15 Ugly Photos Of 15 Hot Actresses Of 2016

These ugly pictures of 2016's  hottest stars are all pretty hilarious, if you ask me. You could also ask my husband, who has major crushes (and the typical list of five you're "allowed" to do if ever given the chance) on almost all of these women. His jaw literally dropped, or he scrunched up his nose in surprise and disgust, upon seeing some of these photos, sometimes of well-known actresses who are unrecognizable here.

Personally, I find it comforting to know that most of the Hollywood stars we always see so glammed-up and perfect-looking are not that way at all. Mostly (and I say "mostly" because there are definitely a few exceptions to  that rule), they are normal women living their lives, albeit in the spotlight. However, when they get caught on an early morning coffee-run in their sweats, or arriving to work before hair and makeup, their bad photos are broadcast for the world to see. I would feel bad perpetuating that cycle, but I figure they signed up for it (and they definitely get paid well for their suffering).

The funniest to me is when an actress or model is all dolled up and still ends up looking ridiculous, as is the case with a few of the following ladies who for whatever reason (bad taste in makeup, making a weird face at exactly the right second, etc.) had their ugliest-ever photo taken while they should have been at their prettiest.

I think a small part of all of us secretly smiles inside when a so-called "perfect" woman we all envy for her hair, her face, her body, her clothes, her money, her opportunities, her whatever, goofs up and takes a photo that looks just plain ugly. It is human nature, after all, and I for one will admit it. The following 15 big-time actresses, whether on the big or the small screen, are all stunning women with everything going for them- career, looks, etc. But they all at one time or another, for various reasons, took a photo that probably now haunts them, and that I like to call their ugliest ever.

So I present to you these 16 lovely and talented women who you may not have realized until now were actually capable of looking not only human (i.e., flawed), but downright ugly, too.

15 Mila Kunis

via celebitchy.com

She is arguably one of the hottest and most beautiful women in Hollywood (make that anywhere in the world), and Mila Kunis is a person you would not even think could take a bad photo if she tried. But with no makeup and a funny expression caught at just the right moment, even she is not immune to taking a bad photo. It is proven in the above photo, in which she is barely recognizable. The Ukrainian beauty looks to be out for a jog or something of the sort (and perhaps the tall man beside her is hubby Ashton Kutcher?) when this photo was snapped, probably by a paparazzi. But Mila is not hurting for work, of course. This year her main projects were the film Bad Moms and the show Rotten Tomatoes, and she has projects in the works, as well as countless past movies and shows that have led her to be one of the most popular actresses out there.

14 Blake Lively

via usmagazine.com

I love this goofy selfie of Blake Lively, who is otherwise always photographed looking perfect in every way. She always has her hair perfect, her makeup perfect, and her look totally put together. Even when she is not on the red carpet or at one event or another, she looks great in her everyday jeans or sweats. Some people have all the luck with genes, I guess. But finally, this. Blake’s ugliest photo is one she took (and likely exposed) all on her own, which is pretty cool for an actress of her caliber and fame to do. 2016 has brought us three movies starring Blake (All I See Is You, The Shallows, and Café Society), and in 2015 her major project was The Age of Adaline. But Blake really became famous portraying the New York socialite and private school girl Serena van der Woodsen on the show Gossip Girl. Now she is married to Ryan Reynolds and together they have daughter James, and their newborn baby born just days ago on September 28, 2016. Thus far the gender and name have not been disclosed to the public.

13 Jessica Alba

via celebritywithoutmakeup.com

2016 saw Jessica Alba in the movies The Veil, Dear Eleanor, and Mechanic: Resurrection. This girl is seriously pretty, and in a unique way, if you ask me. That is why this ugly photo of her is so stunning… and not in a good way. Some of the people on this list have ugly photos that are not that horrible, but then there are those whose ugliest photo is pretty damn ugly. Like Jessica's. One of the many Jessica’s in Hollywood, this particular Jessica is one of my favorites and seems very sweet, so it sucks that she has such a bad pic. It is kind of odd, though, because except for her face, it looks as though she is ready to be photographed; her hair looks great, and she appears to be at some event (judging by the background) at which she would expect to be photographed… so why zero makeup? Her eyes look dead to the world, her eyebrows look fuzzy (and too dark to match her hair color), and her teeth look yellowed. This picture is pretty bizarre.

12 Kaley Cuoco

via zetaboards.com

Kaley Cuoco is big this year. In fact, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. One would have to be attractive to earn that ranking (and the millions of dollars she makes playing Penny in The Big Bang Theory), and usually she is attractive. Her golden blonde hair, great smile, and fun personality all make her beautiful. So what the heck is up with this insanely ugly picture? She is wearing some coat that looks to be made out of bird feathers, and one earring (not two) to match, although the end feather looks more like a mini banana without studying it closely. Her hair, while the same pretty color as always, is way too short for her face, and swept over to one side on top of her head in what I am guessing is supposed to look messy. The look on her face must be just due to bad lighting or a bad angle or something. I mean, she is smiling, but it looks weird; I really don’t know how else to put it besides “weird.” She looks much older than she really is, and I want to label this whole image "What Were You Thinking?" Also, she is sweaty, which doesn't help things. Altogether, it is a pretty yucky photo of a pretty attractive woman. Maybe she was high, because honestly, that is how she looks.

