20 Things Movie Fans Get Wrong About The Avengers

Over the past few years, the Avengers have just exploded. There have been so many changes that it can make our heads spin. It seems like just when we think the franchise can do no more, they blow our minds again. We saw the addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War and we have to wonder if that’s the end of it or if we are to see more. Not only are the Avengers making movies, but it seems like the whole cast has spinoff movies and solo careers.

Comic book fans are loving these new additions even though they have somewhat strayed from the original stories. New fans of the Avengers assume that all the new additions are from the comic series, but that's not always the case. There is a lot more to the stories than we see on the screen and often, fans are getting things wrong. Check out these 20 things fans get wrong about the Avengers.

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20 The Line-Up Isn’t Original

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We saw the Avengers come together for the first time in 2012 and there were six of them: Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man. But in the comics, things were a little different. The first team was made public in 1963 and it consisted of five people. The founding members were Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, The Wasp, and Ant-Man. Captain America was still frozen and wouldn’t come into the gang until much later. Hawkeye and Black Widow weren’t seen as big enough stars to join the group.

19 They Brought in Spider-Man Too Soon

Via Business Insider

People loved the fact that they brought Spider-Man in to be part of the Avengers. However, Spider-Man was invited into the group much sooner than he was in the comics. In the original story, he wasn’t brought in until they created the New Avengers. He had been an ally throughout the years, but that was it. He wasn’t part of the team nor did he get a room in the mansion. He was basically an afterthought even though he had been fighting crime longer than the Avengers.

18 The Guardians of the Galaxy Aren’t That Funny

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For a lot of people, they weren’t too familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy and when it first came out, it was a huge risk for Marvel to take something that a lot of people weren’t aware of and try to make a blockbuster out of it. Thankfully for them, the risk paid off. Chris Pratt's sense of humor and delivery has a lot to do with its success. Many people believe the humor in the movies is all organic but it’s not. There wasn’t a lot of humor in the comics and it was director James Gunn that decided to add even more humor into the second movie.

17 Fans Assume MCU Knows How to Handle Characters

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We’ve seen a lot of good superhero movies over the years, but there have also been a lot of poor ones. Fans will assume MCU knows how to handle their superheroes and that isn’t always the case. MCU has treated a lot of its characters with respect, but some of them have been completely lost in the shuffle. Not everyone embraced the new Spider-Man as much as they did Tobey Maguire’s version. There has also been an outcry about Fantastic Four and the X-Men movies. MCU still has a lot of work to do when it comes to taking care of their heroes such as Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch.

16 Nick Fury Was Never the Leader

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When the Avengers started coming together in the movies, it was all because of Nick Fury who seemed to go out and select them one by one. But in the comics, Nick Fury had nothing to do with the Avengers. In truth, it was actually Loki who technically brought them together. He started messing around with Thor and that affected other heroes. The group discovered they had chemistry and when there were bigger villains to fight, they chose to work as a team.

15 The Hulk and Black Widow Romance

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One thing that took fans off guard in Avengers: Age of Ultron was the romance between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff, which seemingly came out of nowhere. Fans assume that this romance was from the original storyline, but it’s not. Natasha did have a few romances over the years, but none of them were with the Hulk and there’s a reason for that — they weren’t compatible. Black Widow was suddenly cast as a damsel in distress and that’s the last thing she is.

14 Everyone’s A Comic

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There is a lot of humor in the Avengers' movies and at times, it seems like all the characters are just naturally witty. Sure, you are bound to find some jokes here and there in the comics, but the movies can be considered as comedies. Also, all the characters in Avengers: Age of Ultron were cracking jokes and that’s not even realistic for a group of people fighting monsters and it didn’t come from the comics either. It certainly takes away from the serious moments.

13 Fans Think that Disney is A Good Thing

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There’s no doubt that when Disney bought Marvel, that meant that there would be a lot more money put into the movies. But it also meant that Disney wanted mega franchises and that’s why we have been seeing a ridiculous amount of Avenger and Avenger spinoff movies. The buyout definitely allowed Disney to make some successful movies, but it also means that Disney makes family-friendly movies the way they want and that’s not always what’s best for the characters.

12 Captain America Wasn’t the First Avenger

Via The Telegraph

Captain America is a central character in the movies, so it’s easy to assume he was part of the original crew, but that’s just not the case. Even his solo movie was subtitled The First Avenger, which is totally wrong. If the filmmakers wanted to make an accurate movie based on the comics, then the movie should have been subtitled The Sixth Avenger. He joined in much later and only after the Hulk left because he was always getting into fights.

