20 Deleted Scenes From Marvel Movies That Would Have Changed Everything

Movies that by and large have managed to become beloved by the masses, many movies based on Marvel comic book characters have gone on to be huge hits. As a result, there are millions of people that are really invested in Marvel movies, their characters, stories, and amazing sequences. Despite that, a large portion of the people that consider themselves to be Marvel movie fans haven’t bothered to watch any of the deleted scenes from those films.

Each Marvel film features their own list of deleted scenes, some of the things contained within the footage that was lifted out of their films would have been hugely impactful if it was left in. For that reason, it is time to look at 20 deleted scenes from Marvel movies that would have changed everything.

In order for a scene to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have been deleted from a movie that is based on Marvel comic book stories and characters. On top of that, the sequence in question has to contain something that would have made its inclusion in its film a big deal for one reason or another. It should be noted, we only looked at the movies based on the typical superhero Marvel characters.

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20 Young Bruce Banner – Hulk

Via YouTube.com

A movie that in many people’s eyes is in the running for the title of worst Marvel mainstream movie, there is no question that Ang Lee’s Hulk is heavily flawed. With that said, no matter how much this film was not your cup of tea, it is pretty hard to argue that it made The Hulk look like a wuss. After all, in between all of the tedious character sequences he certainly did his fair share of smashing in the movie.

However, if they included this deleted scene of a young Bruce Banner freaking out and acting spastic when a female student pretends to like him, it would have damaged the character’s credibility.

It's important for the audience to trust the protagonist.

19 Yukio and the Snowblower - The Wolverine

Via chaostrophic.com

There is no doubt that movie making is an art form, however, studio heads care about one thing more than anything else, their films making a profit. As a result, high budget R-rated movies have become a lot less common since they miss out on the young filmgoer market. That said, the X-Men movies have recently bucked that trend to great critical and commercial success with Logan and the Deadpool films. Still, there are a lot of Wolverine fans that felt like his previous 2 solo films should have pulled no punches as well. Sadly, that never happened, but the X-Men franchise could have embraced R-ratings much earlier if a deleted scene from The Wolverine in which Yukio dispatched people with a snowblower had stayed in.

18 Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark – Iron Man 2

Via YouTube.com

Considered to be one of the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe films by many fans, no matter how you feel about Iron Man 2 it did give us one fantastic thing, Black Widow. Introduced as a SHIELD agent that goes undercover as Tony Stark’s personal assistant, she spends a decent portion of her time in the film at his side.

Considering that Tony Stark was known for going after every attractive woman in his vicinity at this point in the series, it should come as no surprise that he heavily flirts with Natasha Romanoff.

However, had they included a deleted scene in which she reciprocated his attention, it would have colored all of their future interactions even if her character was only flirting for SHIELD purposes

17 Cap’s Lunch and Stan Lee Cameo – The Avengers

Via YouTube.com

Already an interesting aspect of The Avengers, when the movie begins Steve Rogers has just entered the modern world for the first time. Something the film originally focused on even more than it did in the final cut, in one deleted sequence Steve is shown researching what happened after he was frozen. Followed up by Steve making his way around the city, he ends up sitting at a restaurant that exists in the shadow of Tony Stark’s building. Approached by a waitress that tells him that people often sit there, hoping to catch a glimpse of Iron Man, seeing how people view the MCU’s hero puts the franchise in a whole new light. On top of that, the sequence also features a Stan Lee cameo!

16 Mary Jane Watson Scenes – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Via justjared.com

An entry that doesn’t fit the parameters of this list exactly, there isn’t a single Mary Jane Watson deleted scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that we can point to.

After all, despite the fact that they gave the role to Shailene Woodley and hiring her must have cost a pretty penny, none of the footage of her shot for the movie has been released.

However, one thing is abundantly clear, when Mary Jane Watson appears in a Spider-Man film, she will be of some romantic interest to Peter Parker. Given that so much of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s plot is based around Parker’s relationship with Gwen Stacy, Watson’s appearance in the film would have made a huge difference.

15 Father and Son Grief – Black Panther

Via Yahoo.com

A movie that starts off with a bang, Black Panther begins with a great CGI sequence about Wakanda’s history and then shows King T’Chaka take out his own brother after he puts their secrets at risk. An extremely important aspect of the story, T’Chaka’s treatment of his brother informs everything that follows and it may be hard for some viewers to come to terms with this act of fratricide. However, if there was a deleted follow up to that moment in which a young T’Challa comes across his highly-emotional father and expresses his undying faith in him. That sequence could have changed a lot, after all, it not only would have affected the way some viewers perceived T’Chaka but Killmonger as well.

