Harry Potter: What 20 Of The Castmates Are Up To Today

In the early 2000s, the era of Harry Potter began and the popular franchise ended in 2011. It started Daniel Radcliffe's, Emma Watson's, and Rupert Grint's careers as they were the main leads and they instantly became famous at a young age. Daniel Radcliffe has gone on to do indie films and even Broadway. Watson has been in a lot of movies that reveal a different side to her and Grint turned to war films and Broadway. Harry Potter also had a stellar cast such as Robbie Coltrane who played the lovable Hagrid and Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall.  Most of the actors have kept busy with other projects, but some have been living a low-key life like James and Oliver Phelps who acted as the Weasley twins. They haven't been in much since Harry Potter ended, but they've been at various appearances since they want to keep the Harry Potter fandom alive. 

Matthew Lewis who played Neville Longbottom has had some small parts and he recently got married. Our favorite villains, Draco Malfoy and Lord Voldemort, have also been busy in the industry. Tom Felton maintained his troubled character in other roles and he also has a music career. Ralph Fiennes hasn't been in much, but he's focusing on directing. Even though the films have ended, the fandom will never die.

20 Daniel Radcliffe Goes Indie

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The actor was only a pre-teen when he became a star and everyone wanted to be like Harry. Radcliffe's life changed drastically and for years he portrayed the well-known character. After Potter, Daniel wanted to experience a variety of genres, mainly indie and Broadway. Although, Daniel did act in a rom-com called What If. Radcliffe has been in two Broadway plays and his latest movie is called Beast of Burden. Acting isn't the only thing Daniel does as he also writes poetry under a pen name. Radcliffe advocates for a charity, The Trevor Project, and unwinds by playing fantasy football and rapping.

19 Emma Watson Has Changed

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Every girl inspired to be Hermione Granger because she's smart and has a sassy attitude. Watson was lucky to play the part, especially since it made her famous in Hollywood. After giving up Hermione, Emma has been in roles that show a more mature side. In The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring, Watson played a bad girl and a free spirit. Watson showed her acting abilities in Noah and The Circle as they were two serious roles and she turned into a bigger star with the part of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Besides acting, Emma focuses on raising awareness of gender equality and it just shows Watson can do it all.

18 Rupert Grint Went back in time

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Everyone loves Ron because he has a comedic personality and surprises everyone with his bravery. Grint did a good job portraying the lovable character, and he's been busy since leaving the wizarding world. Like Daniel, Grint wanted to branch into the indie genre which he did in a WWII drama called Into the White. Next up for Rupert is the role of an inspector in the TV mini-series The A.B.C. Murders. It'll be interesting seeing Rupert in a storyline that's dark. Grint hasn't been in many movies since 2015 since he wants to focus more on the small screen.

17 Tom Felton Likes To Play Dark Characters

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In many fantasy stories, you get the heroes and of course the villains. Everyone loves a good and evil storyline. Draco was a villain that you secretly liked even though he was awful to Harry most of the time. Tom did such a good job that he won the Best Villain award at the MTV Movie Award. Felton sticks to the bad boy roles which are evident in the movies The Apparition, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Belle. Tom's latest project was Ophelia and when he's not acting, Felton returns to his other passion which is music. Tom even released four albums.

16 Robbie Coltrane Is Making A Comeback

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Hagrid is one of the most lovable characters in the literary world because he has a heart of gold and isn't afraid to express his emotions. Plus, Hagrid was always there for Harry. Robbie mainly had voice roles such as Brave and Arthur Christmas and acted alongside his former co-stars, Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter in Great Expectations. After that, Coltrane took a break but he's set to make a comeback with a movie and thriller mystery TV series. The long break was due to health issues, and thankfully Robbie is returning to our screens.

15 Maggie Smith In Britain's Favorite Drama queen

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14 Matthew Lewis' Drama Roles

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Neville Longbottom is one of the characters who makes everyone laugh because he had the worst times at Hogwarts due to his clumsy nature. After being a wizard, Lewis chose roles in drama movies and starred in a West End play called Our Boys. In 2016, Matthew acted as Louisa Clarke's boyfriend in Me Before You. In 2018, Lewis' projects include the movie, Terminal, which is another drama, and a British series called Girlfriends. In the series, Matthew is a single dad who lives with his mother under house arrest.

13 Bonnie Wright Started Her Own Production Company


Ginny is the youngest Weasley sibling and most importantly, Harry's partner. In real life, Bonnie prefers being behind the scenes than in front of the cameras, and her primary goals are writing and directing. Wright attended film school and before getting behind the camera, she did have parts in some films like Before I Sleep and After the Dark. In 2012, Bonnie made a debut in directing and screenwriting with the short film, Separate We Come, Separate We Go, and it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Now, Bonnie runs her own production company and directs short films and music videos.

12 Julie Walters is In Box-Office Hits

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Whenever we think of the Weasley family, we always remember Mrs. Weasley because she was continuously cheerful, lovable, and overprotective. Julie is an incredible actress as she has won two awards, a TV BAFTA for Best Actress and an international Emmy Award for her role as Irish Secretary of State Mo Mowlam. In 2012, Walters acted on the stage in the production The Last of the Haussmans. Julie has been very busy as she's been in Paddington 2Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and will be in Mary Poppins Returns. It's an impressive resume and it shows Walters can take on any role.

11 Micheal Gambon's BBC Roles

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Professor Dumbledore is one of the most beloved characters and many of us cried when he died. Gambon took over the role in 2002 because the original Dumbledore, Richard Harris, sadly passed away. Micheal has been really busy over the years and he's mainly been in BBC series. In 2012, Gambon did stage acting but quit in 2015 due to age issues. Since 2015, Micheal has been in small-screen series such as Luck and The Casual Vacancy. Last year, Michael was in two movies, Victoria and Abdul and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and this year he'll be in the biopic Judy.