11 Phil Coulson Isn’t In the Comics

Via Entertainment Weekly

Phil Coulson was brought in as an agent that works for S.H.I.E.L.D. At the time he was introduced, no one knew who he was and there’s a reason for that. He had never appeared in the Marvel comics prior to Iron Man. He showed up for a few movies and then was introduced into the comics, but he was never an original player. It was his passing that brought the Avengers together for one cause.

10 Fans Believed That Setup Was Important

Via Animation World Network

There were many fans that were disappointed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, especially since the first Avengers movie did so well. One of the reasons for the disappointment was that it seemed as if the movie had been put on pause so that events could be set up in Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Captain America: Civil War. Some fans say it was important for them to do that, but we disagree. They spent a little too much time setting things up.

9 The Avengers Aren’t A Singular Organization

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When we think of the Avengers, the first thing that comes to mind is our favorite team, but that’s only what we have seen in the movies. In the comics, there is more than one set of Avengers. Sure, they have the original team but then there are a bunch of other teams spread out all over the world. They even had something called the Avengers West Coast as well as Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, the Avengers initiative, and the Secret Avengers.

8 Fans Believe each Movie Is A Different Genre

Via lrmonline

In order to stay varied in the industry, Marvel started pumping out different movies that would fit in different genres so that they could tap into different markets. Spider-Man: Homecoming was a high school movie while Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a political thriller and so on. This is part of the Marvel formula, but it really isn’t working. The problem with this is is that in the Avengers movies, you have Captain America and Spider-Man fighting alongside each other, but representing different genres, which ultimately messes with the vibe of the movie.

7 Spider-Man Needed A Reboot

Via The Nerd Stash

Many fans believed Spider-Man needed the reboot that he got and we couldn’t disagree more. Not only has the Spider-Man franchise been rebooted three time already in ten years, but they may have taken the reboot too far. If anything, they should have brought Tobey McGuire back, especially since his career could use a boost. Admittedly, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't great, but that doesn’t mean you start all over again and come back with something worse.

6 Fans Believe Origin Stories Are Authentic

Via Medium

Many movie fans believed that all the origin stories of their favorite characters were all original, but after the release of Doctor Strange, we started to see a pattern. The stories behind Scott Lang and many other Marvel characters all started to sound the same. The origin stories were all starting to sound like a guy with a really big ego who wanted revenge on someone. It’s definitely not across the board, but you will notice it with a lot of the characters.

5 They Ignore the Defenders

Via Deadline

What fans may not be aware of is that the Avengers team up with many groups in the MCU, and we don’t see any of that in the movies. The Defenders is one group the Avengers are close to in the comics and many of them are friends. We haven’t seen that in the movies at all, in fact, they haven’t even acknowledged them or encountered them. We may never see the interactions between the Avengers and Daredevil and the Punisher.

4 Ant-Man Didn’t Need Edgar Wright

Via The Telegraph

Ant-man has certainly done pretty well and all of that is thanks to the great performance Paul Rudd brought to the table. But it can be argued that it could have been so much better had Edgar Wright stayed on the project. He was originally signed on to do it, but instead, left the project. Fans have said that Ant-Man didn’t need Wright and that he did fine on his own, and he certainly did. But when you see movies like Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver, you start to wonder what the Ant-Man movies could have been like under that direction.

3 Iron Man Has Character Inconsistencies

via Iron Man Fanatic

Iron Man is clearly the one running the show for the most part in the Avengers movies. He has been a large part of the franchise and has even been involved in solo projects for the other characters. His character over the years has become very relatable and fans love him. But there have been a few character inconsistencies that don’t make a lot of sense. At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark blows up all of the Iron Man suits and gets the shrapnel removed from his heart. Sure, he is also showing his love for Pepper, but it gives everyone the idea that he’s done. But when Age of Ultron comes around, he’s already back in action with another suit.

2 Fans Love the Indefinite Franchise

Via Polygon

We were just as surprised as the rest of you when we heard that they are going back to the drawing board to make yet another Avengers movie. Many people are growing tired of it because it just seems like and endless franchise with similar stories. Fans say that it’s a great idea because it’s just like reading the comics, but we would have to disagree. Eventually, Marvel will burn out and disappoint fans. It would make more sense to take a break now that Thanos has been defeated and wait a few years. That way, excitement can build up again.

1 Villain Teams

Via Comic Vine

You would think that with the Avengers teaming up with so many people that villains will start teaming up to destroy them, but we have yet to see that. Marvel fans love the idea that there could be supervillains teaming up together. The DC comics have already done it, so it’s a head scratcher as to why Marvel hasn’t taken the opportunity to make a super cool villain team.

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