The 15 Most Shocking Teacher/Student Relationship Scandals

For most people, adolescence is a very uneventful time sexually. Between about 10 until adulthood, most people are so totally awkward that no one would even want to have sex with them anyway, right? Yes, there are millions of awkward sexual encounters by adolescents. They usually use this time to figure out what they like before they go out into the big scary world. Generally, most of the bumping and grinding, much of it harmless, is kept between the kids themselves. Adolescents are still learning about who they are, their bodies, their lives, and their hormones and most people, especially those in positions of authority over the adolescents, respect and nurture that.

That is not the case for the men and women on this list. On this list, there are 15 very shocking situations in which adults have taken full advantage of the odd stage that adolescents are in for their own physical and emotional fulfillment. The worst part is that all of the people on the list were, at some point in their lives, teachers.

This does not mean that they were college educators, of course. These were not people who actually taught other adults in some cooking class. There is nobody here that got involved with a student in their automotive repair class. Rather, these were people who had direct, unsupervised access to young children at school or in the community and completely exploited them.

These situations are truly the most shocking and disgusting teacher/student scenarios over the past few years. Fortunately, each one of these people have been brought to justice. For your reading pleasure, here are the 15 most shocking teacher/student scandals in recent memory.

15 Brian and Jennifer Woosley - Working in Tandem

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This story comes right out of Phoenix, Arizona so perhaps it was the heat that caused these two bozos to commit such a heinous crime. Brian was a Phoenix area teacher with a thing for young women. Naturally, this was despite the fact that Brian was already married to Jennifer Woosley, another teacher at the school and a co-conspirator in the crime. The couple have two soon-to-be-in-therapy children together.

A former student claimed that she had sex with Brian between 75 and 100 times when she was just a minor at Sunrise Mountain High School in suburban Peoria, Arizona. The most troubling part is that Jennifer found a sleazy amateur video of the two having sex. Instead of calling the police right away, Jennifer decided to keep it secret.

Once the police found out, both were put on administrative leave and were booked into jail. Their case is still ongoing.

14 Ashley Dowden - Christian Philanderer

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At most schools, there are some very extensive background checks. The reason is because the state usually requires these schools to take whatever means are available to them to make sure that teachers do not have a history of creepy or illegal behavior. Most teachers have to go through an extremely rigorous investigation where every single thing they have done since they could walk is put under a microscope. The risk to the students and to the school is so high that these ends justify the means.

For Ashley Dowden, she not only passed the background check, but she failed to arouse any suspicion whatsoever because she was a teacher at her local Christian school. The problem for her was that she got involved in a sexual relationship with a teenager at the school. Investigators say that there were a number of lewd text messages between the two when he was a teenager. Those messages lead to her downfall. Eventually, it came to light that they even had sex on campus.

13 Saralyn Gayle Portwood - Persistence Pays Off

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Sarah Gayle Portwood had a seemingly perfect life on the outside. She was a new mom of a three-year-old son. She even had a well employed, well-educated husband was also a teacher in the area. Not only was he a teacher, he was also a football coach of a local team. The reason this is important is because this was Texas. A place where football is so important that it inspired Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights.

This was not enough for Portwood. She decided that she would get herself a 17-year-old boyfriend at the school to supplement her life. This kid totally played hard to get, too. He told investigators that he did not even want a relationship, but this did not stop Portwood. Investigators learned that she persisted with the relationship, even going so far as to pull down his pants and give him oral sex. She was busted for sexually abusing this kid and is now tied up in the legal system.

12 Mary Faith McCormick - A Passion for “Teaching”

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Most of the women on the list go after kids that at least have some chest hair. Not that it is ever okay, but at least those kids had reached some level of sexual maturity. A lot of kids that are 16 or 17 years old are having sex all of the time either with each other or, in most cases, with just themselves. With the internet, many of these kids are not unaware of their sexuality but can explore it from the privacy of their phones or tablets. The problem is that they just should not be exploring it with grown women.

Mary Faith McCormick went full on sicko when she started going after a 13-year-old student at her school. She sent semi-nude photos of herself, dressed up mostly in a towel. She played a full court press to get this kid’s attention, but authorities nabbed her when a friend of the kid found the messages and reported it.

