Captain Marvel's Absence From Phase 4 Of The MCU Is All Spider-Man's Fault

We've been wondering why we haven't heard anything about Captain Marvel 2. Turns out Carol Danvers' absence might be the fault of Spider-Man.

The tug-of-war between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man rages on. At least we hope it does. We'd hate to think Disney has simply given up on the web-slinger being a part of the MCU going forward. Whether Spidey is a part of Phase 4 or not, the MCU is indeed carrying on. Marvel and Disney has made that abundantly clear via a wealth of announcements.

Black Panther and Doctor Strange are getting sequels, The Eternals will be entering the fray, and the fourth phase will kick off with a Black Widow prequel in May 2020. However, conspicuous by her absence is Captain Marvel. The MCU has mapped out its movies and TV shows all the way up until the summer of 2022, but Captain Marvel 2 is nowhere to be seen.

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According to Cosmic Book News, Marvel's absence is the fault of Spider-Man. Apparently, the original plan was for Danvers to be the face of the MCU and the Avengers, replacing Iron Man. Due to fans reportedly not taking to Marvel like they have done other heroes, referring to her as stiff and lacking that famous MCU comic relief, she was going to be paired up with Tom Holland who already has that down to a tee.

via Cosmic Book News

The odd couple partnership would have seen Marvel make Spidey the butt of her jokes. She is the more powerful hero after all. That would also play into the fact that Disney is attempting to make Phase 4 the era of the female superhero. It's kicking off with Black Widow, and will also introduce Natalie Portman as Female Thor. As of right now, it will be lacking its most powerful female hero of all.

The theory makes sense, and if the Spidey situation can't be resolved, the MCU might lose out on more than just Peter Parker. It also makes us question how long Disney knew that they wouldn't be able to reach a deal with Sony. Marvel played a much smaller part in Avengers: Endgame than we expected her to. However, if Disney did know as far back as that, why did Spider-Man: Far From Home end on what has now become the most frustrating cliffhanger of all time?

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