The Highest-Grossing Live-Action Disney Movies, Ranked

Throughout the years, Disney has managed to tell timeless stories that have become part of almost everyone's childhood. In the last few years, the public has seen several live-action versions of these movies: Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King are among the highest-grossing Disney movies in 2019.

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The live-action films are a smart move from Disney. They bring millions of adults who grew up watching Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, or Sleeping Beauty and are curious to see the new version. The characters also have a stronger personality, and the princesses are no longer so fragile, which is what attracts the new generation.

Keep scrolling and find out the ten highest-grossing live-action movies produced by Disney so far.

10 Alice Through The Looking Glass -$299 Million

Alice Through the Looking Glass was released in 2016. It followed the Alice in Wonderland, that was a success among the public, but not with the critics.

Directed by Tim Burton, that has a successful partnership with Disney studios, it has brought back Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice. The actress loved to play Alice again.

"Well, she’s just had her years of traveling, and feeling really fantastic, and in charge, and empowered", Wasikowska told Collider. "Then, she comes back to England and realizes the expectations of her at this point are really low. Then, when she ends up back in Underland, she has everything reaffirmed for her again and is able to come back into the real world and approach it in a very authentic way."

9 101 Dalmatians - Over $320 Million

Although Disney is investing a lot on live actions remakes in recent years, many people forget their first attempt was in 1996 with 101 Dalmatians. They have cast the award-winning actress Glenn Close to play Cruella de Vil, the villain who wants to make a fur coat with the dalmatians. The movie was a success and made $320,689,294 all over the world.

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"The animals were smarter than many people I've worked with," she told The Washington Post. "The worse part was that from then on, I had to wear that coat, which was about 90 pounds, and be totally slimed for every shot and every scene. And the wig. God! It was like a cow pie. They put it in the refrigerator overnight to keep it from spoiling because it also had eggs in it."

8 Dumbo - Over $344 Million

Disney released the first version of Dumbo in 1941. For the remake, the studios invested $170 million and cast A-list names like Colin Farrell, Eva Green and Danny DeVito. Tim Burton directed the movie. It had a $344,684,459 worldwide box office

"I had wanted to work with Tim for a long time, I had been a fan of his for even longer than I've been an actor," Farrell told The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet. "To be in proximity to the power of his imagination and to see it physically manifest itself with grass and tents and horses and all of these circus performers was an extraordinary thing to be a part of, and of course with a story that has as much heart as this one has."

7 Cinderella - $5,435 Million

In 2015, Disney released the live-action of Cinderella, one of their most iconic movies. They have cast Lily James as Cinderella, Cate Blanchet as the evil stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother.

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The movie was a success among critics and the public. It made $543,5 million all over the world and introduced a new version of Cinderella, that has a stronger character and more personality than the original version.

An important thing to notice when it comes to Princess on the Disney live-action movies: they are not just waiting for someone to save them.

6 Maleficent - $7,585 Million

Maleficent was one of the highest-grossing live-action movies produced by Disney. The plot itself is already exciting and tells the history of Aurora from the Maleficent perspective. But cast Angelina Jolie to play the villain was the best choice they made.

"The original was done so well, and her voice was so great, and the way she was animated was so perfect that, if anything, I just was worried that I'd fail the original", Jolie told Collider. "But, I practiced a lot with my children. When I got them laughing, I figured that I was on to something.

Maleficent 2 will be released in October 2019.

5 The Jungle Book - $966 Million

The Jungle Book made $966 million in 2017. The animated version of Rudyard Kipling's was released in 1967, but the most recent film version is more similar to the book. The characters have a stronger personality and they have more layers.

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Neel Sethi, who played Mogli, impressed the critics. He never acted before, but Sethi was very comfortable playing the character "I did all those physical things like running and jumping and all that stuff before this movie because I'm very athletic", he told Monster & Critics. "It wasn't that much of a change.

4 Alice In Wonderland - Over $1 Billion

Alice in Wonderland was released in 1951. It is a surprise to think that Disney waited until 2010 to bring a live-action version to the big screen since there are several other versions produced by other studios.

Tim Burton directed the movie and he said that he never loved the other live-action versions of Alice. His version made over $1 million.

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"Well, there's been so many versions and for me, I'd never seen a version that I really liked so I didn't feel like there was a definitive version to me that we were fighting against," Burton told Collider. "And also, I liked what Linda did with the script. She almost treated this story like how the Alice material has affected us, at least for me."

3  Aladdin - $1 Billion

Aladdin is one of the most ambitious Disney production. It brought Will Smith as the Genie - and he is one of the best things of the movie. The movie made over $1 billion all over the world.

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Smith also had a lot of fun while filming it. "I got to do everything I know how to do in this movie. I got to act and it was comedy and beautiful dramatic scenes, I got to sing, I got to rap, I got to dance, I got to do action sequences", Smith told Entertainment Week. "It was everything that I've trained and learned how to do over the last 30 years of entertainment and I got to it use all in playing the Genie."

2 Beauty And The Beast -$1,264 Billion

The history of Belle and the Beast has captivated children for generations. Belle, the curious girl who wanted to discover the world and study, was different from the other Disney Princesses. Of course, there was a prince, but for the first time, he was the one who needed help.

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The live-action version, released in 2017, brought Emma Watson as Belle. “I think that I just feel really lucky. For me, Belle was my childhood heroine." Watson told Time. "The animated original] came out two days after I was born,” she said. “And then, in my early teens, it was about idolizing Hermione. So to be given the chance to play my two childhood idols is probably a very unique and rare experience for an actress.”

The movie made $1,264 billion.

1 The Lion King - $1.2 Billion (At Time Of This Writing)

The Lion King had a $1.2 billion box office so far, more than Captain Marvel. The movie is still on the cinemas, so don't be surprised it breaks more records in the coming weeks. The critics and the public loved the film and it might be the most successful Disney remake of all times.

The live-action version of Lion King managed to bring together a dream cast that includes names like Beyonce, Donald Glover and Chiwetel Ejiofor. It is also important to highlight that most of the voices behind the characters are from black actors, which makes this movie even more remarkable.

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