Rumor: Denzel Washington To Play Magneto In The MCU

Kevin Feige has revealed that the X-Men will be rebooted in the MCU, and rumor has it Denzel Washington will assume the role of Magneto.

For the uninitiated, Marvel movies and which universes they take place in can get pretty confusing. There's the incredibly popular MCU, which is different from the original Spider-Man trilogy, which is again separate from the world in which the X-Men exist. However, Deadpool exists in the same universe as the X-Men, as does Venom...we think.

Like we said, confusing. Plus, don't get us started on the tiff over the movie rights to Spider-Man that currently has MCU fans up in arms. Let us instead focus on the aforementioned X-Men. Chances are the franchise has all but run its course, at least in the way we currently know it. The New Mutants has been pushed back again, and even if it does ever hit theaters, it will be the beginning of a new dawn for the mutants.

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Since the MCU is owned by Disney, and Disney now owns Fox, fans have questioned whether we could soon see the X-Men team up with the likes of Black Panther and Thor. Well, apparently so. At least that's what Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige has revealed. We Got This Covered reported that Feige admitted the X-Men are coming to the MCU, but they are still years away.

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Apparently, the earliest we will likely see mutants start showing up in the MCU is during Doctor Strange 2, which is slated for release May 2021. It will not be connected to the current X-Men universe in any way, and feature all-new actors playing roles we have come familiar with. We don't know much on that front other than a rumor that Denzel Washington will play Magneto. Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito is also on the shortlist to play the Marvel baddie reports Zack Stentz (via Screen Rant).

That is definitely a casting choice we would love to see come to fruition. Becoming a part of the MCU is the hottest ticket in town for any actor, and Washington is one of the few big names who is yet to join the franchise. Plus, Magneto would be a great part to play. Chances are it will be a long time before the Marvel villain is ever killed off. So if Washington is cast as Magneto, we could well be seeing a lot of him in upcoming Marvel movies.

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