11 Jennifer Christine Fichter - Busy Gettin’ Busy

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Unfortunately, this is not the only time a teacher from Florida made it on this list, but this is one of the creepier scandals to rock the entire state. Regardless, a Lakeland, Florida area teacher, Jennifer Christine Fichter, found herself in a sex scandal with a 17-year-old student. The reason it was a "relationship" was because this was not a onetime thing. In fact, the two had sex 20 to 30 times over the course of the relationship.

The real problem is that biology played a part here and she became pregnant with his baby. Even more scandalous, she had an abortion when she found out she was pregnant, probably to avoid speculation. When parents in the area found out, they were outraged by what happened and demanded answers from Fichter. Ever indignant, Fichter said that she was not ashamed of her actions. Major creep-a-zoid.

10 Cara Alexander - Making the First Move

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In Cara Alexander’s case, the most interesting thing is that all of her students and teachers described her as calm and unassuming. Obviously everyone missed the signs of a super predator in their midst, which is often the case. Like so many of the teachers on the list, she had sex with a 17-year-old student, which is a gigantic no-no. Also, like so many she sent him nude pictures of herself, setting herself up to get busted by the cops.

The nude pictures stayed on his phone until someone found them and reported her. The odd part is that investigators say that Alexander was the aggressor, initiated contact and even gave him her personal phone number. Not so calm and unassuming for sure.

The state is trying to drop the hammer on her for her lewd acts. She was charged with 13 felony charges from her actions and, if the state had it their way, they probably would have even tried to put the Kennedy assassination on her too. Her teaching license is also being recommended for revocation by the very school that missed a predator all along.

9 Abbie-Jane Swogger - Rotten to the Core

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Usually, grown men know not to get involved with strippers. On the other hand, teenagers tend only to think in terms of breasts and are usually ignorant to anything else. Teenagers are still kids so if presented with the options of booze, drugs, and a shot at having sex with their teacher, they will take it.

Swogger, a former stripper, took advantage of not one, but two 17-year-olds by plying them with drugs and alcohol at a party and this got her into big trouble. She is currently serving many decades behind bars for her actions.

8 Christopher LeBlanc - Keeping Secrets

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New Hampshire is not a place anyone suspects to hide dangerous criminals. The state is not well known for much and is generally filled with stay at home dads and people who enjoy making their own butter. Their most recent claim to fame was when ESPN followed the local college basketball team around for probably the most boring season in history.

However, Chris LeBlanc, a New Hampshire native, was not only an expert in math, he was an expert in manipulation. LeBlanc, who is currently serving hard time in a New Hampshire prison, was convicted of sexual assault on a minor child.

The sordid details are enough to make a person’s head spin. LeBlanc was accused of having sex with the victim, who was only 14 years old at the time. The weirdest part is that he actually did it in the classroom with her; a place where he could be in control. The police found out about it in a series of emails to her from LeBlanc, in which he asked the victim to keep quiet specifically about the sexual stuff. What a monster.

7 Kathryn Ronk - Spanish Teacher Gets Too Spicy

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Everyone remembers the cool teacher from middle or high school. This is the one turns their back to the minor stuff. They may even offer to buy pizza for the class for no reason. The really cool ones will just let even the most ridiculous things fly, ignoring people reading magazines during class.

But “cool” is all on a spectrum. Ronk, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for having sex with a 15 year old, took it to another level way off the spectrum of “cool.” Prosecutors say that she pushed the victim to exchange dirty pictures with her over text. She also plied the victim with alcohol, weakening his ability to fend off her advances. She had sex with the victim during breaks at school to avoid getting caught. The married teacher is probably now wishing she would have just said, “Adios.”

6 Elizabeth Alexander - Request for Private Parts

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Alexander was sentenced to one year in jail for getting freaky with a 15 year old at her school. She requested to have probation for her actions, but the judge rejected her. The judge figured that after hearing what Alexander did, there was no way that she could be let back out onto the streets.

The story goes that while most 15-year-olds are desperate to have girls look at them, one student at Alexander’s school was getting some special attention. In the end, she let him fondle her breasts, kissed him, and even groped the kid over the time she was abusing him.

