Elaine's Townhouse Used In "Seinfeld" Hits Open Market

The luxurious Chelsea, New York townhouse that belonged to Elaine Benes - portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus - from Seinfeld is now for sale, and it's going to cost the buyer a pretty penny.

According to The Wall Street Journal (h/t Claudia Harmata of People), owners Harry Azorin and Lori Monson are selling the house for a listed price of $8.65 million. They bought the house for $950,000 in 1995, during the peak of the beloved '90s sitcom.

This home was built in 1839, and it includes six bedrooms, six fireplaces. According to the listing, the interior measured 4,730 square feet. There are five floors in the home, and it also comes with a garden and fountain.

It should be noted that only the exterior of the 408th West 20th Street apartment was used for the show. The interior that you see in Seinfeld is completely different from the apartment that's on the open market.

Monson said that the Seinfeld crew didn't had completed most of its filming once they obtained the townhouse. She added that production came to film pieces for the series finale. And yes, Monson said some folks would come by and ask if it was "Elaine's house."

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Although Seinfeld was based in New York, it was actually mainly filmed in Los Angeles - at Universtal Studios Hollywood and the CBS Studio Center in Studio City. The exterior of Jerry's apartment was also in New York, but the interior was filmed in Los Angeles.

Louis-Dreyfus appeared in all nine seasons of Seinfeld, and her character appeared in 172 of the 180 episodes. She was absent from the show's pilot as well as "The Trip," a two-part episode in season four.

Jerry's character appears in all 180 episodes, while George Costanza (Jason Alexander) appears in all except "The Pen." Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), missed two episodes, also failing to appear in "The Pen". He was also absent from "The Chinese Restaurant," the second episode in season two.

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