11 Jennifer Aniston

via dailydot.com

Aside from her legendary work on Friends and dozens upon dozens of movies (well, that and being the ex of Brad Pitt who he dumped for Angelina Jolie), Jennifer Aniston is known just as much for the fact that in her forties, she looks ten years younger. She has an amazing body, a smooth, unlined face, and a glow that is somehow unique only to her. Having been Team Jennifer since the whole Brangelina fiasco, it is hard for me to picture her as anything but beautiful. But even the most beautiful women have a bad photo or two. Jen’s is rare, but it does exist. Her ugliest photo ever was taken when she was filming the 2014 movie Cake, in which she played Claire Bennett, a woman in chronic pain who is deeply affected by the suicide of a woman in her support group and who is also dealing with personal tragedy. Jennifer, being the wonderful actress that she is, does a great job portraying a depressed, pain-inflicted woman, which is so opposite of her typical, light-hearted roles, and she looks the part, too. In all honesty, in real life without any makeup or anything, Jen probably looks more like Claire than she does herself in all the ads and movies we see her in.

10 Olivia Wilde

via zetaboards.com

I am not used to seeing the wildly gorgeous Olivia Wilde looking… well, not so gorgeous. I mean, sometimes she has kind of an odd look to her, but this? This is nuts. The beautiful Vinyl and Love, The Coopers actress looks like an alien or something, or like her head is too big for her neck to support. She looks more like one of those African neck-ring-stacking women (or maybe just a stiff bobblehead) than she does a prominent Hollywood figure. But maybe it was just a bad photo. Normally, like the others, Olivia takes stunning photos and is by all rights very photogenic. Not here though! Olivia became famous after recurring roles on Skin and The O.C., and since then her career has skyrocketed. She definitely has the face for close-ups (well, not necessarily in this photo, which borders on disturbing). It is amusing when a star’s worst photo is taken while they are all made up and glamorous, versus out for a jog like Mila Kunis, when it would be more expected to not look one’s best.

9 Emilia Clarke

via rebrn.com

British actress Emilia Clarke is best known for playing Daenerys Targaryen on the big television hit show Game of Thrones. But 2016 will see her in a few other things, movies and not television. Two of those films are Above Suspicion and Voice From the Stone, neither of which have been released yet. But no matter how successful she is, Emilia is also not exempt from taking bad photos, and for her, this one takes the cake. A far cry from her usual attractive pictures (or from her character of Daenerys), here Emilia appears pasty, and not as, shall we say… toned, as most Hollywood women prefer to be when photographed in a teeny bikini. The lack of hotness may be in part due to her position on the pier, or her strange facial expression, but at the end of the day, the woman who plays one of the biggest characters on television these days happened to have her ugliest photo taken when she likely did not even know it was happening. Or at least, that is how it looks to me.

8 Anna Kendrick

via reddit.com

Everyone loves Anna Kendrick, am I right? The girl is funny, down-to-earth, a talented singer, and seems to be personable and friendly. She is also a great actress, having played roles from a ditzy, boy-crazy high-schooler in the Twilight saga to Cinderella in Into the Woods. To me, she seems like a real person, someone I would know instead of some far-off Hollywood actress who I would have nothing in common with. And normally, even Anna’s worst photos look pretty because she is gorgeous. And even when she is not, her smile and her personality shine through, whether for a role or in an interview or in her real life. But this unfortunate snapshot was taken at just the right second so that the very petite Anna looks less than petite in her hot pink one-piece. Make that… curvy. Chunky. Disproportionate. And trust me when I say that it kills me to call her these things. What doesn’t kill me is knowing that even people like Anna Kendrick, and all the others on this list, are capable of being ugly sometimes. I think in this instance, the angle is to blame, combined with the fact that she is leaning forward. It makes her belly look very round, and her hips look very wide.

7 Natalie Portman

via pinterest.com

Natalie Portman has always seemed like the girl-next-door to me. She is quite obviously beautiful, and also a talented actress. But all I can say about the above photo is WTF? I did not think it was possible for the Thor actress to look anything other than gorgeous, but in this instance, she sure proves me wrong! The frizzy curls, the hot pink blush on her cheeks, and the fact that this picture was snapped at the precise second she was making some kind of weird, scowly face, all work together to make this her ugliest photo. But that is ok, because one ugly photo in a sea of perfect ones is not so bad. Natalie has been ranked quite highly on several hot and sexy lists, and is considered to bear a striking resemblance to her fellow beautiful starlet, Keira Knightley (who is not on this list, but easily could have been with how many ugly photos I have found of her). Personally I do not see the likeness between them and think Natalie is the much prettier of the two.

