30 Actresses Who Could Play Poison Ivy In Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Movie

Debuting in 1966, Poison Ivy really took off in the 1990s. Pamela Isley was a botanist who endured an experiment that transformed her into a woman who could control plants. She’s a master of poisons with a kiss that is, literally, to die for. While she’s twisted and insane, Ivy has a fanbase who support her efforts to save the planet from pollution. She’s even been known to aid the good guys on occasion but still remains dangerous. Sadly, her one live-action movie incarnation was Uma Thurman in the terrible Batman and Robin which soured many fans on the character.

However, plans are underway for Ivy to show up in the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off movie. It makes sense given Ivy and Harley have a long friendship in the comics and cartoons. Thus, the question is raised as to who can play the role. There’s no shortage of actresses who can look great with red hair. Some may be better than others at acting but some might be better at getting the look right. A few are A-listers and even Oscar winners while others are less known but may be able to play the role better. The options are numerous which makes it fun to imagine who can make it. Here are 30 actresses who can easily play Poison Ivy on screen.

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30 Megan Fox

Via: Google Images

She’s cut back on her movie work to be a mom but Megan Fox remains one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. She’s proven she can handle blockbusters with Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and her lush dark hair and amazing beauty are perfect for Ivy. No stranger to flaunting her body, Fox could easily handle the tight green outfits and her pouty lips can add more power to Ivy’s deadly kiss. She may not be an ace actress but there’s no denying Fox as Ivy would bring in the bucks.

29 Priyanka Chopra

via: tvguide.com

True, she has a different look than other actresses on this list. However, Warner Bros may decide to take a daring chance on an Ivy who looks otherworldly. In which case, you can’t go wrong with one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. Priyanka Chopra was a former Miss World who then became a major star in India’s Bollywood. She came to fame in the U.S. with the thriller Quantico and Baywatch. Her alluring looks would be awesome for Ivy.

28 Haley Bennett


Not quite A-lister but getting there, Haley Bennett has been building up her career with various indie movies. She showed her stuff as a tough redhead in the remake of The Magnificent Seven to be a strong character needed for Ivy. She then played a conniving woman with a secret on The Girl On the Train to show she could be the cunning character as well. Still rising up, landing the part of Ivy can make Bennett a major star.

27 Amanda Righetti


She’s been quieter lately but the gorgeous redhead has a good TV resume already. She broke out on The O.C. and starred in both Friday the 13th and the first Captain America movie. She also had a long role on the popular CBS series The Mentalist and popped up on Colony. While she usually plays the “good girl,” Righetti’s sly looks would be a great touch for Ivy and her hair is perfect for it. If she’s looking to enhance her profile, taking up the role of Ivy would be just the thing to land Righetti on the A-list.

26 Emma Roberts

Via hawtcelebs.com

The niece of Julia has already built a career on roles of seriously wicked ladies. On American Horror Story, she was a truly wicked witch who loved using her powers to hurt others. Scream Queens had her as a spoiled rotten heiress who flaunts her great outfits and arrogance off. While usually a blonde, Roberts could easily dye it red for the role and we know that she would be so good at playing the insanely weird and fun character.

25 Natalie Dormer

Via: scrolldrop.com

Known for her signature smirk, the British actress got her break as Anne Boleyn on The Tudors. Natalie Dormer kept it up with various roles in British TV shows and movies. She gained further fame as Margaret Tyrell on Game of Thrones to show her brilliant conniving side off. She also had a great turn as Irene Adler/Moriarty on CBS’ Elementary. Having been in the Hunger Games movies, Dormer is used to blockbusters, and we think that smirk would be a great touch to Ivy.

24 Bridget Regan


Bridget Regan has specialized in roles of women who are far more than they seem. She broke out on the cult series Legend of the Seeker as a woman who could compel others into becoming her servants (right up Ivy’s alley). She’s kept busy with TV roles on Agent Carter, White Collar, Jane the Virgin and The Last Ship. Several of these parts have her as a seemingly good lady who’s really a cunning killer. That makes her a great candidate for Ivy.

23 Deborah Ann Woll


The character of Jessica was introduced late in the first season of True Blood as an innocent teen turned into a vampire. The great bit was that the character loved becoming one of the undead. Deborah Ann Woll ended up becoming a fan favorite. Woll has kept busy, dying her red locks blonde for the role of Karen Page on Daredevil. However, her Jessica shows that she would be a perfect candidate for Ivy.

