The 10 Highest-Grossing Emma Stone Movies Of All Time

Emma Stone is an incredibly popular actress who has had a fantastic career already. With a varied filmography and having dipped into several different genres, she has proven how versatile she is as an actress.

While she has acted in different genres, she has also been successful in them, proving just how talented she is with her performances often being praised by fans and critics alike, always coming across incredibly personable.

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At the box office, Stone's movies tend to do incredibly well, hence why she is never short of work, and within this article, we will be ranking her 10 highest-grossing movies in terms of their lifetime gross at the box office.

10 Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (Box Office: $55,250,026)

For Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past only being Emma Stone's fourth major motion picture, the fact that it was able to earn as much money as it did was incredibly impressive.

The film takes on the similar plotline to A Christmas Carol past, which has become a classic during the festive period, except, this takes place the night before a Wedding Day, offering a comedic twist to the story.

The movie follows the same plot, taking Matthew McConaghy's character to his past relationships, one which just so happens to be with Emma Stone's character, creating some fantastic laughs along the way.

9 Easy A (Box Office: $58,401,464)

Easy A is one of those movies that is incredibly easy to watch and has huge repeat viewing possibilities as the film doesn't take itself too seriously, yet at the same time has a fun storyline and is hilarious.

On just an $8 million budget, this movie made an incredible profit, with a large part being down to Emma Stone's fantastic work as the lead character, playing Olive Penderghast, who ruins her reputation with a serious rumor.

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The movie is one that has reached cult status with incredible GIFs keeping the film alive on social media, years after it was created, which is why it has gone down as one of Stone's most popular films.

8 Zombieland (Box Office: $75, 590,286)

Zombie movies have been done to death (pun not intended), in Hollywood, with the same depressing tone being brought to each one, which is one of the reasons why Zombieland was so successful.

Adding some humor to the idea of the worlds apocalypse was a refreshing change, and the chemistry all the main characters had certainly helped with Zombieland becoming an instant hit amongst viewers.

With Zombieland's sequel just about to be released, it is going to be interesting to see whether or not the movie can beat its original, as the film certainly exceeded many expectations originally.

7 Crazy, Stupid, Love (Box Office: $84, 351, 197)

The fact that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone had such fantastic chemistry on-screen in LaLa Land later on in their careers is likely down to their work together in Crazy, Stupid, Love, which was a major hit upon its release.

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The film, where the plot saw Ryan Gosling's smooth character attempt to teach Steve Carrell how to pick up women was absolutely hilarious, with Gosling's character eventually falling in love with Stone's.

The big reveal at the end about Stone's connection with Carrell's character was fantastic and for a movie that was jam-packed with laughs, it also had plenty of heart as well.

6 Superbad (Box Office: $121,463,226)

Superbad was Emma Stone's first major acting credit in the movie business, and she was quick to burst onto the scene with a movie that made over $100,000,000 in its lifetime at the box office.

It was within this movie that Stone became an instant hit amongst moviegoers, with Stone showing the world just how hilarious she could be in one of the funniest movies ever made alongside Jonah Hill.

Stone might not be the main focal point of the film, with the plot of the movie following along the trio of males who don't really have a clue how to navigate life in school, the fact that the film achieved this on a $20 million budget is incredible.

5 LaLa Land (Box Office: $151,101, 803)

Many would consider LaLa Land to be Emma Stone's greatest role to date with Stone showing her full range of talents within this movie, from her singing and dancing to romance, emotion, and love all wrapped up in one role.

The movie is one of the greatest musicals ever made, and Stone is one of the major reasons for that. Her performance is unforgettable and her chemistry with Ryan Gosling works perfectly.

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The film did fantastically well at the box office, which shows just how popular it became, with the soundtrack also being a major hit with those who saw the film at the cinema.

4 The Help (Box Office: $169,708,112)

The next highest-grossing film in Emma Stone's career was the 2011 movie, The Help, which was a period drama and showed yet another layer to Stone's work, as she portrayed aspiring journalist, Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan.

Within the movie Stone's character attempts to exploit the racism that two black maids suffer from the white families they work for, opening up some incredible conversations amongst audiences.

The movie is incredibly moving and emotional, while it also does a great job at breaking down barriers that the black community has faced, with Stone doing a great job in the role.

3 The Croods (Box Office: $187,168,425)

When an animated movie is done well, it will always strike gold at the box office simply due to the family-friendly nature of it, with parents wanting to entertain their children for a while.

Croods is a great example of an animated film that was done very well, with the old-school caveman type story being told, with the characters being brought to life incredibly well by those who voiced them.

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Emma Stone did a fantastic job in this movie as one of the lead roles, clearly putting tons of energy and passion into things in order for it to be a successful film, which it certainly ended up becoming.

2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Box Office: $202, 853,933)

While this movie ended up being the final Spider-Man film with the character outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that doesn't mean that it was a bad film by any stretch of the imagination.

This was a true spectacle, as can be expected with any comic-book movie, with things being pushed to the extreme. Although not everything is connected in Amazing Spider-Man 2, with some moments missing the mark.

Emma Stone has a heartbreaking end in this film, but the reason it was so emotional to many fans was due to the fantastic work she had put in throughout the movie, making audiences connect with her.

1 The Amazing Spider-Man (Box Office: $262,030,663)

While Emma Stone's heartbreaking performance in the sequel to this movie certainly did incredibly well at the box office, it was actually the original Amazing Spider-Man movie that has taken the number one spot of her career so far.

Anytime a new Spider-Man movie is created the world takes notice due to the incredible popularity of the comic book character and this film didn't disappoint, with many believing it is the best movie to feature the web-slinger.

Emma Stone, who portrays Spider-Man's love interest does an incredible job here going back to her days as a teenager in school, with the chemistry between herself and Andrew Garfield being one of the big reasons for the success.

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