25 Things MCU Fans Should Know About Captain Marvel (Before She Hits The Big Screen)

Carol Danvers is going to be the star of the upcoming Captain Marvel, which is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to star a female superhero. Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel universe, with the call to arms from Nick Fury being featured in the final post-credits moments of Avengers: Infinity War. With her solo movie slated to release next year before she joins the battle against Thanos in Avengers 4 it’s important to know what we’re getting ourselves into. So before she makes her grand introduction to the MCU, check out the history of the character and what she did in the comics.

Fans are excited to see what her incredibly flexible powers can bring back to the table, and the kind of connections they might draw from the comics to bring to the movies. Here is what we currently know about her upcoming film from the cast and story announcements. Although we have some ideas about what the movie will have from confirmed elements, we can also take a few educated guests from the storylines that are apparently being adapted into Captain Marvel. Here are 25 things to know about Captain Marvel before her movie comes out.

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25 She’s An Ace Fighter Pilot For The USAF

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In her origin story, Carol Danvers is an ace pilot with the United States Air Force. She’s treated as one of the best pilots in the Marvel universe, to the point where retcons to the original continuity gave her a connection with S.H.I.E.L.D. When she joins the Avengers, she usually serves as one of their main pilots if she isn’t just flying on her own outside the plane. There are even comics where she ends up with a full squadron of jets at her command. Her being an Air Force pilot is crucial to her character.

24 She’s Not The First Captain Marvel

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The title of Captain Marvel actually comes from the Kree agent, Mar-Vell. Yeah, comics are dumb like that sometimes. Originally in the comics, he was a spy for the incoming Kree forces that were coming to invade Earth. But he fell in love with humanity and became a protector of the world instead. The origin for both characters is being changed for the upcoming movie, making him more of an active protector of the galaxy and the one to recruit Carol to his roster of his intergalactic team.

23 She Becomes Close With An Alien

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One of the defining parts of her comics origin comes from her relationship with Mar-Vell. The pair fall in love while he’s still under cover as a member of the US military, and it’s largely through her that he finds an appreciation for humanity. Their relationship is shifting into more of a mentor/student connection for the film, with Mar-Vell recruiting her to his Star Guard. But there could still be a bit of romance at the core of the story, regardless of her role in the story.

22 She’s Had A Lot Of Costumes

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Carol Danvers has gone through a lot of looks over the years. Leaks from the set of the upcoming Captain Marvel film suggest that she’s going to at least go through two of them over the course of the movie. The green and white color scheme is the uniform look of the Kree army, which suggests a connection with the alien forces. But her iconic red, gold, and blue look isn’t her only look from the comics. There’s also her lighting bolt against black look that she sported for decades when she was Ms. Marvel.

21 She’s Got A Whole Bunch Of Powers

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The accident that gives Carol Danvers her powers ends up making her one of the strongest figures in the Marvel universe. She gets super strength and durability that makes her tough enough to fight against other massive brawlers like the Hulk or Thor. She can fly fast enough that she can keep up with flying fighter jets. She can even shoot out energy blasts to bring down opponents or walls. She’s typically seen as one of the toughest figures in this universe

20 She’s One Of The Most Powerful Heroes In Marvel

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Captain Marvel is strong. She’s often counted in the top tier of powerful Marvel characters, serving as the front line during major battles and conflicts. He helps save the entire galaxy in Infinity by just straight flying through spaceships and exploding armadas of aliens. Even among power players in the Marvel universe like Thor and Vision, Captain Marvel can do a pretty good job of holding her own against some of the biggest baddies in the entire universe – Thanos included.

19 She Does A Lot Of Stuff In Space

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Her connection to the cosmic side of Marvel gives her an interesting role to play in the Marvel universe, allowing her to have a deeper connection to the bigger forces at play, like the ongoing conflicts between the Krees and the Skrulls, especially as a part of the Star Guard. She ends up a consistent ally of intergalactic forces like the Nova Corp, which is going to be a big deal when the rest of the force was brought down by the wrath of Thanos before the events of Avengers: Infinity War. It also probably explains where she's been for so long.