6 Sofia Vergara

via mujerhoy.com

Sofia Vergara is known as one of the most- if not the most- beautiful woman on television. Her show Modern Family has seen huge success, and a big part of that is likely due to her; her acting, her funny antics on the show, and her to-die-for face, body, and hair. So it is very unusual to see Sofia looking like she does in the above photo. Is it the worst photo anyone has ever taken? Definitely not. Is it the greatest? Nope. But without makeup and appearing tired and possibly overworked, we see Sofia walking and drinking her coffee on what looks to be a blustery winter day. She looks pretty grumpy. It is likely this photo was snapped before filming one day, or that is how it looks to me. It was definitely snapped before hair and makeup, that’s for sure, because Sofia’s character Gloria is always physically perfect looking. And most of the time, so is Sofia, herself. It is a rare instance to see her like this. But hey, if this is her ugliest photo, she is doing pretty well.

5 Jennifer Lawrence

via gotceleb.com

I think Jennifer Lawrence has had every (naturally-occurring) color of hair one could have, right? She was brunette in The Hunger Games movies, blonde in this year’s Passengers, black in Silver Linings Playbook, and also red-headed, which was apparently an accident, but it looked good. She looks pretty good with all of them (and that is hard to do), but in this photo, the black hair is too dark, and makes her pasty skin look even whiter (the white top doesn’t help, as it washes her out). Clearly without makeup, Jen is photographed probably not even knowing it, and in the midst of whatever it is she is doing. She appears confused, an expression that does not help her cause and ultimately makes this one of her ugliest photos (though her face, while pretty, is awkward sometimes when she smiles, especially when she had that super short, choppy blonde hair). JLaw, as she is called, is one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses right now, and since Mockingjay: Part Two was released in 2015, her biggest project has been X-Men: Apocalypse, which came out this spring.

4 Megan Fox

via celebitchy.com

How could someone who looks like Megan Fox be on a list of people with ugly photos? Well, I will admit that finding one for her was no easy feat because even without makeup, and even making silly faces or caught off-guard, this girl looks amazing. It really isn’t fair to the rest of us. But seeing as she is a sex symbol often compared to Angelina Jolie, and also one of 2016’s biggest stars (in New Girl and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows), I had to try. And I found this photo, which is at least unflattering, and could be considered ugly (think relatively here, people). Here we see the lovely Megan with no makeup, wearing a baseball cap, in sweats, and with her hair undone. And she looks kind of… worn out. Annoyed. Like she has given up and is saying with her face, “Just take my picture. I don’t care.” And so the picture was taken, and somehow her lips look glossy, pink, and pursed even in this, her “ugliest” of photos.

3 Amy Adams

via celebdonut.com

Oh, Amy Adams, Hollywood’s most recognizable redhead. Or one of them. This year however, Amy really is the biggest ginger on the big screen. I say this because in 2016 alone, she starred in three big blockbusters: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Arrival, and Nocturnal Animals. And the same woman who always looks so glamorous on the red carpet, or in character (as Sydney Prosser in American Hustle, for example), also looks like this, in the above photo taken God knows when. It is not her best look, to put it nicely. Here, the lovely Amy wears a frumpy smock that is too loose on her pale skin, and her hair is in a frizzy ponytail. She wears no makeup, and large, tinted black sunglasses (but not the cool kind, or the dorky-cool kind; just the dorky kind). Perhaps she resembles any random person you would pass by on the street, which is not that bad except that when you are so used to seeing a person look flawless, to see them as anything less is strange.

2 Margot Robbie

via vidalondon.net

You wouldn’t know it, but Suicide Squad’s blonde bombshell Margot Robbie is not as perfect as she always looks. In fact, without those layers upon layers of makeup (I am talking normal stuff here, not all that crap painted on her face as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad) she is very average-looking. Plain, even. Her skin is oily, shiny, and she has some pimples. It is good to know that even the elite of Hollywood, the women making millions of dollars and who look so alluring all the time, are in fact just normal people like you or I. Underneath all that glam, this is the real Margot Robbie, and I dub this her ugliest-ever photo because, from what I can find, it is. Every other photo is perfect. The Aussie is indeed a very beautiful girl, as is every picture she takes. It took some digging to find one not-so-perfect snapshot for this list.

1 Scarlett Johansson

via refinery29.com

I am of the opinion that pretty much every picture of Scarlett Johansson with that short blonde goofy-looking hair is an ugly picture. But then again, I think she is goofy-looking in general. I can see where people disagree with me, and I am definitely in the minority here, but all that aside, this is one ugly photo of her that even her most adoring fans will also likely think is ugly. Hey, it doesn’t mean she is a bad actress or a bad person if you admit (even just silently, to yourself) that this picture is gross. She is obviously much younger here, which may be to blame for her naïve attempt at makeup (Really? Blue eye shadow?). And that hair! It is spiky and practically a mullet, which should only be on the heads of hillbillies. Add to all of that her snotty smirk that could also be taken as not giving a sh*t or thinking she is better than everyone, and this is one fugly photo of the beloved ScarJo.

Source: imdb.com

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