Disney Has Raked In Over $7 Billion From Remakes over The Last 9 Years

Disney knows how to profit off nostalgia and, over the last nine years, they've made quite the killing on live-action remakes.

According to CNBC, the company has raked in over $7 billion during the aforementioned timespan, despite the criticism they sometimes receive over their penchant for bringing old classics back.

Disney has been on the end of a bit of stick - just a bit - for their love of a reboot but, so far, there's been no reason to stop. For one, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and, more importantly, they're reeling in lots of cash.

The latest remake, The Lion King, hasn't been out that long and is a few days away from reaching $1 billion at the box office on a worldwide scale - so yeah, no incentive to quit on that front.

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The entertainment magnates have made a killing strictly off remakes since 2010 and they're set to make even more as there are several more inbound, while they recently purchased Fox.

Below are the figures for the company's top remakes, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) - $1.263 billion

Alice in Wonderland (2010) - $1.02 billion

Aladdin (2019) - $1.00 billion (and counting)

The Jungle Book (2016) - $966.6 million

The Lion King (2019) - $962.7 million (and counting)

Maleficent (2014) - $758.5 million

Cinderella (2015) - $543.5 million

Ox The great and Powerful (2013) - $493.3 million

Dumbo (2019) - $352.9 Million

The Lion King will pass The Jungle Book by this time next week and, as mentioned above, there's plenty more where that came from.

The most anticipated Disney remakes include Mulan, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Hunchback of Notre Dame, James and the Giant Peach, Lilo and Stitch, among several others.

If they're anything similar to the likes of The Lion King et al, these releases will make Disney a whole lot of money.

One might wonder why not just watch the old movies? They're easily accessible and pretty much go by the same plot, just without what made them feel like they had souls. Persons who grew up having seen the classics will likely never forget the way their emotions were stirred - and we'll presume that it's more than they can say for their kids who only know the remakes.

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