22 Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario started off as the demi-goddess Annabeth in the Percy Jackson movies. She then won major fame for her brief but memorable turn in the first season of True Detective. Daddario is keeping busy with Baywatch and San Andreas, showing she can play any part. While she’d need to dye her hair red, she could be a terrific Ivy.

21 Rachel Nichols

Via Bigstock Images

The popular actress has been a good starlet in various action roles. Rachel Nichols broke out playing a newbie CIA agent on the final season of Alias. She later played Scarlett in the first GI Joe movie. She’s been busy with roles on Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds and The Librarians. Nichols’ biggest role has been a future cop in the cult sci-fi series Continuum. While she’s not as famous as other ladies on this list, Nichols could be as great in the role as any of them.

20 Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Mary Elizabeth Winstead has shown a great talent for mixing up quirky projects. She’s been a horror movie “scream queen” in films like Black Christmas and Death Proof but dabbled in comic book movies with Scott Pilgrim vs the World. She also earned accolades for her role as a crook on Fargo and 10 Cloverfield Lane. It would be no problem to dye her hair red for Ivy and she’s proven herself able to play a conniving character who could handle herself in a fight.

19 Bryce Dallas Howard


When your father is an actor turned Oscar-winning director, it’s no surprise you end up joining the family business. Bryce Dallas Howard has mastered balancing major blockbusters (Spider-Man 3, Jurassic World) with smaller films (The Help) and each time looks amazing. Her bright red hair is always a highlight to make her a natural pick for Ivy. If nothing else, anyone who can handle CGI dinosaurs can handle fighting the Dark Knight.

18 Evan Rachel Wood


Breaking out with the acclaimed drama Thirteen, Evan Rachel Wood has been building up an amazing career. She’s been featured in blockbusters and indie dramas and each time she has won raves for her performances. She showed off as an Ivy-like vampire on True Blood to prove she could be wicked in the part. She’s also shown her toughness on Westworld to showcase she can be as strong as the role would demand. Combine those both and Wood has all the ingredients to be a fantastic Ivy.

17 Shay Mitchell

If the producers want a more exotic looking Ivy, then Shay Mitchell can qualify. The actress is best known for her role as Emily in the long-running hit Pretty Little Liars. Mitchell is also known for some steamy posts on her Instagram to flaunt herself off. She is about to star in the Lifetime series You. Mitchell actually dressed as Ivy for a Halloween party a few years ago and looked fantastic in the costume. Make it a professional studio version and Mitchell could be a great Ivy and that’s no lie.

16 Jane Levy


The rising actress had a role in the first season of Shameless and that got her attention. This led to starring in the cult ABC comedy Suburgatory and winning over critics with her charm and humor. Levy has starred in the horror films Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe to show she can handle scares. She also stars in the horror series Castle Rock and could handle the FX work needed for the part. Plus, her red hair is perfect for the role.

15 Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan Disney Channel
via: latimes.com

The starlet got her break on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life on Deck. This led to bigger fame as the lead in the hit series Jessie. The shapely actress is continuing to build up her resume with the Netflix show Insatiable. There, she plays a nerd turned knockout who seeks revenge on her former tormentors. That’s great for Ivy, who lashes out at humanity on their actions against her beloved plants. Plus, Ryan would look good in the costume to make a somewhat wilder but still threatening Ivy.

14 Rose Leslie


The Scottish actress became famous for her role as the wild warrior gal Ygritte on Game of Thrones. Her line, “you know nothing, Jon Snow” became a favorite and her chemistry with Kit Harrington was proven by their real-life marriage. Leslie now stars in the critically acclaimed CBS All Access series The Good Fight. She can show the strength of Ivy while also showcasing her heat and some sympathy for her actions. Leslie’s Ivy would know about being a powerhouse on screen.

13 Holland Roden

via fanpop.com

When Teen Wolf began, Holland Roden’s Lydia was a one-note rich girl more into parties than anything important. However, it turned out the character was actually a genius and she was soon getting involved in the supernatural goings-on of the show. Roden kept the character a popular part of the show’s run and also appeared on the cult sci-fi series Channel Zero. Her nice red hair can look great for Ivy and she can handle the wicked side of the character while also winning fans over. Thus, Roden can be a surprisingly good choice for Ivy.