The grossest thing she did was ask the boy for nude pictures of his body. Under pressure, the boy complied. Sadly, the school Alexander taught at is also where she graduated in 2006. It is clear this school has a lot further to go in sex education.

5 Michelle White - Tattooed Victim’s Name On Herself

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Sexual abuse is indiscriminate of age, sex, or location. It happens anywhere and everywhere and it happens to people of all sexual orientations. Most of the wildly sensationalized reporting has been on women going after teen boys. The scariest ones are the men going after young girls. The less reported stories are ones where young girls are presumably safe in the care of another woman.

Women are generally not sexual predators. Research supports this. Men have held the title of being perverts since the beginning of time. Women do not tend to have the same creepy appetites as men and that tends to explain a lot of it. So, logic goes that leaving a young girl with a grown women should create to a sense of security.

Michelle White, a North Carolina dance teacher, not only engaged in sexual abuse of a young girl, she also had pictures of her in her house. Even scarier, she also had the child’s named tattooed on her.

4 Brianne Altice - Utah’s Second Worst Teacher

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It is bad enough if one teacher has become involved with an underage student at their school. Even just doing it one time with one student is enough to get a teacher thrown right into jail, fired, and have everyone’s lives ruined by their sick behavior. It is an entirely different problem when a teacher is basically two-timing with more than one kid at the school.

Brianne Altice, a trusted local teacher in Utah, was engaged in what seemed like a serious relationship with a 17-year-old student. In fact, the student considered Altice to be his girlfriend. But never one to be tied down, Altice got around to two other boys who were under 18 at the time. Ever the queen of manipulation, she brainwashed one boy long enough to say under oath that she did not deserve what happened to her. Altice managed to truly become the kind of predator that parents should watch for.

3 Stephanie Figueroa - Karate Chopping Her Way to Prison

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Most of the reported stories are about math, English, Spanish, or other kinds of teachers. Of course, these are the typical kinds of teachers found in most public schools. These teachers have access to kids for hours on end for months out of the year. In small towns, there is even more of a connection beyond the school walls.

No one usually thinks about the teachers of extracurricular activities, like karate. So, when most kids are learning to defend themselves from attackers in these classes, no one usually suspects the instructor to be the one they need to defend against.

Enter Stephanie Figueroa. She sent messages to an 11-year-old student, most of them with her being naked. She even invited him to her 21st birthday party so they could have sex. Fortunately, she was arrested on June 23, 2016 for charges for trying to have sex with a child.

2 Stephen Brink - Utah’s Worst Teacher

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Brianne Altice’s case was just a prelude to Utah’s worst teacher and biggest creep, Stephen Brink. Right now, it is easy to think, “Why pick on Utah?” Well, the reason is because there are a lot of cases from Utah in relation to its size. A quick Google search will turn up a variety of sex scandals in the state. So, it's kind of like picking one cowboy in Texas. There are just too many. A big problem for Utah is that there are strong Christian values that guide so much of what they do and these values may not fit with everyone, certainly not Stephen Brink.

Like a lot of people, Brink would have avoided trouble if he could stay off the internet. In true Catfish fashion, investigators pretended to be a young girl in a chat room to scoop up guys just like him. In the chat room, he said that he used to be a teacher and had engaged in sex with young girls before. He said he even traded sex for grades. Here is to hoping this guy stays behind bars forever.

1 Mary Kay Letourneau - The Queen of Creeps

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To this day, this is the most scandalous teacher/student sex case. Mary Kay Letourneau’s case may seem like a punchline now, but diving into the facts reveals even more surprising things.

First, she grew up in a strict catholic conservative household, presumably with teachings against having sex with young children. Second, her dad was a California state senator for an extremely conservative party, making her deviant behavior even more surprising. At Arizona State University, she met the poor sap, Steve Letourneau, who would be her husband. Mary Kay eventually graduated and became a teacher during their marriage. This is where the story unravels. In her sixth grade class, she had a student who would change her life: Vili Fualaau.

Their first sexual relationship occurred when he was 12 and she was 34 years old. That is old enough for her to be his mom. His grandma in some towns even. She was not only caught, but ended up having his baby. However, this love story is not over yet for these crazy love birds. Letourneau and Fualaau had another baby and they even got married. They are still together to this day. Love, and disgusting behavior, is apparently in the air for these two.

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