The Avengers Franchise: Every Cast Member's Net Worth

The Avengers franchise is something that nobody ever expected to be on the big screen thirty years ago when it was nothing more than a comic book, but Marvel's Cinematic Universe helped to create the incredible cast of characters.

Seeing all of the worlds most famous superheroes all in one movie created a spectacle, unlike nothing the movie world has seen before, with the latest movie, Avengers: End Game becoming the highest-grossing film in history.

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With the movies grossing incredible sums of money, it is no surprise that the actors were then paid incredible wages for their work, all helping them grow huge net worths, and within this article, we will take a look at those net worths of the Avengers cast.

10 Mark Ruffalo (Net Worth: $30 Million)


One of the most popular Avengers cast members, Mark Ruffalo (the king of the spoiler), has done an amazing job portraying Hulk, which has traditionally been a very tough character to get right.

It isn't easy to make a massive monster feel likeable and loveable, yet Ruffalo's performances have always done that, bringing fantastic humor into Hulk which nobody ever thought would happen.

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Ruffalo is a fantastic actor who has grown a net worth of $40 million, and the fact he has worked major action movies and very serious dramas alongside each other shows his true talents as an actor.

9 Chris Pratt (Net Worth: $40 Million)

Chris Pratt has had an unbelievable few years as far as his acting career has gone, being able to land major roles in countless huge franchises, from Jurassic World to the Lego Movies to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

There is no surprise Pratt has developed a net worth of $40 million which is a number that is certainly going to rise as he continues to be cast in major lead roles in the movie world as one of the most popular male actors around right now.

Starlord is a fantastic character in his own bubble, but when you place him into the Avengers world it is simply turned up a notch, having him interact with other top characters.

8 Jeremy Reyner (Net Worth: $50 Million)

Many people often joke that Hawkeye was the weakest Avenger, and while he did only have a bow and arrow and never got his own movie like the majority of the other stars, he certainly proved himself to be a major character and a pivotal role in the film.

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Jeremy Reyner has always done a fantastic job with the character, bring plenty of heart to the role all while keeping the character fairly mysterious which has left many fans wanting to learn more about him.

While Reyner has been a massive part of the Marvel world, he has had an incredible career as an actor, including being involved in the Mission Impossible franchise, helping him earn a net worth of $50 million. 

7 Chris Evans (Net Worth: $50 Million)

It is actually quite surprising that Chris Evans ranks this low on the list considering that he is one of the biggest characters in the MCU and is considered to be the leader of the Avengers.

Evans has played a huge role in the Marvel world, but only makes it this far on the list, with a net worth of $50 million, which is still not something to complain about, but it is a shock to many.

However, the main reason for that is that the actors higher on the list tend to have been part of tons more projects away from Marvel, which Evans is now going to do after walking away from Captain America.

6 Paul Rudd (Net Worth: $70 Million)

 Paul Rudd wasn't the typical casting when it came to a superhero role, with the popular actor earning the vast majority of his $70 million net worth via his roles in comedic movies, rather than action.

However, as soon as Ant-Man had been released, it was clear that Rudd was perfect in the role, managing to add just the right amount of comedy to the role without Ant-Man feeling like a joke.

Even though it took until End Game for Paul Rudd to finally be part of the Avengers, he went on to play a key role in the biggest movie of all time, so it was certainly worth the wait.

5 Chris Hemsworth (Net Worth: $90 Million)

Chris Hemsworth was the perfect casting for the role of Thor, not just in terms of how he looks physically, but because of his brilliant ability to mix physicality with fantastic humor, making the character feel very relatable.

Hemsworth has been part of three movies where he has been the lead, as well as being part of the Avengers franchise, which is why him having a net worth of $90 million is no surprise, as he is one of the main characters in the series so far.

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Thor's character has shown no signs of slowing down either, with Hemsworth expected to reprise the role in the upcoming phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will only continue to grow his wealth.

4 Bradley Cooper (Net Worth: $100 Million)

Even though Bradley Cooper isn't technically on-screen during any Marvel movie, he does provide the voice of the popular, Rocket Racoon character, which might be primarily linked to Guardians of the Galaxy, but the loud-mouthed rodent did also appear in the Avengers franchise.

Cooper sounds almost unrecognisable from his usual voice when he works in the Marvel bubble, but the job he does is simply fantastic, letting the world know just how talented he is without even appearing physically, which is why he has a net worth of $100 million.

Rocket is many people's favorite character in the Marvel world and when he is dropped into the Avengers franchise he becomes even funnier, mixing it up with Thor to create some fantastic moments.

3 Scarlett Johanson (Net Worth: $140 Million)

When it comes to the women of the Marvel world, you can consider Scarlett Johanson as the queen, with her role as Black Widow being the most significant in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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With her own spin-off movie soon to be coming in the near future, it is clear that Marvel has seen her value for what its worth, despite the fact that her role in the present Marvel timeline has come to an end.

Johanson is the current highest-paid actress in the world and her $140 million net worth is something that will only continue to rise as she continues to prove she is one of the very best in Hollywood right now.

2 Vin Diesel (Net Worth: $200 Million)

Much like Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel doesn't technically appear on-screen in any Avengers movie, but he does give a voice-over performance for the popular character, Groot.

Whether it be adult Groot, Baby Groot, or Teenage Groot, the character is always voiced by the popular Fast & Furious star, and it cannot be a bad gig, simply saying one phrase repeatedly throughout his time in the films.

Vin Diesel has an incredible net worth of $200 million, and while the vast majority of that does come from his role in the Fast & Furious franchise, being in several Marvel movies certainly hasn't hurt his career.

1 Robert Downey Jr (Net Worth: $300 Million)

The king of the Marvel world, it is not a surprise to see Robert Downey Jr taking the top billing of this list, with an estimated net worth of $300 million, which suits his Tony Stark style personality to perfection.

Robert Downey Jr is the main reason that the MCU was able to become what it was with his performances as Iron Man helping to get the franchise off the ground, playing a key role in every Avengers movie.

With Downey Jr earning a reported minimum of $50 million for his role in End Game alone, it is no surprise he has been able to grow his net worth to the point that he has done, with the franchise playing a major role in salvaging his career.

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