14 Gamora’s Villainous Vision – Avengers: Infinity War

Via YouTube.com

The relationship at the core of Infinity War, Gamora is of huge importance to the film since the true affection Thanos clearly has for her makes him a much more nuanced character. On top of that, the scenes Gamora and Thanos shared illuminated a great deal of her backstory but there was a deleted scene that took things even further. In his throne room during the sequence, Thanos proceeds to show Gamora a vision of her telling her adopted father about a planet agreeing to his terms due to her efforts. Implying that Gamora was a willing participant in Thanos’ reign of terror, she calls herself a prisoner but has a beaming smile in the memory that could have caused many viewers to see her differently.

13 Norman’s Head – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Via dailymotion.com

A movie that was divisive, to say the least, The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s detractors point to how ham fisted the film can be at times. For instance, the scene in which Norman Osborn speaks to his son one final time before his demise is very over the top. Portrayed by Chris Copper in the movie, it seemed a little bit odd that they hired a recognizable actor to play Osborn since he came and went so quick.

However, there was a deleted scene in which he appeared on screen again, at least part of him anyway.

Revealed to have had his head frozen upon his demise, that was seen in this deleted scene that set Cooper up to play the character again in a subsequent film.

12 Wolverine’s Costume – The Wolverine

Via playbuzz.co

Something Marvel comics fans had waited decades to see, many people were overjoyed when the first X-Men film was released in the year 2000. However, that doesn’t mean those very same people wouldn’t have made some changes to the film if they were given the choice. Among the most common requests that filmgoers may have had for those behind the film was a desire to see the characters wear costumes that were comics accurate.

As a result, they would have been ecstatic if the deleted scene from The Wolverine in which Yukio gave Logan a comics accurate costume had stayed in.

That said, the filmmakers may have been smart to remove it as fans would have demanded it appear on screen by now.

11  J. Jonah Jameson Gets Dressed Up – Spider-Man 2

Via Twitter.com

Still considered to be the best Spider-Man film ever created by a lot of people, Spider-Man 2 got so many things right. Heavily influenced by one of the best storylines in Marvel comics history, Spider-Man No More, in the film, Peter walks away from his superhero alter ego. An extremely dramatic decision, the film treats it with the gravity it deserves. However, a quick moment that was meant to be seen during a montage of reactions to Spidey’s disappearance may have undermined that.

Showing J. Jonah Jameson having a ball while dressed up in Spider-Man’s tossed away costume, it is amusing but if it could have hindered audience’s ability to invest in the importance of the moment.

It might have added a little humor to the movie.

10 Thor and Loki Reminisce - Thor

Via YouTube.com

With the start of each new Marvel film franchise, the people behind the film work hard to set up the world of the movie and the characters that live within it. Especially difficult in the case of one series, Thor was the first MCU movie that largely takes place off Earth and setting that up as well as the concept of the Asgardian Gods was daunting. If that weren’t enough, they had to show Thor and Loki as brothers and then enemies in quick succession. The only aspect they may have failed at was that there wasn’t enough camaraderie built up to see Thor and Loki as close-knit siblings. A problem this deleted scene would have fixed, both were very charming and seemed to love another as they happily reminisced.

9 Richard Parker’s Resurrection – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Via amazingspiderman.wikia.com

Released 10 years after audiences saw Spidey first hit the big screen, when The Amazing Spider-Man came out audiences did not want to see his origin story again. Opting to briefly feature that moment, the movie added something else to focus on, the fate of his Peter’s parents. Also included in that film’s sequel, its opening scene shows Richard and Mary Parker involved in a plane crash.

However, an alternate ending showed a grief struck Peter be visited at a grave by his father who reveals he’d been hiding from Oscorp.

One of the few aspects of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 many people cared about, throwing in this cringe inducing twist would have taken away from any sorrow viewers felt about the movie’s major demise.

8 Three Heroes, One Shield – Captain America: Civil War

Via YouTube.com

The only non-Avengers MCU movie that includes most of the Earthbound heroes from the franchise, it took a character as important as Captain America to bring them all together. That said, it has been an open secret for years that Chris Evans remains uncertain about continuing in the role.

Since we likely are living on borrowed time when it comes to the Cap we know and love, it makes perfect sense to keep our eyes on a few characters that may stand in his place at some point.

