12 Marvel Storylines (And 12 DC) That Fans Want On The Big Screen

When it comes to the world of DC Comics or Marvel Comics, it's hard to argue that they both are not brilliant. Some stories they have given us have been absolutely tremendous and thankfully we have seen many of them hit the big screen. DC Entertainment has enjoyed the idea of giving us animated television shows and movies for years now.

It would be great to see some live-action material, but they're clearly recognizing that they have to give us these amazing comic book stories outside of the pages. They're now doing more live-action shows and movies, but they're obviously going to be behind Marvel who has been on their live-action movie kick for a decade at this point.

They will wrap up their Infinity War saga and move on to the next soon. With Disney absorbing the 20th Century FOX studio, it appears that they will now be able to consider using the X-Men and Fantastic Four in movies down the line. This will also include their heroes and vast amounts of villains. All of this will be amazing to see.

The question is, where should all of these studios go? Warner Bros. and Disney obviously have some huge properties, but Sony Entertainment cannot be forgotten about either. They do have the Spider-Man universe to consider. In this list, we're going to go over some key Marvel and DC story-arcs that truly need the live-action movie touch. We hope you enjoy.

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24 Marvel: Inhumans Vs X-Men


One of Marvel's key comics had to do with the X-Men and The Inhumans going at it. A lot of people tend to confuse the two. In fact, some people have believed that certain Inhumans were mutants and the reverse order at times too. In the story of The Inhumans vs The X-Men, we finally see these two groups collide. It's sort of a race war, which leaves us with a cool lesson in the end. It is mutant against inhuman in fights that are amazing to see. People who thought the Inhumans were knockoff X-Men finally realized how amazing they could be. It's a story Marvel Studios and Disney could do now that they have the X-Men under their banner.

23 DC: Batman: Court Of Owls

DC Comics

One of the best groups invented for DC Entertainment in the last decade would have to be the Court of Owls. They are a group of highly influential people that seem to contain some of Gotham's most elite and rich people. Though they also contain people from outside this city. If you contain influence, they want you and will do all they can to bring you down if you seem to be a threat. This leads to Batman going under his real name as Bruce Wayne to join the Court as a member.

22 Marvel: Kraven's Last Hunt


While a lot may need to be done to make this particular story happen, it does appear as if Sony does want to bring the villain known as Kraven to the big screen. The story on Kraven is that he always seeks to hunt down and take out Spidey but fails each time. Fed up with his losses, he chooses to go as far as he ever had. He becomes Spider-Man himself.

21 DC: Blackest Night


The Blackest Night story-arc is tremendous and has to do with the Black Lantern Corps. The only way this can be given to someone is if they are gone. So basically deceased members of the Justice League come back to life to fight their friends and even family. The current league has to manage to control emotions while also realizing these people are being controlled by a villain known as Nekron. It's even thought that Batman is taken out and thus now part of the Black Lanterns.

20 Marvel: World War Hulk


World War Hulk reads exactly as it is. While the movie Thor: Ragnarok was able to bring elements of Planet Hulk into play, it is unlikely Marvel Studios can just throw in a WWH element in a movie. The reason? Hulk happens to be the bad guy in the story-arc and that is hard to just replicate. Basically, this story on Hulk is tremendous. Hulk is sent off by the Avengers to his own planet, and when he returns, he wants to take everyone out.

19 DC: Batman-Under The Red Hood

Batman Wiki - Fandom

This is one of the most amazing story-arcs in all of comics, not just DC. The story goes that The Joker has taken out Jason Todd, the new Robin after Dick Grayson moves on to be Nightwing. Sometime later, a mysterious man going by the name of Red Hood is terrorizing bad guys in Gotham and has taken control of the trading systems. He begins to seem familiar to Bruce Wayne, who realizes this is a grown-up version of Jason Todd.

18 Marvel: Old Man Logan


The movie Logan was partially this storyline, but now that Disney has all the properties to make it right...they could try it again. The story goes that we've moved forward many years into the future. The events of one story-arc leave us without many mutants. However, one girl similar to Logan is alive and needs to make it up north. Hawkeye wants to get her there but needs help and recruits Wolverine, offering him money in return.

17 DC: Sinestro Corps War


One of the newer and cooler stories from DC Entertainment has to do with Sinestro. Following the events of his defeat in Green Lantern Rebirth, Sinestro is pissed and decides to start his own yellow lantern corps. He attempts to find anyone who could breed fear and help him attain what he wants. He attacks the Green Lantern Corps, taking out many of them. He frees some prisoners including Cyborg Superman and manages to trap the first Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner.

16 Marvel: Original Sin

The Watcher is a being who knows all and sees all and is quite similar to Heimdall in that regard. This character is basically a God and likely knows every secret one could ever hold. The Original Sin story-arc goes over a situation in which The Watcher is taken out by someone. The assassin also steals the eyes of The Watcher and begins to expose various secrets in the Marvel Universe. Nick Fury has to now lead a team to stop the person.

15 DC: Flashpoint Paradox

Barry Allen misses his mother and father and the family they could be together. Obviously, he knows he can travel through time to stop Zoom from taking out his mother and thus leading to his father being sent to prison. However, if he does this then he'll never become The Flash. Barry takes this risk, but now he realizes the world is worse and he cannot do a thing about it. His actions change a lot, like the fact that Bruce Wayne no longer exists.

