Deadpool Actor Ryan Reynolds Reveals Meeting With Marvel Amid Uncertainty Over Character's Future

Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter to reveal having visited Marvel Studios this week.

The actor, who plays unconventional superhero Deadpool, probably knows a lot we're yet to find out as it relates to his future as the chatty character but he stopped short of sharing.

Marvel Studios has also kept how Deadpool will fit into the MCU following Disney's takeover of 20th Century Fox under wraps so far. But it appears that the ball is already rolling.

Reynolds jokingly announced having auditioned for the role of "Anthony Stark" in his tweet on Monday evening, adding that he was tasered afterward.

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The actor did not explain his reason for being at Marvel and what the result of his meeting was but it's quite likely he discussed Deadpool's future. Of course, there's hardly a concern over Deadpool getting killed off - it's kinda impossible to kill him anyway. But Disney CEO Bob Iger has already assured fans that the character will remain a vital part of the franchise in the wake of the Fox purchase. Additionally, Fox Marvel franchises like X-Men and Fantastic Four are set for reboots.

Where Deadpool is concerned, the transition would be pretty easy as the character is well aware of his existence as a comic book movie character. However, there's also the fact that he's pretty R-Rated.

The first film took years for Fox to get it approved based on the nature and it was given a small budget but it went on to gross $783 million worldwide. The sequel Deadpool 2, grossed $785 million on a worldwide scale. Disney has recognized that the franchise is too valuable to cut and will likely explore ways to make it even more valuable.

There are several options as it pertains to the franchise's future. A Deadpool 3 sticks out as the most obvious way forward but, now that the Disney+ streaming service has become a thing, the character could be given his own series.

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