Apple Prepared To Put Billions Into New TV Streaming Service

If there's one thing Apple does well, its make sure whatever they're selling is the most popular thing going. This won't change when it comes to their TV streaming service.

One of the latest developments from Apple is Apple Card, a physical credit card that allows iPhone users ways to pay for purchases outside of Apple Pay, Visa or other credit card services. Apple already owns the market on phones, tablets, and other devices. They have monthly subscription services like Apple Music and iCloud and now Netflix, Amazon, and other tv and movie streaming services will need to be aware that Apple wants a piece of their tv pie too.

Apple's next major new product is Apple TV Plus, a streaming-TV service that is expected to arrive in November of 2019. And, if the amount of money Apple is reportedly willing to pour into this new project is correct, other services might be in trouble.

According to a new report in Bloomberg the services will cost the average user about $10-a-month after a free trial ends. Details are still sketchy but the investment is fairly clear.

The Financial Times writes that Apple has already committed $6 billion for original content, including a show called "The Morning Show," which is estimated to have cost more per episode than HBO's "Game of Thrones."

This isn't the end of where the investment goes. Apple TV Plus is set to feature new productions from Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, and as sales of iPhones decline, Apple is looking for new ways to keep making its incredibly insane profits.

What This Means

Everyone wants into the tv and film streaming business as it's the way entertainment is going. What will be interesting to see is just how much Apple is willing to invest in grabbing its share of the market and what they'll be willing to offer clients to join their monthly service.

If the report of $6 billion is accurate, something suggests this is only the beginning.

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