18 She’s Got A Super Mode Called Binary

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One of the coolest things to happen to Carol Danvers is when she gains her Binary form. It’s when she essentially causes her powers to go super nova, and gains the power of a sun. While it may be a difficult form for her to control all the time, it’s proven to be an incredibly powerful tool in difficult situations. She gained these powers during a space adventure with the X-Men, with who she ends up having a complicated relationship.

17 She Has A Great Friendship With Wolverine

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Carol Danvers is a close friend to many of the X-Men, particularly Wolverine. The two, both former military members, have an easy friendship and even worked together on a handful of missions before they became superheroes. They relied on one another during X-Men missions, and hung out all the time when they were Avengers together. She often works with a group of heroes she met through him (Alpha Flight, who are the Canadian Avengers), and tends to trust him more than almost any other superhero.

16 But She Does Not Like Rogue

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Carol has a much more difficult relationship with Rogue. During a time when Rogue was a villain working for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, she ended up accidentally using her powers to absorb life force too far against Carol. She drained Carol of all her powers (though these would eventually be restored) and left her in a coma for months. The X-Men helped bring her back, but she cut ties with most of the team when they agreed to take in Rogue and teach her how to control her powers. Their relationship has remained strained ever since.

15 She Proves To Be A Major Marvel Leader

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Captain Marvel has gone on to become one of the biggest forces for good in the Marvel universe. In the original comics and most likely in the movies, she ends up becoming a strong lynchpin for the Avengers and a major ally to the Guardians of the Galaxy. She becomes a leader that can command the respect of people like Black Panther, forming a team with him dedicated to saving the universe alongside him and some of the other biggest forces in the universe. She’s even become a chief Avenger during her time as a hero. She's what Iron Man thinks he is to the rest of the MCU.

14 She Inspires Ms. Marvel

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One of the best new Marvel characters, Ms. Marvel, is a huge superhero fan within the world of the Avengers. But her favorite hero is Captain Marvel. When she ends up getting powers of her own from the Terrigan Mists, she chooses the name Ms. Marvel in honor of Carol. She’s been confirmed to appear in future MCU films, so getting Carol Danvers as a character is a great lead-in to seeing Ms. Marvel and her generation of new heroes on the big screen.

13 She Gets Her Own Space Station

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After becoming one of the leaders of the Avengers, Captain Marvel became the head of S.W.O.R.D. The space minded equivalent of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s one of the best defenses of Earth in the Marvel universe. Her role in space led her to becoming seen as the diplomat and representative of Earth among the universe, with many of the spacefaring races around the world coming to see Carol as one of the most iconic representatives of the planet in the entire universe.

12 Her Best Friend Is Also A Superhero

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Carol ends up befriending a good number of superheroes, giving her an interesting place in the Marvel universe. She becomes close with Jessica Drew, a super spy with experience working alongside characters like Nick Fury. She actually starts dating War Machine, and the pair proving to complement one another very well. She also has a bit of a soft spot for Spider-Man, even going out on a pity date with him at one point after they became friends as members of the Avengers.

11 She’s Marvel First Female Lead Character

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One of the biggest things about the character is the fact that she’ll be the first female Marvel superhero to lead a film. While Wonder Woman was a critical success in 2017, it does have its moments of mediocrity. Hopefully the Marvel formula can be used to the best effect with Captain Marvel, giving her a chance to become everyone’s new favorite Marvel character that manages to be fully and legitimately fantastic for the entire runtime of the film.

10 It’s Set In The 90s

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One of the few things we know about the upcoming Captain Marvel movie is that it will technically be one of the earliest movies in the MCU continuity. The film will be set in the 1990s, meaning that technology will be more limited and the world will be less used to the various monsters and powers of the current Marvel universe. It also means that younger versions of other MCU characters will be able to appear in throughout the film.

