and Debra Messing's Lisa Kramer might seem perfect at the start, when she cheats on him during their honeymoon, it is clear they're not meant to last. After attending a party, Stiller meets Polly, played by Aniston who is a former classmate and from there a journey of romance begins, with the pair having excellent on-screen chemistry.

7 He's Just Not That Into You (Box Office: $179 Million)

Next up on the list is, He's Just Not That Into You which is another popular romantic comedy that has a very star-studded cast with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore all starring in it. The movie focuses on a group of friends and lovers who are trying to navigate their way through their relationships, with three different women all having different problems at the time.

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The movie has a great mix of comedy and emotion which has some serious ups and downs throughout but clearly connected with audiences as it made $179 million at the box office. 

6 The Break-Up (Box Office: $205 Million)

Another romantic comedy that Jennifer Aniston was part of was The Break-Up, which was released back in 2006, earning $205 million at the box office as Aniston starred alongside Vince Vaughn. The pair are in a struggling relationship at the start of the movie, and eventually decide to, as the title would suggest, break-up and call it quits, yet neither of them is prepared to actually leave their shared condo.

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The pair then wind up being hostile roommates, pulling different tricks and pranks on the other to try and make them cave and move out, with neither wanting to budge.

5 Horrible Bosses (Box Office: $210 Million)

Horrible Bosses is one of the movies that Jennifer Aniston is best known for. Her role as a sex-obsessed dentist certainly got people talking. Aniston plays a very different style character to what she normally does.

The film's plot sees the three main characters trying to get rid of their horrible bosses, which leads to hilarious antics taking place, with the movie grossing $210 million at the box office as well as having a successful sequel.

4 Just Go With It (Box Office: $215 Million)

Jennifer Aniston has teamed up with Adam Sandler on multiple occasions, with the most successful time coming from the movie, Just Go With It, which made an incredible $215 million at the box office. The romantic comedy saw Aniston play Danny Maccabee's (Sandler) assistant, Katherine, who ends up having to pose as his soon-to-be-ex-wife, as he tries to marry Palmer, who is the girl of his dreams.

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However, things end up becoming complicated as the pair quickly realize that they actually have feelings for each other that are more than just being friends.

3 Marley & Me (Box Office: $243 Million)

Marley & Me is an incredibly popular movie, that was an instant hit at the box office, earning $243 million with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson having brilliant chemistry in this emotional film. While Aniston and Wilson put in some splendid performances, the success of the movie all came down to the dog, Marley, which won over audiences. The film showed them as a newly married couple with a puppy to dealing with the tragedy of Marley passing away.

The film highlighted how important a role that a dog can play and that easily connected with audiences, hence why the film did so well.

2 We're The Millers (Box Office: $270 Million)

We're The Millers was yet another very successful comedy that Jennifer Aniston was part of, earning $270 million at the box office, and is one of the funniest movies that Aniston has ever been part of. Aniston stars alongside Jason Sudeikis who winds up in major debt to a drug supplier and is forced to head to Mexico in order to pick up the shipment himself.

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He then decides to create a fake family and use an RV to try and get away with the idea, which leads to a hilarious road trip style movie that is fully of ups and downs.

1 Bruce Almighty (Box Office: $485 Million)

When it comes to the most successful movie of Jennifer Aniston's career so far, it is Bruce Almighty that takes the top prize with the comedy film grossing a mammoth $485 million at the box office. Jim Carrey is the main character who complains to God for how he is treated, leading to God (played by Morgan Freeman) contacting him and offering him all of his powers.

While Aniston isn't the main star of the movie, she plays a key role, and the result was a very funny movie. It led to a sequel, Evan Almighty. 

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