Top 10 Annoying Things People Do On Facebook

Facebook is really a great tool for keeping track of friends and posting pictures to share with your buddies. Among other things, it is also great for organizing group events and letting everyone know what you are up to. Surely, an argument can be made that it would be better to inform your friends of what you are doing in person and that Facebook is actually a detriment to our social interaction, but that is for another day. The fact is that Facebook really does have some good things going for it. The people on it, however, are a different story. Not all of them are bad, but there are definitely some people who use this social network in a way that can annoy their friends and anyone who follows them.

People who post asinine things really should be banned from using any type of social network. I know that it is up to you, the Facebook user, to follow who you want, but the point of this list is to show the people who use it incorrectly how to be less annoying to their friends.

Of course, these are pipe dreams, people can do whatever they want on social media and nothing will ever stop that. Something will always be annoying to someone but be loads of fun to everyone else.

9 Invite You to Play Useless Games

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This one is an obvious one. Everyone who does not play facebook games knows the annoyance of constantly being invited to play Farmville and some poker game. The people who play these games can play them all day long for all we care, but most of us do not bother to play these games. We never will, and no matter who invites us to play with them, we will not be convinced. It is almost as if they do not understand or they just do not care. When they are coming at you fast and furious, every day from everyone on your list, it starts to become rather tiresome.

8 Post Weather Updates

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Most of your facebook friends are friends you have in real life, so there is a really good chance that most of them live in the same city as you do. In which case, someone please explain what the point of posting weather updates from your cell phone is? Even if it something insane like snow for the next five days, and lots of it, chances are very high that we all already know about it? Do you think that someone is looking at this and being shocked about the forecast? Even if they are shocked and didn’t know about it, what are you expecting by posting this? A thank you from them? So if you aren’t informing anyone of anything and you aren’t brightening anyone’s day, you are literally doing nothing. You just wasted a tiny bit of 3G from your cellular phone plan.

8. Post Their Instagram Pictures to Facebook

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It is fairly presumable that most of the people who follow you on Facebook also follow your Instagram feed, give or take a few randoms. With that being said, there is no point at all to post your Instagram pictures on your facebook profile. How badly do you want someone to see this incredible picture you took? Odds are it's just your latest selfie and isn't all that important. Now, if it were a red alert about some sort of terrorist attack or something that may be damning to society, then by all means, please go ahead and share that everywhere possible. But if it is a picture of you posing with your cat, well then, one social network is quite enough for that picture to be shared. Enjoy your 5 likes on Instagram and leave the rest of us alone.

7 Post Pictures of Food

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You went to a fancy restaurant? Good for you. Believe me, we are all really impressed. You made a good meal at home? Wow, you must be pretty talented and again, congratulations. I will let you in on a secret though. You may not know about it, so brace yourself. Food is meant to be tasted, and without the taste, it is basically nothing. Seeing it does not enhance anyone’s idea of it nor does it allow anyone to fathom what it MIGHT taste like. Instead, it makes you look like a jackass who picks up a phone before picking up a fork when your meal is served to you. That is really backwards.

6 Post a Selfie Every Morning

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Everyone has this friend right? Every morning you wake up to a Facebook post of a selfie with the caption “good morning world” or something even dumber than that. Who wants to see you in the morning? Who wants to see you at all for that matter?

Also, what are you trying to say with this post every day? That you woke up and we shouldn’t be worried that perhaps you died in your sleep? Not even your boyfriend/girlfriend can comment on how great you look every day of the year. Give them a chance to miss you at least. Give us all a chance to miss you. Your face has not changed all that much from yesterday, so unless you woke up with an ear where your nose is supposed to be, leave us in peace.

5 Over Post About Their Children

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Facebook is definitely made for sharing your pictures with your friends and not having to send the pictures to everyone individually. That is fair, and having a child is a big deal and clearly you would want everyone to know, but at some point there is a limit. There has to be.

No matter what clothing you dress your child in it is still a baby that looks just about the same in every picture that you post. When it becomes excessive then it becomes annoying. Everyone is happy for you but besides that, they aren't interested in your baby's 3rd outfit of the day. If it is a Halloween picture in a costume or the first time they stand or first words, that is fine. A picture of your baby lying in the crib every day is not fine.

It doesn’t end there though, as making a status update about the baby everyday makes you equally annoying. “Baby made a poop.” Yeah, I'm pretty sure that most babies make those.

4 Couples Who Post About Their Love on Each Other’s Wall

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You are in love? That is awesome for you, and whoever else you are in love with. No one else needs to be involved in that relationship. How much simpler is it to send a text instead of posting on their wall? If it is a funny picture or video that you want to share then that is cool, as of course you’d like something that your significant other might like. However, when it is a post that says “Love you” or something along those lines, then come on. Who is that post really for? They know that and you probably tell them through text all the time and on the phone whenever you speak to each other. Does it really need to be a facebook post? That is clearly to flaunt it to your friends and makes you look like a huge jerk.

3 The Super Obvious Status Update

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These status updates usually concern the weather, again, but they are certainly not limited to that. You’ll always see some moron posting a status update saying “it’s snowing.” Yes, we all know it is snowing, we have eyes. Do you like snow? Hate it? Give us an opinion on it at the very least. These obvious updates usually have something to do with what is going on in your individual city. For example a big sporting event. Every single person watching will update their status as though the rest of us aren’t watching. Some likely aren’t but if they aren’t then they definitely don’t care who scored and when. At least make it funny, or share an idea behind writing this inane observation. “The Sopranos ended tonight.” Thanks, we weren’t aware. Good thing I had your status to inform me of that. Did you even like the show? Why are you writing this????

2 Air Their Dirty Laundry

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Ok, you are going through a tough time or some sort of problem? Facebook really is not the place to attack your ex, or make it very publicly known that you are breaking up them. Also no one who's not close to you should know that you are having problems with someone in your life. Not to mention the fact that the other person probably has you on facebook and can see this post as well. What an immature way to go about dealing with your problems. Keep them private like they are supposed to be and stop subjecting your acquaintances to these ridiculous issues.

First of all, we likely do not care and secondly what is the point? You are breaking up with someone, so you are letting it be known that you are single in an attempt to attract someone right off the bat? Your friends obviously care and they will help you and give advice, but not on social media. Come on, is nothing sacred anymore?

1 Write Cryptic Status Updates

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Status updates are supposed to be self explanatory and should provoke a reaction that leads to comments or likes. However, everyone has the friend who posts something like “not again” or “I can’t believe it,” which is designed specifically for other users to ask what happened to make them feel special. What a con job, do not ever fall for those! It is usually something so stupid that it wasn’t even worth the effort to type in a comment to ask what happened. Not to mention the fact that the person was just seeking attention to see if any of their friends actually care enough to ask the simple question. They then respond with the whole story in a comment and not a private message. If you didn’t want to write it as your status then why did you write it all as a comment? I guess it really wasn’t personal or anything, you just really wanted to see if someone would ask. These people are the worst; I suggest instant deletion when this happens. Instant!

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