Crispin Glover Won't Do A Back to the Future Reunion

Crispin Glover's ugly breakup from the Back to the Future series has been well-documented, and the man who portrayed the beloved George McFly character doesn't seem interested in patching things up.

The cast from the popular Robert Zemeckis trilogy has reunited on several occasions, but Glover doesn't have the desire to take part in one, due to his fractured working relationship with Back to the Future producer and writer Bob Gale.

In an interview with Collider Live! (h/t Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb), Glover said that Gale has spread numerous lies about him. As such, you shouldn't expect to see George McFly with Marty, Lorraine, Doc and Biff in any future reunion.

"(Gale) lies about things, he really does, and I had to respond to certain lies," Glover said. He was doing things essentially justifying the illegal actions he did...he kind of keeps pushing the boundary every five years. In fact, I sent him a cease and desist order last time...He's the only (producer) that does it, but because he's the producer/writer, people actually listened and believed him, but he's a liar."

Glover didn't end up reprising his role in the two Back to the Future sequels, with Gale suggesting that it was because of his salary demands. Glover's version of George McFly appeared in scenes from the first film that were used for Back to the Future Part II.

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Actor Jeffrey Weissman replaced Glover as George for the two sequels. The crew worked extensively to make Weissman's version of George resemble the one portrayed by Glover. This led to the latter suing Back to the Future producers, claiming that they didn't receive his permission to use Glover's likeness.

Glover also added that some folks still think he appeared in the BTTF sequels, while adding he wasn't pleased with "the performance that that person did." Even though Glover acknowledged that he could receive a nice payday if he did the reunions, he simply won't do it. This is because Glover fears he would then be promoting people believing that I'm this bad actor."

Talk to any Back to the Future fan, and many will happily refer to George as their favorite character. But the breakup between Glover and Gale was an ugly one that occurred three decades ago, and at this point, there's no reason to believe that they're ready to bury the hatchet.

So Back to the Future fans better enjoy and embrace any cast reunion that happens from here on out, even if it will never feel complete without Glover.

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