20 Things About Our Favorite Disney Movies Fans Choose To Ignore

We all grew up watching and loving Disney films and there is not one person that is not a fan of animated Disney films. Disney has brought much joy for decades. However, even if you're a Disney enthusiast or the biggest Disney fan, we are sure there are countless secrets in the films that you are not aware of or are, but choose to disregard.

Why? Because despite the secrets and the apparent subliminal messages, Disney is still magical. There is an awesome spectrum of emotions you experience every time you put on one of the classic films, and whether you're a child or a grown up, Disney has the same affect on everyone. Whether you love the Disney princesses or the Disney movies with animals, when paying full attention to the films that are classic fables with a moral triumph of good over evil, there is a lot of messed-up details that constantly come up. Then again, spotting all the extra sneaky details in the films, even after watching them dozens of times (because we know you have) is an extremely difficult task. That is what is magical about Disney; they buff up their films with hidden gems!

20 Ariel Gives Her Voice For Love

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We all wanted our Disney women to have their happily ever after, but gosh, we cannot ignore the sad things they did to get their fairytale endings. First up is our favourite little mermaid Ariel who dreams of living her life with two feet on the sand and a true love to call her prince. So, what does Ariel do? She makes a deal with the sea-witch Ursula to get what she wants, which are legs and hopefully true love. Ariel wanted loved and to dance so badly that she basically sold her beautiful voice or soul to an evil person. Making a little compromise with evil is okay in the Disney world it seems.

19 Belle Patiently Waits For Her Prince

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Just when you thought Disney was so magical and offered the most valuable life lessons, you may have forgotten what actually happened. Take Beauty and the Beast for example, everyone just adores this fairytale story with beautiful Belle, talking furniture, and a beast who was once a man. Beast cannot turn back into a man until he learns to love and is loved in return, and along came Belle who offers herself to Beast in exchange for her father's freedom. What did we miss out on? Beast was pretty harsh and abusive with Belle, not only imprisoning her, but also insulting her and hurling at her. And Belle patiently accepted that treatment and fell in love with him while being imprisoned — odd.

18 The Good Guy With The Hunched Back Doesn’t Win

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Even as a child, we are sure you were very aware of Quasimodo's situation and felt bad. The poor little fella was forced to move into the bell tower, making him the Hunchback of Notre Dame; it is there where he finds himself in a love triangle with the gorgeous gypsy Esmeralda and the evil Frollo. Quasimodo ends up being the hero when he rescues Esmeralda, and you would have expected the two to fall in love, but instead, she winds up in the arms of another man. Just as the hunched man was feeling good about himself, his beloved rejects him; so much for not judging a book by its cover Disney.

17 Pocahontas Doesn’t Speak the same language

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Do you believe in all the "Colours of the Wind?" And if so, do you believe that the Native American princess was unable to speak English? No Disney, there was no way you could get this by us, it was very noticeable that Pocahontas was unable to speak her supposed English man. The Native American beauty never encountered English before she and her tribe run into the blonde-haired, handsome John Smith that she falls head over heels in love with. However, when her man and his crew come to America, all her fellow Native Americans speak fluent English except for her.

16 A Sudden Change In Hair Colour

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You do not need to have watched the flick of the long-haired Rapunzel to know the fable; she is a princess at the top of the castle that lets down her extremely long blonde hair. Now, if you watched the Disney movie just once, you certainly recognized something odd at the end of the film, but let it slide. Rapunzel's healing power, as we're told from the beginning, came from a magical golden flower that her mom ingested when she was pregnant. So logically, why would Rapunzel's locks turn brown when Flynn cuts it at the end of the movie to save her?

15 Both Parents Barely Ever Make It

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Sadly, there is an unfortunate reoccurring theme in Disney films that breaks our hearts each time and that is that in almost all Disney classics, both parents do not survive. There are always traumatic events that occur in Disney films, with a villain in each film, which often leads to the demise of one of the parents. Disney enthusiast are aware of the terrible situation, but are also aware that there are a couple of Disney films, like Mulan, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, and 101 Dalmatians, who give a little hope, with both parents present the entire course of the films.

14 How Does Snow White’s Prince Just Show Up?

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In the fairytale world and Disney's magical world, Snow White is considered to be a perfect lady. She is forced to flee from her home because of her evil stepmother and ends up in a cottage with 7 dwarves. Yet, her only wish is to meet her prince that she believes will one day save her. And one day, he mysteriously appears when all she does everyday is hide out, sing, and clean.

13 Aladdin Is Not Your Typical Prince

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Everyone loves Aladdin — he is probably the most adored male character and "prince" in all Disney films; maybe it is his magic carpet or adorable talking monkey, Abu? However, of all the Disney princes, Aladdin is the utmost worst. Jasmine can pretty much get any guy she wants, and yet, she decides to forgive Aladdin who not only lies about his name, be he lies to her about who he is and where he comes from. How can she trust him after that? If it were real life, we'd probably tell her to get a prenup, just in case.

12 When Jasmine Is Jafar’s Prisoner

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There is something a little off about the Disney classics we grew up with, and we usually ignore these aspects now as adults because some are quite disturbing. Continuing with Aladdin, there is no way anyone who has seen the iconic film can forget the scene where Jafar has Jasmine imprisoned. As children, we may not have thought much about this scene, but as adults, we clearly know the scene is overtly sexual. Jafar is totally obsessed with the Arabian princess, he chains her to his snake sceptre while she feeds him apples. Also, Jasmine is no longer in her staple blue-green outfit, but a fiery red and much skimpier outfit. It is a completely inappropriate and odd scene for a children's movie isn’t it?

