The 10 Most Nightmarish Drugs in the World

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that drugs like nicotine, caffeine and alcohol can be dangerous in extreme dosages and are certainly addictive. But nobody ever thinks that they deserve to be classified as “horrifying”. However, the ten drugs in the following list are nothing like a pack of cigarettes or cup of coffee — they are potent, and their side effects on the human body and mind are devastating.

A drug is, technically, any substance that has psychoactive or physical properties — it doesn't have to be illegal to be potentially life threatening. Some are even given to the unsuspecting in order to wield borderline hypnotic influence.

People have died and have been mentally or physically damaged in the most tragic cases. Even if a user overcomes permanent damage and avoids death from one of the following substances, there's still the long battle of addiction that substance abusers know all too well.

It's hard to think of any drugs more horrifying than the ones listed below. Their effects are baffling and cause unspeakable harm to those who use them, whether willingly or by force.

10 DMT

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Dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT, is reported to have positive psychological effects when used in moderation. Its most popular form is Ayahuasca tea made by native shamans of the Amazonian rainforest, and stories of its use attract thousands of tourists to the region.

However, DMT is incredibly potent. It is the same chemical released in the brain during dreams. As such, the hallucinations while high are as vivid, detailed and more real than a dream, causing users to feel disoriented, frightened and paranoid. Although the DMT chemical occurs naturally in almost every form of life, including plants and the human brain, in its concentrated form it is one of the most potentially dangerous substances in the world.

9 Bromo-dragonfly

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No, Bromo-dragonfly is not extracted from dragon flies. The name comes from the shape of its chemical structure, which resembles a dragon fly. The hallucinatory drug is completely synthetic, made in a laboratory by “scientists” who then pass it on to street sellers.

It’s mainly a psychoactive, affecting how people interact with and perceive the world, causing playfulness and euphoria. However, the side effects of the drug can last for up to 3 days. If misused for long periods of time, it can cause confusion, seizures and death.

8 Heroin

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Heroin addiction is an epidemic around the world — millions of people either smoke or inject the drug to the point of overdose. Heroin is an opiate once used in the medical industry as a powerful sedative and pain killer. After it was discovered to be incredibly addictive, it was replaced with morphine. But heroin hit the streets.

Other than death by overdose, prolonged use can cause seizures, knock outs and other abnormal behavior. Unsafely injecting the drug causes bruises and open wounds from the injection points that, if left untreated, can become infected and gangrenous.

7 Stilnox

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Stilnox is a sleeping drug. Millions of people use Stilnox on a prescription basis to help them sleep, especially patients who suffer from extreme insomnia or mental illness. However, more and more cases are being reported of people acting strangely and violently; in extreme cases, to the point of committing self harm.

For example, a woman in Gladesville woke up one morning where she found a box of corn flakes emptied onto the plate, and she was eating them with a sharp butcher knife. Another case is a woman who took two capsules, hallucinated that she was floating, and began to projectile vomit uncontrollably.

6 Etorphine Hydrochloride 

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Heroin is a highly addictive and dangerous opiate. But Etorphine Hydrochloride, aka M99, is 5000 times stronger than heroin and can kill a human by skin contact alone. Scientists developed the drug only to sedate very large animals like elephants and rhinos.

The drug is so potent that humans would have a very difficult time using it recreationally: even a mild dose taken internally would instantly kill people.

There is an antidote if someone ever does accidentally ingest the drug, but it must be administered straight to the heart within seconds using a large syringe.

5 2,3-Dinitrophenol

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2,4-Dinitrophenol, aka DNP, was often used in the 1930s as an effective diet drug to rapidly loose weight. The chemical interacts with the brain and tricks it to change how the body uses its natural energy reserves — people who took it could lose massive amounts of weight without lifting a finger.

However, it was quickly discontinued when people’s insides literally began to fry: the body’s internal temperature would rise so much that people were killed with sweating and abnormal heart rate. The drug is essentially poisonous to the human body.

4 Crystal Meth

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Crystal meth has been in the public mind ever since the hit television show Breaking Bad told the story of a blue meth manufacturer. What the show hardly revealed was how it effects its day-to-day users, causing hallucinations, paranoia, and disturbing physiological sensations. It suppresses appetite, causes dizziness, and ADHD.

With prolonged use, lesions begin to form all over the body, including the face, and addicts can exhibit signs of schizophrenia. The drug can be smoked, snorted or administered into the veins with a syringe.

3 Bath Salts

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Synthetic Cathinones is also known by its street name 'bath salts' or 'plant food'. It’s one of the latest synthetic drugs on the market that has been catching on especially among millennials.

Bath salts are made with a mashup of hundreds of other chemicals, and have serious side effects. Beyond delusional paranoia and vivid hallucinations, the drug has been known to cause users to act out violently, even to the point of ripping off their own flesh. This chemical cocktail is extremely psychologically dangerous to users and potentially endangers people around the users.

2 The Devil’s Breath

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Mainly used in South America and Columbia, scopolamine, aka “The Devil’s Breath”, is a powder-based drug extracted from a common tree leaf. It’s one of the most powerful drugs in the world, often used by prostitutes, dealers and organized crime syndicates to make victims their slaves.

According to a documentary by Vice, criminals blow the drug in a person’s face, and they instantly become incredibly suggestible without exhibiting any other visible signs that they are under the influence of drugs.

People have cleared out their homes of all their possessions and willingly gave them to criminals without realizing what they were doing. The drug is so powerful that even the slightest overdose could be fatal.

1 Krokodil

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After hypnotic suggestion, violent flesh ripping and acute schizophrenia, there is still one drug worse than them all: Krokodil. It’s one of the most popular drugs in Russia, mainly used by the poor as a heroin substitute. Heroin is expensive, but krokodil can be “cooked” from synthetic headache pills bought over the counter.

The drug takes its name because, shortly after use, people’s skin begins to turn scaly with abscesses, lesions and rotting scabs. Some users have reported that missing one vein for injection causes a sore right away. Some have reported that their friends who have used the drug for years refuse to go the hospital as their flesh literally falls off; they can’t move, and their bones become exposed. They continue to inject, so addictive is the substance.

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