9 Young Nick Fury Is Showing Up

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Nick Fury is one of the most important figures within the Marvel universe, with the character being crucial to the formation of the Avengers and the continued protection of the world. But here, he’ll be young in his career, less used to dealing with the world then he will become. He will also lack his iconic eyepatch, most likely earning it during the events of Captain Marvel. Marvel will also be making the character younger with digital effects, similar to how Tron: Legacy made Jeff Bridges look younger.

8 Phil Coulson’s Going To Help

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Showing up alongside Nick Fury will be a younger version of Phil Coulson. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star will be a rookie in the 1990s set Captain Marvel. New to the absurdity of the MCU, he’s fully surprised by the events he’ll see. He tells Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in Iron Man that he’s seen some stuff in his time as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and these intergalactic events in Captain Marvel were probably the experience he was referring to.

7 Get Ready For The Kree

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The Kree have been touched upon in the MCU so far, but they haven’t been given the importance they could have. The alien race is the same people that Kang the Conqueror comes from, although he is treated like a fanatic. The Kree are committed to genetic modification and experiments, which is what draws them to Earth in an attempt to understand the various super powers and surprising aspects of the Marvel world. They are the race that Carol Danvers teams up with after she gets her power upgrade, and who might pose a threat to Earth by the end of the film.

6 Doctor Minerva Probably Has A Pretty Big Villain Role

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One of the Kree involved with Carol Danvers getting her powers in the first place, Doctor Minerva has proven to be a solid villain for Captain Marvel in recent years. A mad scientist who comes to Earth to experiment on humanity. Gemma Chan has been confirmed to be playing a character with the same name, implying that she’ll have some role to play in the film alongside other members of the Kree team that Carol joins. There will also be some returning characters like Ronan the Accuser.

5 We Will Meet The Skrulls

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The constant enemy of the Kree, the Skrulls are one of the more consistent enemies in the Marvel universe. They are shape-shifting aliens who tend to take control of worlds by slipping into their worlds by taking the form of the races they’ve tried to conquer. It’s been confirmed that the shape-shifting species will be the main villains of the movie as they invade Earth, meaning that we should start getting used to the kind of threat that the Skrulls present to the Marvel universe.

4 The Skrulls Might Be The Villains Of Future Movies

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The Skrulls have been consistent baddies throughout the Marvel universe. They’ve even been the major villains for multiple story lines like Secret Invasion, where their full-blown invasion of Earth involves them impersonating a number of superheroes from around the world to catch humanity by surprise. They’re the kind of villain that can make for a highly suspenseful story unlike anything else that’s been made by the MCU so far.

3 The Movie Is Riffing Off A Classic Story

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One of the first major Marvel storylines to really aim for a big scope was the Kree/Skrull War. The story began a series of events that have had effects for decades worth of major events. This conflict has been confirmed to make up part of the film, with the conflict between the two forces making for one of the biggest possible events from Marvel for the MCU to actually try to adapt, which could have major effects on the entire future of the MCU.

2 We Might Be Getting Spectrum

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Spectrum is an exceptionally underrated Marvel character, and another person to use the moniker of Captain Marvel. She becomes a leader of the Avengers herself, and develops abilities to change her molecular structure into different forms of energy. Her mother will appear in Captain Marvel played Lashana Lynch, fueling speculation that her daughter will eventually gain abilities and join the MCU. If we get Spectrum, it means we’re one step closer to Nextwave, which is one of the craziest and best Marvel comics ever.

1 She’s Going To Be Crucial To Avengers 4

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The stinger for Avengers: Infinity War saw Nick Fury, moments before he crumbles to dust, activating some kind of communications relay to reach Captain Marvel. It suggests that Nick Fury has had the ability to contact her this whole time, but he’s been saving it for a real emergency. And the conclusion of Infinity War is probably the worst time to be alive in the MCU so far, so we’re expecting something big and impressive when she shows up in Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

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