Fast And Furious: Every Cast Member's Net Worth

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The Fast and the Furious is one of the most popular film franchises in the 21st century because of the fast cars and action-packed storylines. Some of the actors have been with the series since the beginning like Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. Former wrestler and famous actor Dwayne Johnson joined the cast in the fifth installment and is now one of the main characters.

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Each actor has other projects which add to their impressive net worth, and thankfully there's always a new Fast and the Furious movie seemingly just around the corner. The franchise won't end any time in the near future, and the stars will keep earning.

10 Dwayne Johnson - $280 Million

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The former wrestler didn't make big bucks in the past, but when he joined the acting career, he hit the big time. 'The Rock' earns millions each year. $280 million is a lot of money, and it's all thanks to the movie roles Johnson chooses. He mainly plays an action hero and also likes comedy roles such as Central Intelligence and Jumanji.

Dwayne joined the cast in Fast 5 and is now a recurring member. It's a busy year for Dwayne as he's filming the latest Fast and Furious and Jumanji. It'll add more dollars to his bank account.

9 Vin Diesel - $200 Million

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This action hero is a fan favorite because of good his looks and his bad boy vibe in Fast and the Furious. He's not only an actor, but also a producer, director, and screenwriter. It explains Vin's impressive bank account. Besides Fast and the Furious, Vin has acted in other action packed movies since the 2000s.

Lately, he decided to do voice acting as well. Vin joined Marvel as he was in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Avengers: Endgame as the lovable tree, Groot. In the future, Vin will be busy with more Fast and Furious movies.

8 Charlize Theron - $130 Million

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She hasn't been a recurring cast member like the others, but Theron joined the cast in Fate of the Furious. She plays a villain and hacker. It's still unclear if Charlize will be in the 9th one, but fans hope so. The Oscar winner has been in a lot of movies over the years, and lately she's broadened her horizons with roles in dramas such as Tully.

They're not always box office hits, but she likes to act in different genres. Charlize isn't slowing down, which is why her net worth is impressive.

7 Jason Statham - $50 Million

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Jason Statham is a well-known action actor, and all his roles consist of saving the day or being the villain. It's surprising that his 2019 net worth is $50 million, but he's taking lesser roles as he gets older. Jason joined the cast in Furious 7 and is now a recurring character.

The only recent movie Statham was in is The Meg, and it didn't do so well in the box office. Luckily, Jason will be in the 9th installment, which will increase his paycheck.

6 Michelle Rodriguez - $30 Million

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Although it's not as impressive as the two lead actors, Michelle still makes millions. Besides the franchise, she doesn't act in much and when she does it's short roles or non-box office hits. Michelle was in short clips, such as The Limit and 2031.

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Michelle likes to play the tough girl, which is why she'll always return to Letty and it ensures she gets a millionaire paycheck. Her net worth will keep rising as it looks like Fast and the Furious won't end anytime soon.

5 Tyrese Gibson - $10 Million

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He has one of the less net worth among the cast, but Tyrese sings more than acts. He has more albums than movie roles. He's been making albums since 2001 but hasn't had a release since 2015. It seems he's taking a break from singing.

Tyrese's main movie roles have been Fast and the Furious, and he was a character since the second installment. Gibson will reprise his role as Roman again in the latest, which is filming now. Besides Fast and the Furious, Tyrese starred in two Transformer movies.

4 Ludacris - $25 Million

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Besides acting, Ludacris is a well-known rapper and has had hits on the music charts. He has an impressive resume as he also produces and sings songs for tv series soundtracks such as Big Bang Theory. Ludacris joined the cast on Fast Five as Tej, and it's still unclear if he will feature in the 9th one.

Ludacris's other claim is music videos, he's been in a lot including with Justin Bieber on his hit song, Baby.

3 Jordana Brewster - $12 Million

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This actress has been part of the franchise since day one as Mia. Her character is Vin Diesel's sister, and she was romantically involved with Brian (Paul Walker). She will be in Fast and Furious Hobbs & Shaw. Her popular movie roles are the franchise and horrors such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

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Jordana has had small roles in tv series like Chuck, American Crime Story, and Dark Blue. In Dallas, she featured in 43 episodes. Jordana prefers living the Hollywood life without so much fame but Fast and the Furious has made her earn millions.

2 Gal Gadot - $10 Million

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A few years ago no one knew who Gal was because her career was just starting. Gadot joined the cast in Fast & Furious as Gisele. Her last role in the franchise was Furious 7. Gal has a bad girl attitude acting skill like Michelle, and since giving up on Gisele, she became a superhero wonder.

Gal portrayed Diana in the popular movie, Wonder Woman. Gal is currently busy with Wonder Woman 1984. Her net worth should increase as she continues to rise to stardom over the next few years.

1 Kurt Russell - $70 Million

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He only joined the cast as Mr. Nobody in Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious. Kurt does have a lavish millionaire lifestyle because of the roles he's been taking. He played a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and will be in a new movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. It sounds like it'll be a box office hit. Kurt chooses his movies wisely as he brings in big dollars.

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