16 Strangest Creatures People Claimed To Have Found

Think mutants are just for superhero comics and movies? Some believe that viruses have caused mutant creatures like vampires or werewolves. Many believe that aliens have visited the earth. Indeed, according to The Los Angeles Times, NASA has said that we will find alien life out there in ten to twenty years. So if they are out there somewhere, maybe they've visited Earth a time or two. We think we know what is real and what isn't. But do we really know? Do fairies really exist? What about vampires? Let's throw in the odd mermaid, sea creature and totally unidentified non-flying object and you've entered the world of "wait, it has to be a fake". Or is it? Sometimes it's a joke. Sometimes it's a scam. But, just very occasionally, it's not clear what's going on. And very rarely what seems impossible is all too real. Post a really bizarre, gross, erie, or creepy picture of some creature washed up on a beach or a skull with vampire teeth and sit back and wait for the feeding frenzy.

Here are 16 strange and weird creatures that people have claimed to have found that went viral on the Internet. And where we can, we give you the truth as we know it.

16 Vampire Skull


Our first entry is from the Merrylin Cryptid Museum in London. The story goes something like this: Thomas Merrylin was supposedly a 19th century collector of species that most people believed were mythological. So, he reportedly collected skulls of vampires, fairy skeletons, and the like. The museum has a website and a Facebook page. Reportedly, his house was donated to an orphanage just after World War II, with the proviso that it never be sold and that the basement would remain undisturbed. Then, in 2006 when the house was about to be demolished, his collection was discovered in the basement.

The pictures above shows a supposed vampire skull from the collection. The website offers private tours as long as you don't question whether or not the collection is real.

Verdict: No one has proved or disproved.

15 The Siberian Alien


In 2011, the video went viral on YouTube. It got 700,000 plus views and everybody was talking about it. Two friends, Timur Hilall and Kirill Vlasov, claim they were out for a walk and had found the mangled remains of an alien frozen in snow in Irkutsk. The reports nearly broke the Internet. The two Russians claimed they had stumbled upon the remains at a UFO crash sight. On April 20th, The Daily Mail did a piece, complete with pictures; "It just seems too strange to be true. But in the frozen wastes of Siberia two walkers claim to have found the body of an alien". They described the creature, laying on its side, mouth slightly agape. And the paper added that the area was a UFO hotspot. There was such a sensation that the Russian government sent investigators out to interview the two.

Verdict: Prank by two Russian students using chicken and bread crumbs.

14 Ghost Fish


According to livescience.com, the image of the ghost fish was captured by the ship Okeanos Explorer, at the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument. Supposedly, the fish was swimming all on its own along a ridge some 8,202 feet (2,500 meters) down. The crew of the ship estimated it was around 4 inches (10 centimeters) long, with translucent (seemingly see-through) skin and totally eerie, colorless eyes. The picture made big news and made just about every "you won't believe this" list going. Supposedly, the fish is said to be a part of fishy family Aphyonidae. Some questioned whether the story was a hoax.

Verdict: It's real and was caught on camera as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ongoing investigation.

13 Russian UFO Aliens And The KGB


This is an old story, dating back to 1969 Russia when reports of a UFO crash, dead aliens and autopsies, reached news outlets. Then, it went live again when in 1998, Roger Moore of James Bond fame hosted a TNT special called "The Secret KGB UFO Files", which, according to Huffington Post showed video footage of a supposed UFO crash, followed by autopsies on the alien corpses. TNT posted a disclaimer at the beginning of the program that what was being shown could or could not be true. This caused a bit of an Internet flurry. Pravda, a Russian newspaper, reported that the KGB, the once feared security agency of the Communist governments, had a UFO/Alien specialist unit. But the story made the Internet yet again when The Voice of Russia, considered one of the top five radio broadcasters in the world, reported the story again in 2013.

Verdict: We'll stick with TNT on this one. Maybe. Maybe not.

12 Fairy Specimen From Merrylin Museum


We're back in London at the mysterious Merrylin Museum, or at least its website. Tomas Merrylin was an equally mysterious figure who reportedly believed that a virus caused creatures like werewolves, vampires, or fairies to come into being. Think of the mutants in superhero fiction. Displayed like a butterfly specimen pinned to a display card complete with notes and information, the "fairy" has bird-like feet and tattered wings. It is hard to judge the size, but one picture taken next to a coin seems to indicate that the creature would have been less than six inches tall. Tinkerbell, is that you?

Verdict: Again, while many have doubted the story, the so-called curator of the museum is adamant that the stuff is real.

11 Montauk Monster


The first one washed up on a beach in New Jersey in 2008. Two similar creatures washed up on beaches over the next four or five years. Some speculated that with its weird physique and eerie almond-shaped eyes, it was an alien. Other said no, it came from a mysterious government lab nearby. Nobody really knew what they got up to there. The story went viral pretty fast, with speculation and just plain wild guesses flooding the Internet. Was it a turtle without its shell? Scientist said it was maybe a raccoon.

Verdict: In 2009, Fox News reported that young men vacationing in New Jersey found a dead raccoon, put it on a raft, set it alight in a kind of simulation of a Viking funeral, and set it out to sea. That was almost certainly the "Monster".

10 Loch Ness Monster Found!


Since the 1930s, stories and grainy pictures of the gigantic, serpent-like Scottish Loch Ness monster have periodically stirred frenzy and speculation. Similar creatures have reportedly been spotted swimming up the Thames River and elsewhere. Loch (Lake) Ness is located in the remote Scottish Highlands and Nessie spotters have flocked to the region for decades in hopes of capturing an image of the elusive creature. Then in 2016, researchers sent a drone underwater in search of Nessie's lair. They did not find it, but they did find a monster. But don't get too excited. What they found was the model used in 1970's The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. The super-sized model had sunk to the bottom of the Loch in 1969, and lay there undisturbed until the drone came upon it.