10 Ralph Fiennes' Complex Characters

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Throughout the series, Lord Voldemort's main goal was to destroy Harry, and everyone rejoiced when the evil wizard finally died in Deathly Hallows. Ralph did a fantastic job portraying one of the most villainous characters as he likes to act the intense and obsessive parts, and he always manages to pull it off. Fiennes can portray different characters which he proved in A Bigger Splash. Before Harry Potter, Ralph was in a few box-office hits such as Schindler's List and The English Patient, but now he's focusing more on directing. This year, we will get to see Ralph's directing abilities in the biography drama The White Crow.

9 James and Oliver Phelps Keep Harry Potter Alive

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The last movie was in 2011, and it's now 2018, so you would think that people would be over the franchise. Super fans keep the popularity alive, though, and so do James and Oliver. The twins played the famous Weasley twins and after ditching the wizard robes, they made an appearance as brothers in an episode of Kingdom. In 2015, the twins wanted to work separately on different projects and James had a leading role in Patchwork. Lately, the Phelp twins have been quiet and have only been making public appearances at conferences to help fans stay connected with Harry Potter.

8 Helena Bonham Carter Is Busy This Year

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The actress who played Bellatrix Lestrange in the last three instalments, Helena, is known for her strange and villainous roles which is why she was a perfect choice for Bellatrix. Carter is a well-known actress and has been in hits such as Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Fight Club. Helena also likes roles in Disney movies as she played the fairy godmother in the Cinderella live action and the Red Queen in the live action Alice in Wonderland. This year, Carter has made a massive change, though, with her role in Ocean's 8 and joining the cast of The Crown.

7 Mark Williams Joins A Cartoon Movie


Mr. Weasley was the head of the family and believed in equality of magical and muggle folk. Mark has mainly been in TV series since the franchise ended and presented the documentaries Mark Williams’ Big Bangs (a history of explosives) and Industrial Revelations. Mark also presented a daytime show called The Link. In 2013, Mark became the star of the show Father Brown, which had a long run as it ended this year. In 2016, Williams returned to movies with his roles in Golden Years. This year, Mark voices a character in the drama and fantasy movie Early Man. Williams hasn't been in much, but he likes it that way.

6 Fiona Shaw Directs Opera

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Before Harry left for Hogwarts, he had to endure living with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Petunia never hid her feelings about Harry, and she had her reasons for the resentment. After Harry Potter, Fiona has been busy with a variety of jobs. The majority of them have been parts in TV series and 2017 was a busy year for Shaw. Fiona also directs opera plays and last year she was nominated for MedeaShaw's latest project is Carolyn Martens in the series Killing Eve. It's a taking charge role as Carolyn is the head of the Russian desk of MI6.

5 Emma Thompson Returns To The Big Screen

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Professor Sybill Trelawney is one of the quirkiest characters of the series because of her personality and prophecies. Trelawney was only in three of the movies, but her character was memorable. Emma, who acted as Trelawney, is a very well-known actress and has been in many box-office movies. Thompson has a few films lined up this year and next year which is keeping her busy. Emma will play a prime minister in Johnny English Strikes Again which will be released later this year. In May, Thompson was spotted on the set of her latest film Late Night which is based on a talk show host.

4 Shirley Henderson Is A Stage Triumph

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No one can forget Moaning Myrtle. Myrtle wasn't in all of the movies, but she was a significant character. Shirley did an excellent job playing a ghost and her other performances have always been impressive. Henderson is also known for her role in the Bridget Jones movie as she is one of Bridget's friend. Last year, Shirley won an Olivier Award for her stage performance in Girl From The North Country. In Henderson's latest movie Never Steady, Never Still, she acts like a woman who has Parkinson's. The reviews all praise Shirley's performance.

3 Domhnall Gleeson Made It Big


Bill Weasley didn't have as much screen time as his brothers, but over the years, Gleeson has had a lot of screen time, especially this year. In 2017, Domhnall played A.A Milne in the biopic Goodbye Christopher Robin and this year returned to an old classic, Peter Rabbit. Later this year, Gleeson's latest movie, The Little Stranger, will be released. It's a thriller and it's a different character for Domhnall as he plays a troubled doctor. Gleeson has come a long way since Harry Potter as he played General Hux in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. 

2 David Thewlis' Hectic Schedule

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Remus Lupin was the professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts and helped Harry conjure a corporeal Patronus. After ditching the wand, David has been busy as he's been in a few movies. Thewlis' latest movie was Wonder Women, and he played the part, Sir Richard. At the moment, David is focusing on TV shows instead of film as he's set to act in a new psychological thrillerThe Feed, which will be released globally next year. David admitted he'll be in the latest Avatar films but they'll only be in cinemas in the next few years. Thewlis won't be out of work for a while.

1 Imelda Staunton Quits Theatre

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Professor Dolores Jane Umbridge was the Ministry of Magic and became headmistress of Hogwarts after Dumbledore was fired. Dolores was mean, and no one liked her. Imelda portrayed the authoritative character very well, but after Harry, she did theatre work more than film and TV. Earlier this year, Staunton stated she'd left the stage for more screen time, and her latest film is Finding Your Feet. It's a comedy-drama, which Imelda does best. Staunton's next film will be Maleficent 2 which doesn't have a release date yet. Imelda doesn't have any other roles, but the filming of Maleficent 2 began this year, so she's still keeping busy.

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