11 The dancing Mice

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There is a lot of weird Disney imagery that we didn't really understand as kids. However, now that we are adults, we can confirm a lot of this imagery is straight-out dark and weird. Disney likes to use animals in their films as much as humans, and though the mice in Cinderella were innocently cute, those in The Great Mouse Detective were kinky. Seriously, would you ever in your right mind expect to see mice dressed up in burlesque clothing? The routine of the mice dancing is certainly odd, but just like all other things, it goes over our heads.

10 Why Is Pinocchio Doing Adult Things?

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When Pinocchio turns into a real boy, he at some point is lured into going to a place called Pleasure Island, which turns out to be a completely terrible choice as he does not listen to his conscious. Here, we see him hanging out with his new best friend drinking, smoking, playing pool, and doing some pretty sinful things after running away from his dad.

9 Pleasure Island

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Since we already discussed the real-life puppet above, we want to bring about another dark scene in the Disney classic. We should probably wish upon a star that kids today will never watch this. The scene we are referring to is the one where Pinocchio and his friend suddenly and weirdly sprout donkey ears and a tail. These kids are punished for partying it up at Pleasure Island and turned into donkeys and shipped off in crates on a boat. How did our parents make us watch this?

8 When Dumbo Starts Seeing Things

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It's all fun and games until you start seeing odd and creepy hallucinations. Seriously Disney, did you really have to make pool little Dumbo bad trip? Dumbo ends drinking something that makes him hallucinate different types of elephants, including some really scary ones with black eyes. Plus, if you take a look at Dumbo's eyes in this photo, you could tell he's not sober. What was Disney thinking?

7 Scar’s Reappearance

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There is no denying that The Lion King is the ultimate Disney classic and the closest to everyone’s hearts. There is also no going around the fact that everyone, even as children, utterly detested Scar. However, though there is an intense battle between Simba and his uncle, there are some loose ends to the story. And what did the brilliant workers at Disney do? They shoved Scar in another film. In The Lion King, Zazu tells Simba that Scar would make “a nice throw rug.” And quite incidentally, in the Greek-inspired Disney film Hercules, we get a scene where Scar has been turned into a throw rug. Wait, how did he get there?

6 Hyenas, Hyenas Everywhere

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The Lion King will always be that Disney movie that people will watch repeatedly since it's definitely a fan-favorite. Scar is the villain who always acts charming and innocent, and yet, we all know he betrayed his brother with the help from his three evil hyenas. However, when Scar starts singing his song "Be Prepared," we see an endless number of hyenas there to support the dramatic Scar and the scene is very political. For a Disney movie, this is a jarringly dark scene, as we see the posse of hyenas basically bowing down to him in a lined formation. It kind of looks like Scar is a dictator here.

5 Aladdin is a heartbreaker 

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When we're introduced to Aladdin, he is not Prince Ali, but a street rat. Children evidently do not understand certain scenes, but as adults, we're pretty aware of what is going on in the scene where he is singing "One Jump Ahead." The hopeless romantic Aladdin leads a poor life on the streets, and so, while jumping around during the song, he, at one-point, lands in a room with a bunch of foxy women. The alluring women resemble Jasmine, however, and as adults, we can tell that they are "one-night" women. The ladies throw Aladdin straight out back onto the street, because evidently, he cannot afford them.

4 Gaston Ain’t So Romantic

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Though Gaston is the most ordinary looking villain, Disney enthusiasts would agree that he is the one with the most despicable character. Anyone ever realize how egotistical this man is? He is constantly flexing his huge arms, but that is besides the point. We're sure you've realized how violent he gets too when he does not get what he wants. In a particular scene, more mature viewers have certainly realized how rotten of a person he is toward women. When he wants to propose to Belle, not only does he lay his muddy boots right on the book she is reading, but he consistently corners her when she shows absolutely no interest in him. He's kind of a stalker and would probably be an awful husband.

3 Bambi had us in tears

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If there is one scene that is still impossible to get over it is the sad scene with Bambi's mother. Although we don't actually see what happens to his mother, even as kids, we figured it out. The scene is the most popular of the film, yet it is also the most jarring ― it was way too much to handle for a Disney film. We know many of the Disney protagonists only have one parents, but poor Bambi ends up being an orphan.

2 Hey, We Saw That Character Before!

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With so many movies under the Disney name, one must wonder how the heck Disney managed to release a triumphant number of movies? Back then, Disney was already the empire that it is now, and anyone who has watched Disney films from the '90s more than once would have easily recognized this fact but maybe ignored it. What are we talking about you ask? Rewatch Robin Hood and you will instantly recognize characters from The Aristocrats, The Jungle Book, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This is called recycled animation and Disney has done that with many of their films to save time.

1 Just Wait For it

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As children, we all believed that the beautiful Princess Aurora was fast asleep, yet, as adults, we now see this scene for what a truly is; wait in bed until a man comes to kiss you and then thank him by marrying him. Who knew that a random kiss could save one's life? If you've seen Maleficent, you'll notice Disney took a much more modern approach to the movie what true love really is. These Disney princesses don't need men anymore to save them.

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