9 Nosferatu - The Vampire


The vampire legend, the undead creature that sleeps in a coffin by day and hunts his prey to suck their blood, has a long history, both in books and films. The 1920's film Nosferatu told the story of a Count Dracula-like Transylvanian count who sunk his teeth into the neck of victim after victim. In the Merrylin Museum this exhibit is labeled: Species: Homo Upirus (Nosferatu), Nocturnal Hominid, Carnivore. Sounds like a vampire (we think). The museum site goes on to say that the vampire is the result of a human being attacked by a virus: "the result of which was Homo Vampyrus - a nocturnal hominid species capable of great longevity, yet entirely dependent on the consumption of large volumes of iron and protein to aid metabolism of viral cells".

Verdict: Not yet proved or disproved

8 Chilean Alien

The story went viral in 2013. Dr. Steven M. Greer claimed that a tiny "thing" found in Chile was actually an alien child. Scans and X-Rays revealed the internal skeletal structure of the creature, and Greer claimed that DNA profiling showed it was an "unknown" species with an oddly shaped face. Huffington Post took a neutral stance when it reported the story, but joked that the find was around six inches "from head to ET toe". For decades Greer has spearheaded a movement to get the authorities to recognize the existence of UFOs and aliens.

The Verdict: According to unknowncountry.com, Dr. Gary Nolan of the Stanford School of Medicine, who appeared in a documentary made by Greer, has said that the DNA shows it to be "human".

7 The Beast Of Tenby


It was bloated with spooky purple skin when it washed up on a Welsh beach. And it was a sensation. In 2013, "Move Over Loch Ness Monster, UK Welcomes Beast of Tenby", was the headline on heavy.com. Twenty-seven year old Peter Bailey of Tenby, Wales, was out for a walk with his dog on the beach when he discovered "The Beast of Tenby". It went viral pretty quickly, with pictures shared all over the place and speculations running wild on the Internet. Was it a mythological creature, an alien or something else? Like the Montauk Monster, it had beaks and claws and those strange almond-shaped eyes.

Verdict: Nobody knows.

6 Mayan Aliens


According to the Merrylin Museum in London, you are looking at “A beautiful display cabinet containing bizarre and wondrous items of supposed extraterrestrial origin found within an early Mayan temple in the late 1900s”. The creature at the center, mouth opened wide, is said to be an alien child found by 19th century explorer and adventurer Therodan Stray. He reportedly explored the wilds of Africa and the rain forests of the Amazon and discovered the alien artifacts in the 1880s, in an early Mayan Temple. The collection, notes, masks, drawings and tablets, are all credited to Stray.

Verdict: Nobody can prove. Nobody can disprove.

5 The Mysterious Sea Creature In The Persian Gulf

Sea creatures seem to like the Persian Gulf. This one came from 2013 and was discovered by an Iranian Navy ship. You may not understand what the sailors on the boat are saying, but it's pretty clear they don't agree. Reportedly, they decided to get closer to it for a better look, but the footage at the end of the video is just as confusing as the far off view. Is it a bird? Maybe it's a whale? Could be a fish? The crew apparently discussed bringing the thing in, but decided it just might not be dead and might not appreciate their efforts. So, they left it floating in the Gulf. The Internet was buzzing with arguments and speculation.

Verdict: Who knows? Some have theorized it was a whale carcass. Whatever it is, it is still out there.

4 The Brooklyn Bridge Monster


This creature was also called the "East River Monster". In July of 2012, a bloated, stinking  animal carcass washed ashore on a beach under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. A lady called Denise Ginley, took pictures. Some have said it was similar to the Montauk Monster. The thing was hauled off by the New York Parks Department and then it disappeared. The pictures went viral and The New York Daily News' headline proclaimed, "Dead East River 'monster' confounds New Yorkers animal experts."

Verdict: The NYC Parks Department said the carcass was a discarded cooked pig and they got rid of it. Ginley says not so and that the monster had no hooves, but rather it had five toes on its paws.

3 The California Creature/Alien

What would you do if you found the thing outside your door? Well, Gianna Peponis, the San Jose woman who found it, took pictures and posted them online to her Facebook page. She claimed she found it at night after hearing a scream. It went viral fast and some people, like the woman herself, believed it was an alien. No way, some said. It's a fetus, maybe of a cow. In all the back and forth, some people got just downright rude to the woman. She seemed genuinely afraid that something sinister was going on and she was the target. And that the government was covering up the presence of aliens and UFOs.

Verdict: Who knows?

2 The Jackalope


Our final visit to the weird but wonderful Merrylin Museum. This exhibit is labeled a "Wolpertinger", which the museum says is a North American creature that is not a true species, but rather various species of rabbit who have been the victims of a virus. It has horny cancerous growths all over it. The thing appears to have a single large horn from the top of its head and several smaller horns coming out of its spine. The museum even says the virus can attack humans and claims to have an example of one unfortunate person who was attacked by the virus. The website has a lengthy, supposedly scientific, explanation for the virus and all its effects.

Verdict: Who knows?

1 The Alien From The Movie


In Ridley Scott's 1979 movie Alien, a demonic creature emerges from a guy's stomach. A couple of years ago, former record label boss Kevin Rea, was renovating his kitchen when he found an odd looking cocoon-like nest with a strange six inch skeleton inside that totally resembled the alien in the movie. He called it disgusting, took pictures, and then threw it away. There was quite a buzz on the Internet, with some saying it was a total match for the movie Alien, and others say it was a rodent, maybe a rat. According to The Daily Mail, he said: "I have no idea what it is, but when I saw it I thought of the alien that bursts out of John Hurt's chest in the film."

Verdict: Probably a rat.

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