14 Marvel: Ultimate Carnage


One of the most popular usages of Carnage is the story-arcs that have Spider-Man and Venom team up to stop him. This is truly the comic that started all of that. Carnage is technically the child of Venom, as the symbiote left this offspring behind when Eddie Brock was spending time with Cassidy. Carnage breaks out and is on a spree of taking out any and all. While Peter promises MJ he'll take a break from being Spidey, he cannot when he learns Carnage escaped custody. Carnage then recruits help from various other villains.

13 DC: Kingdom Come


This is supposed to be an apocalyptic view of the future. Written to take place in 2020, you read that right, 2020...the idea was to use future heroes and villains. This would allow the use of people like Batman Beyond, for example. The original Justice League has aged and pretty much walked away or retired, and now they are replaced by newer heroes. They do not seem as happy to save the world as the JLA previously was.

12 Marvel: The Galactus Trilogy

Marvel Database - Fandom

With Disney now about to own the Galactus character, they could easily bring in one of the most notable story-arcs in Marvel Comics history. It involves the first true Cosmic Villain in comic history, as it's published in 1966. Basically, Galactus is known to be an "Eater of Worlds" and has decided to go after a number of them in the universe. The Silver Surfer is basically his scout, and he helps find planets for Galactus to consume. Everyone tries to hide their planet from Galactus, including the Skrulls, and so the Fantastic Four decide to stop them.

11 DC: Crisis On Infinite Earths/The Return Of Barry Allen


This is truly the first comic to explore DC Comics lovely issue on the multi-verse. It explains them fully, so people now know enough about them to continue connecting to various comics and their storylines. The story revolves around the Anti-Monitor. While the heroes of Earth-1 are learning that there are multiple universes, the Anti-Monitor is beginning to destroy as many realities as possible.

10 Marvel: The Death Of Spider-Man

Hero Complex - Los Angeles Times

This is likely something we will see from Marvel Studios as Sony wants to likely take Spider-Man back after his upcoming movie in 2019. The Death of Spider-Man story-arc is tremendous and has a lot of people involved. After a huge blowout with a major villain, Spider-Man passes away, after trying to save his family. But of course, our favorite spider returns...

9 DC: Final Crisis

Uncyclopedia - Fandom

When it comes to DC Comics, a lot of things are measured with the terms Pre and Post Crisis. Why? This story arc is the reason. Grant Morrison's elaborate comic series revolves around the spirit of Darkseid coming to Earth after his final battle with the New Gods. He's now in a human being but still contains his powers. A war in heaven somehow makes its way to Earth and Darkseid plans to take what he feels is rightfully his. This story arc mostly follows The New Gods as they fight against the New Genesis.

8 Marvel: X-Men Schism

The X-Men in this storyline see a major issue ahead. Scott plans to make sure the new generation are ready for those who will threaten them. Basically, he's building a following of youthful mutants and teaching them to be ready for humans. In a way, this comic opens up racial questions. Should one group of people mobilize and prepare for a war or is there another way?

7 DC: Tower Of Babel


The Tower of Babel story-arc revolves around a time period in which all members of the original Justice League are taken down. Batman comes up with plans to neutralize the league members if they were to become a threat. However, his plans are stolen and now the heroes are facing their demise as Batman's plans are now warped into ways to take out the heroes instead of taking them down for a small period.

6 Marvel: Secret Wars

Marvel Database - Fandom

It certainly seems like Marvel Studios is building up to this story-arc. However, until they do we will scream to the heavens that it needs to be done. Technically, there are two different Secret Wars storylines. The second is likely the most popular, so Marvel Studios and Disney may very well combine them to make one big story-arc. Basically, the multi-verses are crashing in on each other it seems and The Avengers must find a way to stop the issue.

5 DC: Watchmen

DC Comics

Who watches the world's heroes when they get out of line? In fact, who watches the Watchmen? Two questions very difficult to answer but are worthy of consideration. While the Watchmen group was not invented by DC Comics, they have been owned by DC Entertainment for several years. They finally decided to add them to the main DC timeline when DC Rebirth came into play a few years ago.

4 Marvel: Annihilation


Drax the Destroyer, Silver Surfer and Nova team up with Phyla-Vell, Super-Skrull and Ronan the Accuser to take down a cosmic supergiant. Most tend to call this group something of a Cosmic Suicide Squad. Nova and Drax are revamped completely and come out as awesome in the story-arc, and we see the normal villains realize they have to be heroic to keep the universe and themselves alive. It's an insane story that is worth every penny of money Marvel Studios could put into it.

3 DC: Hush


What if there was a villain that was literally everything Batman is, but evil instead? This is the story of Hush. A brilliant young man, he met Bruce Wayne in their youth and envied him. He had a bad father, that the Waynes helped out. Not enough, he seeks to take out Bruce Wayne because he cannot live in the same world he lives in. The story of Thomas Elliot becoming Hush and eventually becoming a serious threat to both Batman and Bruce Wayne is tremendous and truly needs a movie.

2 Marvel: House Of M


The House of M story-arc revolves around Scarlet Witch. Torn up about the loss of family members as well as Vision, she goes into a depressive state. This causes her to invent her own reality, but it is now slowly crashing in on itself and the current reality. The Avengers feel it might be best to take out Wanda before she can do more damage. However, the mutants do not feel this is the best concept. A war of sorts breaks out as a result between them.

1 DC: Injustice

dc injustice

Imagine if Superman is taken beyond his limits and realizes he has to take things into his own hands. That is essentially the story of Injustice. The Joker tricks Superman into accidentally taking out Lois Lane as well as their baby by proxy along with destroying his beloved city of Metropolis. Fed up with The Joker, Superman ends him. This starts a chain reaction where Superman becomes a dictator and goes way too far in trying to bring World Peace.

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