12 Katherine McNamara


This rising talent is best known for her starring role in the Freeform series Shadowhunters. It involves a lot of stunt work and handling some special effects creatures. That makes Katherine McNamara a good candidate for Ivy. Her lush red hair and exotic looks add more appeal to the role and producers may want to have a fresh face in the part. Her wide social media following also gives her more attention. With Shadowhunters coming to an end, McNamara will be free for a film and can make an appealing Ivy to root for.

11 Alexandria Breckenridge

via collider.com

She’s had slews of TV roles but Alexandra Breckinridge is best-known for her part in the first season of American Horror Story. She played the ghost maid who, to men, looks like a young and hot redhead while women see her as older. She’s moved on to The Walking Dead yet can still pull off the steamy side of the role nicely. She may not be on the A-list but Breckenridge can be a great Ivy.

10 Sophie Turner

Via gotceleb.com

It may seem unlikely Sophie Turner would want another big studio role after her years on Game of Thrones. However, she would be a great choice for Ivy. She’s an expert at playing a cool woman who can take command and her turn as Jean Grey shows she can carry the weight that comes with playing a comic book character.

9 Peyton List


The fact she’s played Ivy already should count. Not to be confused with the Disney actress of the same name, this Peyton List is a familiar face to CW fans. She starred in the short-lived show The Tomorrow People and Frequency as well playing Golden Glider on The Flash. She became the third actress to play Ivy on Gotham, making the woman far more dangerous and deadly with plans to “remake” the world.

8 Madelaine Petsch


She’s basically known for one role but it’s one that makes her look like a great Ivy candidate. Madelaine Petsch has gained fame for her role as Cheryl Blossom on the hit Riverdale. Fans adore her smart lines and her crazy personality. Petsch wins viewers over with her crazy antics, and since she has already been with a woman on the show, it makes for an even better Ivy who has that relationship with Harley. Petsch has even dressed as Ivy a few times for a magazine shoot to prove she’d be perfect in the role.

7 Elena Satine


Her TV resume screams being perfect for Ivy. Elena Satine played a goddess on Agents of SHIELD who could seduce men to her side. She then played a nutcase asylum escapee turned socialite on Revenge. Put those together and she’s a terrific choice for Ivy. The fact that she’s amazingly gorgeous and has striking red hair is just the icing on the cake. Satine played Mera on Smallville and recently had a role on The Gifted, further proving she could handle the comic book role.

6 Olivia Wilde

via: nytimes.com

With her almost hypnotic eyes and stunning looks, Olivia Wilde has made a career of playing amazing ladies. She’s shown off in movies and TV shows such as Vinyl, Her and many more. Her flawless looks would lend themselves well to Ivy and help her stand out more. The exotic air she brings to her roles can also be a major factor in her performance. Wilde hasn’t done many genre films aside from Tron Legacy but could be great as Ivy.

5 Bella Thorne


It may seem like an offbeat choice. The former Disney Channel starlet has been rising up with the TV show Famous in Love as well as several movies. Of course, Bella Thorne is also known for a rather outrageous style with her Instagram page featuring numerous pictures of her in revealing clothing. However, Thorne is a good actress and can bring a feisty side to a younger Ivy.

4 Jessica Chastain


Another fantastic red-haired actress, Jessica Chastain has specialized in tough and smart women on screen. That includes Oscar-nominated roles in Zero Dark Thirty and The Help along with blockbusters such as The Martian. She’ll be doing a comic book role with the upcoming X-Men Dark Phoenix and her wicked smile lends itself well to Ivy. She may be a bit older than other actresses but that amazing style is great for Ivy and can lend gravitas to the role.

3 Isla Fisher


The Aussie actress has been great in a variety of hot roles. From Wedding Crashers to Keeping Up With the Joneses, Isla Fisher has been great at mixing some humor into her roles. Thus, she can bring a sardonic but fun edge to Ivy and enhance her humor. She and Margot Robbie could be great together and Fisher can still show charm even while enhancing the crazy side of Ivy.

2 Christina Hendricks


Fans love to imagine the Mad Men and Good Girls star in the Ivy costume. The redhead is well known for her magazine spreads and her acting roles. Considering her roles and her look, fans are desperate to see her in a comic book role, and being cast as Ivy would possibly be one of the greatest things ever.

1 Emma Stone


The Oscar-winner is known for her amazing talent, bright eyes, and a wicked smile. That can serve her quite well for the role of Ivy. She has comic book experience with The Amazing Spider-Man but can also play the wicked vixen quite nicely. She can give Ivy a sultry air while making her sympathetic as well.

Sources: IMDB.com

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