Characters that took up Steve Rogers’ mantle in the comic books, seeing Falcon and The Winter Soldier handling his legendary shield in Civil War’s group fight means a lot.

7 Super Soldier Reveal – The Incredible Hulk

Via marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

The MCU movie that is all but forgotten, The Incredible Hulk is the franchise’s second film, but barely anything from it matters anymore. In fact, other than Thunderbolt Ross returning to the series in recent years, you would be hard-pressed to think of any way in which the film matters now. A real shame, since the film actually is underrated, there was a deleted scene that could have had a huge effect on the MCU.

Featuring Ross and Emil Blonsky telling the army about The Hulk, the General has his past failures with the super soldier serum thrown in his face.

Implying that Ross has used the serum several times, many of his failed projects could have popped up and been huge dangers to the world.

6 Okoye and W'Kabi's Marriage – Black Panther

Via disneyexaminer.com

Quite possibly the most baffling deleted scene included on this list, frankly, it is hard to figure out why this Okoye and W'Kabi sequence was removed from Black Panther. Shown during this scene having either an argument or a passionate debate, depending on your point of view, Okoye and W'Kabi's motivations are made clear. An especially valuable insight when it comes to W'Kabi, with this moment missing from the film, it sometimes feels like his turn to Killmonger’s side has been poorly explained.

On top of that, the scene confirms the couple is married, it reveals they are considering having kids, and it shows how much they love one another.

As a result, this one scene makes everything that happens between Okoye and W'Kabi after it much more impactful.

5 Wolverine and Storm Are a Couple – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Via bleedingcool.com

Movies that are chocked full of characters, no matter how many X-Men appear on film they have never failed to build compelling relationships between them. That said, when it comes to the romantic side of things Wolverine and Jean Grey are the most important pair even though they have never been a full-fledged couple. Unable to deny the chemistry that exists between them, no matter how far gone either becomes, the other has managed to break through. In fact, at one point, Wolverine even saw Jean in hallucinations.

Considering all of that, if the deleted scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past where it is revealed that Wolverine and Storm are a couple remained, it would have blown a lot of people’s minds.

We're glad they didn't keep it in.

4 Thor Heals Selvig - Thor

Via YouTube.com

Even in a film like Thor, things can be taken too far as evidenced by the fact that during the big fight with The Destroyer there almost was a very cartoonish moment. Present during all of the mayhem, Thor’s new human friend Erik Selvig is injured when glass explodes near him and a shard enters his chest.

Potentially a mortal wound, Thor proceeds to find a “healing stone” which he breaks up over the opening, saving Selvig in the process. Silly stuff, in the deleted scene it heals his wound and his shirt which is laughable.

On top of that, knowing that these “healing stones” exist would have left viewers wondering why they weren’t used at every turn throughout the rest of the series.

3 10 Rings Tattoo – Ant-Man

Via YouTube.com

Meant to make it clear that Darren Cross was a real threat, this deleted scene from Ant-Man featured him showing off exactly what he could do to potential buyers. Somewhat interesting based on that alone, the real value of this scene is found on the neck of one of the people in attendance. Very briefly shown in the middle of the screen, there is a man that clearly has a 10 Rings tattoo poking out of his shirt. A criminal group seen in Iron Man, it seemed like they might be destroyed but if they are still out there and run by the “real” Mandarin referenced in an MCU short that could be very meaningful.

2 Loki Becomes King - Thor

Via YouTube.com

Quite possibly the most fully fleshed out MCU character, it has been easy to buy Loki leading an alien force attacking New York in one film and then teaming up with his brother to defeat various villains. Much simpler in Thor, had this deleted scene in which he and Frigga discuss their family as Odin sleeps remained in his debut film that may have been different.

That is the case because the sequence ends with Frigga telling him that he must rule in Odin’s stead, which Loki seems totally surprised by.

Of course, given that he is such a trickster, there is no way to know how he truly feels which also is another thing that makes the scene so genius.

1 Banner’s Deep Depression and Cap – The Incredible Hulk

via CBR

An intense scene that undoubtedly would have upset some viewers, originally The Incredible Hulk showed the green guy in the bitter cold, holding a weapon in hand, and contemplating self-harm. Much more valuable for another reason, the scene would have been hugely important to the MCU had it been included because of Captain America.

Ending with the Hulk’s destructive side smashing the ice he is standing on during the scene, viewers get a wider view and Cap can be seen under the ice for a split second.

Then the ice around Cap breaks up as well, which means this scene originally was going to be the way he was brought back to life.

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